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Working From Home: No Joke

By Jennifer Zach

Working from home has often been the object of misplaced humor.

How else to explain teasing comments about us who do it eating bonbons all day in our bunny slippers?
Or the assumption that we are not really working – which is why we must have loads of free time to do someone else’s errands?

I don’t think people who say these things or make these assumptions are mean or insensitive, they have simply never experienced a work from home arrangement or discovered what it entails.
Without a sense of the drive and tenacity it takes to work from home, jokes come into play.
The truth is that working from home is both rewarding and challenging – in some ways even more challenging than working in a traditional office environment.
I have worked from home for the past six years and have learned along the way how to describe what I do.

For one thing, I no longer refer to my working hours as “part-time.” I choose the word “flexible,” because for me working from home invariably means factoring in family responsibilities and community service.
With the freedom of working from home comes responsibility, and so a strong sense of self-discipline is a must.

Successful work-at-home professionals stick to schedules, are accountable and stay focused no matter how loud or crazy it is just feet away from them at home.

I value my work and my time. People can kid me about bonbons and bunny slippers. I may not be working in an office, but I’m still working.

About the author:

Jennifer Zach, an executive coach, speaker, and L&D contributor, specializes in assisting leaders to manage their fight-flight-freeze responses using somatic awareness. With over 14 years in business leadership coaching, she’s known for her contributions to Training Magazine and ATD’s platforms.

She serves as the VP of Programs for ATD Hawkeye Chapter in Iowa and is involved with the ICF Iowa Charter Chapter, Rotary International, and Toastmasters. Jennifer, a graduate of Coach U and a certified integrative somatic trauma therapist, is a respected figure in leadership development.



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