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Who’s Hiring for the Holidays?

Editorial Team

It’s still September, but major retailers and others are gearing up big-time for holiday hiring. If you want to nab a seasonal slot, better start now.

1) Get Hired at Home

Home-based customer service agents take in-bound customer calls from home, just as it sounds.

Arise: 6,000 seasonal agents (

Alpine Access: 750 seasonal positions in sales, customer services, financial services support, technical support, collections (

VIPdesk: 600 seasonal representatives (

LiveOps: 2,000 independent contractors in retail, casual dining, road service dispatch, licensed insurance (

Convergys: 800 seasonal gift advisors (

TeleTech: 2,000 seasonal openings ( or

Also explore West at Home and Working Solutions.

Each company hires very differently.  Visit their websites to understand which, if any, are a fit for you. Some pay for training, while others don’t. Some focus on employees, contractors and incorporated agents, all of which are very different, so be sure you read and research carefully before applying.  Even if you’ve applied previously, you may have to apply again to be considered for seasonal work. Pay attention to details, including the technical requirements for your computer, internet access and phone, as well as your specific skills.

2) Retail
Be flexible on the time you’re willing to work.  Shifts are available for days, evenings, weekends, and overnight in sales, customer service, and stock.   Apply in-person and chat with a manager anytime you’re able to put a face to your resume. Ask when you’re allowed to call to check back on the status of your application. Staying top-of-mind will help you get ahead.

The 1,107 stores plan to hire approximately 30,000 associates for holiday, which begins around mid-October and continues throughout the holiday shopping season.

Toys R Us: This holiday season, the company will open approximately 600 Toys“R”Us Express pop-up stores nationwide.  As a result of these openings, 10,000 jobs in the U.S. will be created in addition to the chain’s typical seasonal build of 35,000 jobs.

Macy’s: Maybe you’ll be one of 65,000 seasonal hires to find your magic here.

Walmart: The retail giant doesn’t release its numbers, but says seasonal hiring is on par with last year.

Things Remembered: The 600-store personalized gift retailer expects to hire about 3,000 part-time seasonal workers.

Walk your neighborhood or mall and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by dozens of openings. Even with there’s no sign advertising openings, ask.

3) Security & Shipping Services
More shopping means more security and more shipping—both of which employ thousands of seasonal hires.

Allied Barton:  This security giant will add about 1,000 security guards for the holidays.

UPS: Big brown expects to add 50,000 hires nationally, including driver helpers, people who will help a driver make the deliveries on their route, and package handlers, people who might sort, load or unload packages.

FedEx hasn’t yet released its numbers for the holidays, but the shipper is sure to have ample opportunity to get our gifts delivered on time.

4) Sitter Services,,
and are four resources for offering your services.  Expect to make a hefty premium on New Year’s Eve if you’re willing to stay in. is a great resource for hourly work for national giants and local companies. often features more entrepreneurial options and gigs with small businesses, which can range from catering jobs to gift-wrapping.

Bookmark this page and we’ll update it frequently with announcements from companies about large-volume hiring for the holidays.


  1. Please update list of companies hiring for holiday season 2010.

  2. Shirley Rodger

    Good morning; I am looking for home based work.
    Thank you
    Shirley Rodger

  3. jezer

    I’m a stay home dad inetrested in seasonal job. I’m pretty flexible with time.I have experience in customer service. I’m a quick learner and driven to give customers and employers 100% dedicated time.

  4. julie

    I’m interested in all job postings

  5. K.L.

    I am looking for Home Based work. I have experience in customer service and I am also a quick learner. Thank you.

  6. Quinita

    I am a stay at home mom interested in a seasonal job as well. I have 10+ years in customer service. I would love to have a job that is home based. My time is very flexible.

  7. AD

    I am interested in taking orders from home. I am flexible with time.

  8. PS

    I am interested in home based work if there is anything available. Please contact me if there is.

  9. L.R.

    I’m interested in working from home jobs. But I am on disability, there anything out there for me to do I don’t want to mess my disability up.

  10. PS

    Please contact me with any home based jobs available. I am very flexible also.

  11. Nancy

    I am interested in home based work, taking orders from home, data entry. I have 20+ years working in property management serving the needs to building tenants to credit management. Very flexible with time.

  12. MR

    Which is the site for taking catalog orders you mentioned on GMA?

  13. Ann R.

    Why would any of you think that someone should contact YOU for a job? That’s exactly why you’re out of work. YOU have to be the one who applies and then follows up. Nobody else can do that for you. Common on, people. I’m spending today applying to all of the companies that were mentioned today on Good Morning America and on this list. Then I’ll follow up like it was suggested. And I know I’m going to get hired. I’m not waiting for them to come to me. I’m going to them and I would suggest that all of you do the same. Good luck to everyone! AR

  14. Lisa

    Looking to supplement my income. I have almost 20 years of customer service experience. Great computer skills. Pleasant phone voice. Desire home based work.

  15. Deb G

    Looking for home based work. I have 10 years of customer service experience. Willing to learn. Also will do data entry and/or taking orders. Very flexible. Interested in all job openings. Please keep me updated.

  16. Cross

    I am a available for any job and sure that I’m a good candidate. I’m have been at my current job for 16yrs as a full-time manager of a large rental business, but definitely interested in a home based job. I am a mother of two kids in elementary, that would enjoy a home job.I have excellent communication skills and a very fast learner. I am bilingual in English/Spanish. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank You

  17. MP

    I’m looking for home based work. Retired, but experience in credit & catalog. Also, had my own business for 9 yrs. Available with no restrictions. Thank you for your attention.

  18. Wendy

    I’m looking for home based work. Many years of customer service experience, excellent computer skills. Thank you in advance

  19. I too am looking for home based work. Experienced in Sales over 15 years, Call Center experience with attention to detail.

  20. I am looking for seasonal home based work. I am retired and have plenty of time available. Thanks

  21. I too am looking for extra income from my home!! Part time in afternoons ar in the evenings!!
    Thank you for the time!

  22. LW

    I am looking for Home Based work. I have 5+ years experience in customer service. Can you please email me some information on how I can apply for home base work. Thank you.

  23. Camille Annunziato

    To whom it may concern:

    I have eleven (11) years experience in customer service from a call center at Office Depot. I would be very interested in doing customer service work at home taking orders or whatever is needed.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like me to send you a resume.

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

    Yours truly,
    Camille Annunziato

  24. EC

    This isn’t a site employers are going to look at, go to the company websites listed in the document and complete an application.

  25. KF

    I am hoping to find out what retail companies hire 16 year olds so I can get my daughter out there an applying!! So many businesses require 18 year olds, I don’t understand that!

  26. Camille Annunziato

    I have eleven (11) years experience in customer service from a call center at Office Depot. I would be very interested in doing customer service work at home taking orders or whatever is needed.

  27. Pam

    I am looking for a Work-at-home job. PLEASE !!! I have a college degree and learn quickly.

  28. KG

    the one person who said it, has it right!

    don’t give your details here, go to all of the websites and apply, apply apply.

    No one is going to contact you from here for a job

  29. William R.

    @ Ann R. you so right on! I just snickered at all the posts above. I am in the middle of contacting all as well. Some I am already up-to-date with.

    With the holidays coming up this is such a golden chance to land a job despite the short-term. Heck, who knows, could turn into something more permenant! Good luck! WR

  30. Dorice S

    I ma interested in a job not only for the holidays but would like full time position will work any hours and on the weekends.

  31. Claudia S

    Would love at-home-job, am quick to learn and pleasant
    on phone or internet.Can take orders or whatever is needed.
    thank you!!

  32. pje

    I am seeking a part-time seasonal job.
    Looking for days, after 9:00 a.m.
    Willing to work on some evenings and weekends.
    Please email me if you would like for me to send you a resume’.
    Thank you for your cooperation.


  33. Thelma

    I currently work pt at home and have a home-based office. Would like to be considered for holiday at-home full-time position. Will work weekends as well.

  34. Jane K

    I’m retired with 30 years exp working with the public. I have excellent communication skills and deal with people with a smile in my voice. I would love to find a job working from home.

  35. Patrick

    This is ridiculous does anyone know how to follow simple instruction. Most of you have just wasted your time here begging for someone to call you and hand you a job. Is this for real??????

  36. Gwenda T

    What is wrong with you people?…You are the last people I would give a job to. This site is an informational site witch contains information on getting a is not a place that potentional employers will thumb through the hundred posts to search for you to give you a job. No wonder you are out of work.

  37. Linda

    I am interested in working from home in the evenings and on weekends. My day job is from 8:30 to 5:00 M-F. Please let me know where I can submit a resume. Have 35 years experience in customer service. Good work ethic and dependable.

    Linda Loudermilk

  38. Arletha Bruce

    Hello I’m a single mother who works part time at Abbott Northestern Hospital, enrolled in school, 4 years of Customer Service, 3 years Data Entry, and Some College and is seeking a legit Home Base Business in the Clerical, Administration or Customer Service area.
    Very reliable, committed and punctual to my workplace.
    Please email me so I know where to apply for the position.

  39. Arletha Bruce

    Gwnada what ever your name is thats rude to say.

  40. Vicky Demopoulos

    I am interested in any seasonal employment. Please contact me.

    Thank you.

  41. Betty Cross

    I retired recently, but I find that I need to supplement my current income with a part time job. I have extensive expericent as an administration assistant, with advance computer knowledge. I am willing to work from home. Please let me know where I can submit a resume.

  42. julie

    I am looking for employment for the holiday season. I am currently working and would like part time employment from home.

    Thank You

    Julie Price

  43. Justin Hoddy

    Does any of these site hire men to work from home? I’m disabled and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I, as well as the state of Oklahoma has tried finding me a job for the past 6 years, and I have only had one at a casino. I really liked the casino, but it was really fast pace, and even able-bodied people were having a hard time keeping up. PLEASE HELP! I’m desperate…

    Thank you, Justin Hoddy
    (580) 716-9323

  44. Joshua Moore

    I am a college student, looking for any employment. Stay at home or in the store.
    Thank you,

    Joshua Moore

  45. Lavina

    I am willing to work from home. Please let me know where I can submit a resume.

  46. Lisa V

    Arise is a “business opportunity” and not an employer. They charge a fee for the right to work for them, then control your schedule tightly (i.e., formal request for days or hours off–to be given or denied at their discretion). Did Tory do her homework on this one?

  47. LISA V — you’re the one who doesn’t know how to read, or so it seems. Don’t you see exactly what it says here. You’re the one who has to do your own research. I happen to work with Arise and it’s been great for me because I’m my own boss and control my own hours and schedule. It’s not for everyone, which is precisely what this says. DUH!


  48. Miranda

    I work for Arise too and I really enjoy it I work for a major cruise line. They don’t control your schedule at all, you make your schedule and if you can’t work you release the hours. I’m wanting to add a couple people under my corp email me for more info [email protected]

  49. Dorothy

    I am retired with lots of available time and would appreciate doing work from my home. Can send a resume.

  50. carmen

    i would like better information on logging on to at home base work, when i do i get a bunch of scams it seems they want money now or later.I work part time with h&r block and they have just cut hours work from home would be great to make up some extra cash

  51. Tammy

    I am looking for extra income and would like to work home. Could you please direct me in the right direction.





  54. MTB

    I would like to work from home.

  55. Carol Davis

    I just need a job. I have been laid off for3 years, cannot collect unemployment anymore. I even went to college for Med Ins Billing & Coding, graduated with a 4.0 average, & cannot even get a job at Dunkin Donuts. I hope these sites help!!

  56. Lisa

    I would like further assistance in finding a job working from home.

  57. Sheri

    Check out our home based business opportunity.
    Join our Miche bag representative team!
    Earm 25 – 40 % commission just for showing off fabulous interchangeable bags

  58. Arise is adding 6000 NEW Agents by the end of 2010! Arise Agents take calls for the worlds LEADING companies, including: Roadside Assistance, Major Department Store, Pharmacy Chain, Home Improvement Warehouse and the Leading Manufacturer of MP3 players! Arise is THE pioneer in the Virtual Contact Center Industry! We would love to tell you more about Arise – Visit to learn more and create your profile!

  59. Sharia

    I am looking for a job in Charlotte, NC. I have a college degree in IT/Networking & Security Mangemenent and can’t seem to find a job. Now i’m in school for Healthcare Administration. As a single mother I hope to find something soon.

  60. I have to say something about Arise. I tried to work with them for several months and I think people should know that they are very hands off as far as (paid) training goes, and in support for their representatives after training was over. They have very poor communication between departments and it feels as if you are thrown into the ocean without a life preserver.
    Some people feel they are actually scamming unsuspecting people desparate to work at home. I don’t think that is true, but I just want to say that you need to have a very thick skin and the patience of a saint to work for them successfully. I wish someone had told me before I lost a lot of money and time.

  61. Sona

    lia sophia jewelry provides my family extra income while I am unemployed. Check out my website; click on Our opportunity. I never thought I could do direct sales, but I’m actually loving it! If you can do retail, you can do direct sales. And you set your own hours!

  62. I would like the lady with the Miche bags to email me.


  63. Shari Scippio

    I’ve been in and out of work for almost 3 years. I’ve mostly been home with my two little boys. But i miss working, so I hope and pray that one of these listings come through! I have faith!!

  64. We are looking for consultants. The product sells it’s self and you can earn commissions as well as free products. Great way to make some extra $ during the holiday season.

  65. L. DeJesus

    am looking for work from home



  67. Marcia

    Direct Sales is the business of the twenty-first century. It is suited to almost anyone, whether you want to make a great deal of money or just need to supplement your income, make a one-time big purchase or pay for your holiday season in cash.
    Consider these facts:
    -low investment cost
    -easy start up
    -immediate cash flow
    -profits are directly proportionate to how hard you are willing to work

    Find a direct sales company that aligns with your goals.
    I would love to help you get started.
    Feel free to contact me for more information about the questions you need to ask before joining any direct sales company. Then, choose one and give it a try. It’s not such a big leap of faith!

  68. I need to complete a essay for customer service job that I am in desperate need of. Can you give some pointer of what to write.

  69. Patty W

    I tried to gain employment with Arise. Each step went perfectly thus far. Now Im expected to pay for a background check. I understand they need to know I am trustworthy and self employment could incur some costs.

    I received and email from Arise stating: Arise was featured on Good Morning America this past Tuesday.. It goes on to offer “Huge Incentives” if you complete registration by Oct 8th even though the title of the email was “From Arise – October is our National “Work From Home” Month” (I would tend to think if you claim a month is the celebration the deadline would not be at the start of that very month)
    Their incentives are:
    1) FREE ACP101 (Arise Basic Certification Course), typically $99 – A savings of $99
    2) $100 Voucher that can make your first Client Certification Class FREE of charge
    (note the word “first”.. there are five types of certification required areas and that $100 only covers one)

    I sent them a letter asking them to explain the process and payment expected in detail so that I am able to make an informed decision. They way it looks I would be expected to pay for a background check as well as $400 more for certifications.

    Im looking to make money, not get scammed. I realize some costs could be expected and I went to this site because I trusted ABC, and hoped it would be legitimate. Im waiting for their response to my email.

  70. Donyetta

    I am a WAHM and I currently work with Arise. The reason I decided to go with Arise was because I met so many mom’s that have been working with Arise for 2-5years. Arise has been great to my family and I. They pay well and on time. There are lots of incentives! So give it try, I think you’ll enjoy it! If you want more info, inbox and I will try and answer any questions.

  71. I am also a representative for Avon. I love Avon. Everyone knows and enjoys Avon!!!! This opportunity to way easy. Check out how Avon has changed over the years! And its only 10.00

  72. Hi. I am a divorced mom looking to get back into the working world. I can do clerical and filing as well as answer phones. I like to use the computer so data entry is also an option. I am a people person and display a good personality. I am willing to learn if taught. Could you please help me out in this matter as I could really use a job as well as the money. I am also looking for full time. Thank you for your time in this matter. Sincerely, Linda Iannacone

  73. Evelyn

    Hello. I am an older lady in very good health looking for part-time or full-time work. I live in Pasadena, Tx, a suburb SE of Houston. In the last last 26 years I’ve held 2 jobs; 1 in housekeeping for 23 years and one in food service for 3 years. I need a job immediately and am willing to perform any honest work. I am diligent, dependable and a very conscientious worker. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Evelyn

  74. Lynn

    I am looking to supplement my income from home, just recently lost a $40,000 a year job and now only making $19,000.00 a year job. Can you point me in the right direction to earn income from home.

  75. mft

    I would like to work from home.

  76. Michelle

    I would love to work from home can someone please help me to get started.

  77. Great article! Please add temporary and staffing agencies to this list. Many times, big companies start early by hiring a large number of employees through an agency.We have put quite a few folks to work already for the holiday season.

    I love the categories being broken down.I think most people don’t think of security and shipping for season work, but those are perfect areas in which to excel! Thanks!

  78. Curtis

    We’re hiring hundreds of people for promotional holiday work across the country, apply for any of our positions at the link above!

  79. SDB

    I need help in seeking work-at-home employment. Some of these sites require that you put up alot of money in the beginning – well, some of us DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY! I know it takes money to make money but, there’s got to be a better way. I JUST NEED TO WORK! PERIOD / CAN YOU HELP?

  80. Sandra

    I am an interior designer moving from Minnesota to Florida and need to have some sort of income that I can do anywhere,
    anytime. I am not limiting myself to interior design, however.

  81. jeanette

    I am a event planner and would love to work with someone dong this. I also like customer service work to where do i find these jobs. And i guess it hurts because i am 54 years old.

  82. How do we contact or locate a home-based customer service company to take in-bound customer calls from home? I am looking for a job like this. This would enable me to work around my childrens schedule, without fear their father would try to take custody of them from me.

  83. I really need to make some money working from home but I am not quite sure how to get started. I got laid off from my job in December 2009, and in January of 2010 my fiancee fell off of a two story house at work and that left him paralized from under his breasts down. I am also taking care of my father who has dementia, and we have two little boys 4 & 3 who have just started school this year. I feel like working from home will give me a chance to make money & also be able to take my father & fiancee back & forth to there doctors appointments.

  84. Stephanie

    I am looking for a work from home job where I can make some income. The last past year I have had a lot of changes in my life and I really can benefit a lot working from home. If you can give me some pointers on how to get started, I am a hard worker & willing to learn.

  85. Kim

    I am looking for a legitimate job I can do from home, I would be willing to take phone calls-customer service agent as Tory has mentioned in some of her pieces. I am the mom of a young person with some disabilities so to work from home part time would be wonderful, that way I can be here when my child gets home from school

  86. penel


  87. j oliver

    Ive started a job doing forms for banner advertising…all of these require that I list my social security #…and I’m worried about doing so. This would mean every company that I do a banner ad for would have my social. Am I stupid to be doing this? Help!

  88. Katherine

    Would like to know if you can sell Avon online only.

  89. Annie

    I am looking for work at home to pay my bills.

  90. Faye

    I’m working a home based business. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] with a number to call. This month is a very good month to start.

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