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Women Fill HR Rolls, But Men Rule

Editorial Team

Women outnumber men by 2-1 in the world of human resources, but despite the numeric advantage women make 30% less than their male HR colleagues. Why the disparity? Human Resource Executive Online reports that while women dominate entry level and mid-level HR roles, men still dominate high-paying HR executive positions.


  1. Patrick Campbell

    Toward the end of last year I sat in a “team meeting” with a younger HR Manager who discussed the company’s recent need to cut staff to remain profitable. As she finished her dissertation on the quickly diminishing talent needs for the end of 2008 and 1st quarter of the coming year, I will never forget what she said: “On these remaining 30 jobs we are going to focus on Women and minorities.” Then she motioned with her hand out in front of her like a sweeping broom and said with a smile on her face, “And, no white males!”
    I kept a “poker face” but cringed at her audacity. Whether she was simply naïve or blatantly disrespectful, I received her Christmas present of a couple weeks notice and was laid off right before the holidays.
    Her team went to 100% female a few months later when my boss negotiated a deal to get out. Earlier, he proudly boasted that his boss said they would have to “drag him out on a stretcher” because of his particular technical skill set.
    While I’m am particularly proud of my track record of hiring women (and minorities) I’ve watched my opportunity as a man making a corporate living in HR decline dramatically since the mid 80’s primarily because the race to break the glass ceiling started in HR. In my professional opinion…leaving the field filled with many inexperienced who aren’t yet deserving of higher pay; many leaving the field to have families (a noble calling); and others just not a professional fit for the job.
    While I have tremendous respect, and have worked for some of the brightest and talented women in the business, I’ve also did my female counterparts under the headship of women who clearly where not ready to lead, and clearly not worth what they were paid.
    In addition, A recent LA Times sighted 3 of 4 who lost jobs in this recession are men.
    What’s more alarming than how to make my next mortgage payment, is working in a field dominated by women who are rallying for yet another battle of the sexes. Give me a break!

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