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Where is the Good News?

Editorial Team

As I scan the recent headlines and listen to the news, I have yet to hear many feel good stories, or human interest pieces. Piracy, murder, job loss, and the swine flu dominate our lives, as I am just looking for a small story that would illicit good news.

Stories about Susan Boyle and her singing success have been uplifting. I wish we could be exposed to more positive stories such as hers.

I have sent press releases out about our small company and the successes and good things happening to us right now.

But I wonder why they don’t frequently get picked up by news outlets. I realize that my story as a stay-at-home mom turned business owner with her product now on the shelves of a major retail store is not nearly as exciting as the pandemic sweeping our world.

But I would love to see and hear more stories that would inspire and uplift me. Our society focuses so much on the bad things happening around us, I am doing my best to keep my chin up and keep my business rolling along in a positive manner.

Times are tough for all of us, and I am going to continue to make a conscientious effort to seek out positive stories and to share my own story that may inspire others.


  1. Cheri

    I agree with your comments on the negative stories all around us. I have to off the news because there isn’t anything positive to listen to. I’m from Michigan and currently lost my job so it’s difficult to stay positive when all around you is negative.
    I congradulate you on your success! That’s great!!
    Good luck with keeping positive and keep any uplifiting stories you hear coming! They help!!

  2. I totally agree! I was just watching the news and the first 4 stories were all related to the swine flu, and it just went down from there with local fires, assaults and a poor economy. It’s very depressing. We really need to promote some positivity into world!

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