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The Gender Election

Donald Trump is an equal opportunity offender. (You can’t forget the demeaning epithets like “Lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco.”)
Now that his trash talk is aimed squarely at Hillary Clinton—- “Crooked Hillary” to him, critics say there’s an undercurrent of misogyny when he regularly uses words like “unhinged” to describe Clinton, a former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

It’s not the first time he’s gotten into trouble with women: remember his “blood coming out of whatever” comment about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly or saying there “must be some punishment” for women who have abortions?
Yesterday, Trump urged gun rights supporters to take matters into their own hands if Clinton is elected.
“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Mr. Trump said, as the crowd began to boo.  “Although the Second Amendment people – maybe there is, I don’t know.”
The reaction from fans and foes alike was swift, with some describing it as a veiled death threat and others saying that if an ordinary citizen said such stuff, the Secret Service would haul them in for questioning.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D- Mass) focused on the gender role in his remarks:
Regardless of your political leanings, this kind of incendiary talk is taking our culture to a new low. What must happen to restore dignity and decorum to our political process? Share your one idea here.


  1. Mary Chase

    There seriously needs to be a shift away from the “entertainment” crowd to a more balanced type of candidate. Until people have hope and believe that it is possible for things to get better, candidates like Trump will gain popularity for fifteen minutes, but when it’s over, they don’t go away….

    • Jack Olthoff

      The shift that is required, Mary, is not to go away from the entertainment crowd (although the Hollywood elite would tend to tell you otherwise). What’s needed is to find people to elect who are willing to do the work that the job requires of them. Until the people we elect concern themselves more with getting the work done, as opposed to doing and saying anything necessary in order to get there or stay there, nothing is going to change. It will also help greatly if the “you vote for my pet project and I’ll vote for yours” could be dispensed with once and for all, and limit attachments and riders on proposed legislation to those which relate to its original subject and intent–too much pork ends up weighing bills down and slowing (or even stopping) the process. Make all those changes, then let’s see how things work. (The powers that be in either party won’t like any of it, though–you can bet on that!)

  2. Demitres Carriere

    Respect needs to return.There also needs to be a standard for who can and cannot run for president beyond what we have now.

    • Jack Olthoff

      Not respect, Demitres, and not a standard–there are already requirements present in the Constitution dealing with that. What is needed is a change from the status quo–politicians who care only about staying in position for as long as possible regardless of the promises they made to the voters in order to get there. If we as the voting public are not willing to hold everyone we elect and send to Washington accountable for what they do (or don’t do) while they are there, we have no one to blame but ourselves for being duped when nothing significant and necessary gets accomplished, as we can see with the current crop in Congress.

  3. Claudia Goss

    I can’t wait to vote for Trump and would never consider a candidate that blatantly lie to the American people. Just look at the executive leadership of Trump’s organization and you will find a larger percentage of female leaders compared to what Clinton has. Looking forward to making America great again!

    • Jack Olthoff

      I couldn’t agree more, Claudia–it’s a change that’s been long overdue, if for no other reason than to find out what kind of difference it can make. We need to see effective changes in how Washington operates, as compared to the present morass of inaction and inertia–things like the line-item veto, limitations on the length of Congressional terms (both House and Senate), improving and streamlining the bill consideration process, for instance–and the type of politician that gets elected these days just doesn’t care enough about those types of things (and the things the voters sent them there to do) versus keeping his seat in the power elite for as
      long as he/she can. I tend to think that the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves at the state of their system–it definitely isn’t functioning the way they intended. Too bad we can’t bring THEM back to fix it!

  4. Wanda Brackins

    It is beyond pathetic that the U.S. political process has allowed someone who is so unqualified, un-American, unethical and downright disrespectful, to run for the most revered office in the world. Sadly, the office of the President of the United States is the only job that I can think of that does not require specific job knowledge and personal characteristic standards. In order to restore dignity and decorum to our political process, a set of position criteria MUST be established and met by all future candidates. It frightens me beyond belief to think of what our country will look like if Trump gets in office!

    • Jack Olthoff

      Very true, Wanda–she should be undergoing trial right now, if not serving time. The fact that we have a non-politician to consider for election is a welcome change from the usual run of politicians. Politicians have only two overriding concerns–getting to Washington, then staying there. Any promises they have to make in order to accomplish those two goals they will do–matters not that the majority of those promises require the input and cooperation of the rest of Congress, if it gets them into office, they’ll make them, and what their constituency thinks afterward doesn’t matter (at least until the next election). I think it’s time we tried having the Government run like a business, with profit and loss concerns and everything else that entails, since I seriously doubt there are any businesses out there who can increase their spending limits just by saying so; otherwise, there wouldn’t be nearly the number of bankruptcies, failures and closures in the business world that we see these days. Since Ms. Clinton represents politics as usual, in addition to her less-than-legal activities over the years (in addition to her ignorance of, and/or her indifference to, their effects), it would appear that Mr. Trump is a far more suitable choice going forward–at least it represents a needed change from the overall ineffectiveness we’ve been observing out of Washington over the past several years. Let’s see if it works before we condemn it out of hand.

      • Wanda Brackins

        Thanks for you comments Jack but I apparently I didn’t make it clear who my remarks were directed towards … make no mistake about it, I meant Trump.

  5. Rosanne P

    I agree that our Government is in disarray and changes need to be made but you don’t put a kindergartner in place to fix a high school. You need someone with experience and Hillary has that experience. Has she lied – of course; has Donald – in spades but these two are the mainstream candidates that we have. Looking beyond the lies and examining their experience, Hillary when she was First Lady, put together a Health Program for 8 Million Children; when she was the Senator from New York (my home state) she fought the EPA after they said the air was “clean” at Ground Zero and ensured that everyone from the First Responders to anyone who worked that site had health insurance to cover their illnesses caused by that filthy air. I am so tired of hearing about Benghazi and after 11 hours sitting in front of a committee, they could still not find any wrong doing on her part. Keep in mind that it was requested to the Congress for more funds in order to add more soldiers to that area and the Republican Congress said NO. Donald Trump, on the other hand, who wants to make “America Great Again” is still making all his articles of clothing off shore employing people in Bangladesh, China, Mexico among other countries because he can save a few dollars instead of putting Americans to work. How many dollars do you really need to have in order to live in his lifestyle? The last straw was his comment about the 2nd Amendment where he said that Hillary was going to “take it away”. What utter nonsense to anyone with an IQ over 85. Hillary, if people are being truly paying attention to this issue in the election has said on numerous occasions that she wants to 1) close loopholes in the gun laws, 2) ensure that every gun sold has the owner back ground checked and 3) makes sure that anyone on the “no fly” list is on the “no buy” list. I have a gun and don’t feel threatened that my gun rights are being abridged. Unfortunately, The Donald followers do not take the time to actually do some homework and listen to both sides before they come to a decision. His latest “gun issue” was a blatant call for some nutcase out there to do harm. That is just an unthinkable thing to say and there is no way he can walk this one back. Words are powerful and he has still not learned how to use them. Keep in mind, the man did not write The Art of the Deal, he just put his name on it.

    AND, as far as the Republican Congress goes, they are truly in la-la land if they do not confirm Merritt Garland as a Supreme Court Justice because if Hillary does become President, her Supreme Court nominee will be much more liberal than Judge Garland (who, by the way, Republicans had on their list for the bench). Mitch McConnell is just being a bully by stopping this because he does not like President Obama. This will cost him if Hillary wins AND if the Democrats win down ticket as well. Wait and watch, folks, this will be an eye opener come November, regardless of who wins.

    • Zee

      Rosanne, I”m sorry to tell you that Hillary’s senate record shows that the only bills she managed to have passed were to change the names on Fed buildings…Wow! Real accomplishments. Anything else? Even the liberal critics stated over & over again, she accomplished nothing in her tenure and she was a “blah” senator. You’re so afraid of Trump’s rhetoric, but, that’s all that is. Trump couldn’t have gotten so far as a businessman if he is just a 10 yrs old, junior high, trying to fix high school. But, Hillary..Yes, Hillary is the one to put things to action…it’s not just Benghazi. She surely delivered. She delivered us to terrorism and to foreign intelligence with the “gross negligence” of her private server (which is an outright lie). She had one of her subordinates indicted for using his private e-mail on classified info, so how could she NOT know? And, if she doesn’t know about using unsecure devices for her e-mail, as she claimed (which is the very, very 1st compliance training a new employee get in any gov’t or private institution) then, how could she possibly, possibly be competent enough or trusted to be the president, if she can’t even uphold the simplest and most publicly known fact about secured e-mail and secured communications devices? The very role she held as Secretary of State is all about top secret info and classified info and for her to protect and secure the US interest and the highest and most sensitive of info. For her to circumvent the system and have every single one of the e-mails she sent out and received get re-directed to her private server says everything about her “INTENTIONS” and the reflection of her “soul”. What is it that she doesn’t want the public to know? Wikileak knows and they’re slowly coming out with the cookie crumbs – the evidences and the facts. She doesn’t give a damn about the country and even less the people she is supposed to protect. The only ones she is protecting is herself and the ones who oil her interest – The Clinton Foundation. So, how do you explain her gladly taking donations from countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brunei, etc., that treat their women like dirt? Women, who still have to walk 3 steps behind a man, can’t go out without a male escort, can only work or go to school after a male’s permission, don’t recognize a women who is raped. Tell me, is she okay with that? Obviously, she is because she’s not giving that money back. Where is her outrage and charge against these inhumane countries who line her pocket? And, no, it’s not because of the diplomatic relationships between countries that needs to be upheld. The Clinton Foundation is a private entity. How do you explain it away, after Bill sexually assault one of his female employees, Hillary goes to her and squeezes her hand, look her straight in the eye with a straight lip & threaten her if she should squeal? So, to tell me that Hillary has the experience and the integrity to hold the highest office and protect us and keep us safe and be the protector of Women is full of baloney. You’re being lied to. And, she is the REAL LIAR!

  6. Zee

    Are you serious?! And, Hillary is not??? How can you criticize one person, with tunnel vision and not be fair and balance and look at the other person? If Trump gives equal pay to his employees for equal work (WOMEN and men, ie) in his companies and Hillary paid her executive women $83K LESS than the men of equal roles, how do you explain the Equal Opportunity Destroyer in him but not in Hillary? You got your reasoning backwards, at 180 degrees! Trump might seem to be crass in his speeches, but he’s direct and open. Hillary may give a more polished, SCRIPTED speech, but, she’s a covert, blood-ridden, Chicago-style, wolf in sheep’s clothing (as if no one can see right through her). But, as obvious as it is about Hillary, the author of this article will continue to back her up, knowingly and willingly, either, because the author is a liberal or a feminism, pushing to have the 1st female president. I would like to see the 1st female president also, but, with one that truly represent the achievements of women, not a scam artist. I can’t see how females don’t feel ashamed to have her represent us. Why would we want to be looked upon by the world and History as a nation that chose their 1st female president, who cheated to get up there and didn’t get up there in a straight, honest way? If she does get elected, it will prove that WOMEN are still less than a man because we didn’t really earn and deserve that title and that role. It will be a SAD DAY for all Women and a slap in the face of the women whose shoulders she used and abused for her own selfish greed.

  7. NoreenB

    How can you put the toothpaste back in the tube? The only way to end this kind of discourse is to vote for the candidate you believe indulges in it less. The truth is, both candidates have lied, misled or re-interpreted things to their advantage. That is the truth about running for office in the USA, and NO ONE is immune to it, no matter what they claim. Politics AND Business are both full of back door deals and questionable actions. As voters, it is our duty to look beyond a knee-jerk reaction and try to pick the person who we truly think has the plans and the ability to work the systems both for the American people and the rest of the world.

  8. Alison

    Call it what you will but maybe we could take some advice from the Bible and the book of James. One of the passages says, “be quick to think and slow to speak”

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