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We're Hiring

Editorial Team

Women For Hire has a rare opening for two marketing interns in our New York City office – with the possibility of a fulltime position after three months. (Our Alexandra Hall, a 2009 University of Michigan grad, did just that. Came in as an intern, impressed us – and vice versa, so we created a fulltime marketing analyst role for her.) This is a hands-on, hit-the-ground running internship – perfect for someone who seeks a challenging and rewarding entry-level marketing position and is hungry to learn from our dynamo CEO.

Our marketing team is always busy – working with colleges and professional associations to promote our signature career expos; securing dynamic speakers and partners for all of our events; handling technical stuff such as writing, formatting and scheduling email blasts; answering reader emails; updating content on, and more.  Special projects crop up all the time, too.

Social media savvy is a must since it plays heavily in promoting our exciting coast-to-coast slate of  retreats for women entrepreneurs in 2011. (Pack your bag!).  Comfort and familiarity with Office Suite, Photoshop and Dreamweaver is important.

Successful candidates must thrive among what we often call organized chaos, while juggling projects and expecting the unexpected. (Sorry, wallflowers or easily-flustered types need not apply. Ditto for anyone who might not feel comfortable working in our comfortable but small, open office on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. No cubicles or places to hide! We’re all in it together, which, most days is awfully fun.)

We’ll fill these spots immediately, so here’s how to apply:

First, do a quick Google search to learn who we were and what we do.  Then send your resume along with a letter explaining how and why you’re an ideal fit based on our needs. Include your start date availability.  (Generic responses are never considered, especially given the volume of applications.) Email to [email protected].  (Hint: talk to us on social media too to convey your interest.)


  1. Penny G

    Dear Tory:

    If you folks are hiring in Chicago please let me know.
    Thanks. I worked for a doctor for 4 years, a lawyer for
    25 years and I was a Flight Attendant for 3 years with a company owned by an Indian gentlemen. So you might say I have done it all, I worked for the doctor, lawyer and Indian
    Penny G.
    [email protected]

  2. oops Indian gentleman, it should have been.
    I know better. First rule of thumb read it over after typing. Downsized from 5 days to 2 July 2008 and
    totally lost job Sept. 15, 2009. I register people for conventions with two companies now. It is very sporadic.
    I was basically forced into retiring early because unemployment was only paying me $69. a week. My phone bill for looking for jobs well exceeds that alone. Unemployment office wants wants me to send them back $1,136. And that is NO mistake. I am hard working, intelligent and like McDonald’s would say “I deserve a break today”.

  3. mjg

    Tory, I want to work for you but can’t leave elderly family in San Antonio. What can I do to help you help others in San Antonio? You are an inspiration and everything you do creates a song in my heart for all the woman you help!

  4. JC Young

    Good morning Tory that’s great I love to join your team 🙂

  5. MC

    If only I lived in NY. What a great opportunity!

  6. SL Smith

    I just lost my job today.Retail Store Manager.
    Tory, My problem is that I continued to look for work after getting this job 4 1/2 yrs. ago. I believe that they are giving me a bad reference. My boss berated women all the time. I felt that I had no choice but to stay. When he found out I was talking to an attorney about him; he terminated me. I believe he has listening devices in the office. Help me Tory. I have been beaten down and finding it hard to even want to get back out there. I have searched for job for so long it has been unsuccessful. I am not crying over losing thias job just over my stupidity for talking to attorney while slow at my job.

  7. Tajouna Luckerson

    Dear Tory,I am looking to help women that aspire to own their own business working from home. How do I market to them.

  8. Dayna

    I would love to get involved in women for hire! My mother just attended the Spark and Hustle convention in Atlanta and raved about how wonderful it was. I think this is a great opportunity and could be the start of a wonderful career. Be looking for my resume 🙂

  9. Dear Tory and the Women for Hire Team,

    What an exciting opportunity to work for and with all you with the internship that you have available. You have such an inspiring company, mission and goal that I would love to be a part of and help motivate and remind others what they can do in their lives! I’m definitely pumped to potentially start an amazing career motivating, inspiring and helping women fulfill their highest potential!

  10. Jenn

    Wow! I can’t believe that some of you sent these messages to Tory and her staff but did not proof your message before hitting the send key!
    One of the #1 rules of thumb is to proof your document before sending it.

  11. Teri Williams

    Dear Tory,

    I have been out of work for almost a year now and my unemployment has just run out. I am trying to further my eduation at this time because I only have a high school education. I feel as though that even though I have been in the job market for over 15 years now no one really wants to hire someone my age. I would like to find a way that I can stand out from all of the younger people that are more college educated.

  12. Monica Padron

    Dear Tory:

    I would love to get involved in women for hire. I think this is a great opportunity and could be the start of a wonderful career. I look forward in speaking with you.

    Very truly yours,
    Monica Maria Padron

  13. Amy R.

    Dear Tory and the Women For Hire Team:

    I really enjoyed talking with Peter and Alex this morning! I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys soon – hopefully with an opportunity to join the team!

    Best regards,


  14. Margarida Duarte

    Dear Tory, this sounds like the dream job that i have been looking for, open space, marketing, where you allow the juices to thrive, creativity to make beautiful things, and the ability to multi task, my kind of job, the commute would be great, love NY, love to be considered for this position

  15. Dear Tory,
    When I read the comments of so many women, my heart goes out to them. There are so many out-of-work women that really need the help of a good coach. I have helped so many people land jobs and would love to find a way to help these women. I realize that money is always a factor that gets in the way when someone is out of work.
    Tory, I would love to find a way to offer low-cost, high quality career coaching to women associated with Women for Hire. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help make this possible.
    Hugs and kudos to you! You are a gift to us all!

  16. Marsha Coble

    Dear Tory,
    I am writing in the hopes there is someone out there that could assist my daughter in finding a job. She is a Register nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Liberal Arts degree. She speaks English with a second language of Spanish. She has been looking for a job since she graduated in March as a Register nurse. She has applications in all of the hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices that have job listings and she only every gets the same reply: Thanks for your application. She waits for the time limits to reapply and starts all over again. If anyone has any suggestions on positions or ideas that could help her find a job, please help us. She has even applied for temp jobs and still nothing. Mainly they say she doesn’t have enough experience, so how is she to get experience. She worked in a hospital as a psyc-tech before she went back to college for nursing. That hospital only hires nurses with ecperience. PLEASE we need assistance on leads for positions. Anyone!!!

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