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Two FREE Tele-seminars for YOU on Monday, September 27

If you are seriously curious about starting your own venture…if you are excited about doing your own thing…even if you are a bit suspicious of what’s possible financially as a (really) small business owner…we want to talk to you.

So, Tory and her favorite small business coach, Michelle Pippin, are hosting two FREE tele-seminars just for you:

First, at 1 PM ET on Monday, September 27, we’ll take A Candid Look at the Possibilities, Perspiration and Profit of Being your own Boss. Curious about self-employment? Find out the top THREE lies continually perpetuated about small business success. (Maybe the same ones making you doubt your own potential as a self-bosser.) And also THREE steps to take now to create your own income on your own terms.

Next, at 8 PM ET on Monday, September 27, we’ll dig deep to uncover (exactly) what it takes to Make (Serious) Money in a (Really) Small Business. We’ll reveal FIVE specific strategies that will help you either turn your IDEA into income, your EXPERTISE into earnings, or your PASSION into profit. Already in business for yourself, these strategies will expose exactly what you need to do to increase your own income.

To RSVP for either or both calls, send an email to [email protected] with your name and preferred call time(s). You’ll receive an instant response with the call-in numbers for Monday, September 27.


  1. Crystal Livingston

    I can’t wait.

  2. Erica Chism

    I am SO excited! Michelle Pippen is always on-point with her advice, and Tory, we all know she speaks the truth that works. Reserve your spot because I am telling everyone I know and you do not want to miss out. This free call will cost you business if you miss it!

  3. Bonita Kindle

    I am excited about all the new information that I will learn to share my gift of helping people change “have to into want to” when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle

  4. ChicGal

    So, so excited for these! Can’t wait to hear advice from Tory and Michelle!

  5. I would like to attend the seminar

  6. CMoore

    I would like to attend the seminar

  7. Gretchen Gunn

    I think I already asked… and have misplaced the call login information. Could you resend it if I did? If not… I’d love to listen to Michelle and Tory!


  8. linda

    I am really so excited to hear what you have to say. I already have a call for tonight, but I really want to come to your call instead. I am striving to learn everything I can to make it as a business. There is a lot to learn, and time is tough. How would someone go about making a video on this service, for example.

  9. My emails will not go through. Cannot register…ugh Thank You.

  10. Beverly

    I’d like to attend the 8:00 pm seminar on what it takes to Make (Serious) Money In A (Really) Small Business.

    Thank You,

    Bev Hamblin
    The Inside Pocket

  11. MNiles

    First time and I am excited!

  12. ruoiled

    how would I be able to get the number so I can listen to this call? I really want to be a part of the call!!!

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