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Working With An Impossible Boss: Should You Just Suffer?

Editorial Team

Face it: there are times when you just have to suffer an “impossible” boss by keeping quiet. But Bob Sutton says research shows that fighting back can not only help you, but help your company, too. “If everyone turned the other cheek, then bad bosses would never be punished, reformed, and fired and terrible decisions would never be stopped,” he says.


  1. stacey

    I had a BAD BOSS and when I fought back after my father got sick she got mad. Her biggest problem was my dad had emergency surgery on the same day as her sister in laws funeral she still works there and i was let go 2 years ago.It was so bad I had a medical leave of addcence(to avoid a mental break down) and it still didn’t get upper management to any change anything.

  2. Bad behavior is never acceptable and taking the lead to speak up is necessary for change. If done properly it will benefit yourself and co-workers. This applies to bad policies as well. I am a firm believer that sometimes management will make a bad decision unknowingly and it’s up to me to speak up and provide my opinion with a possible solution.

  3. Pat

    The behavior is so bizzare and OUT OF CONTROL they let everyone go.
    They seperate you, this makes the Bully come after you harder–It’s about screwing up the bills and everything else.
    Workplace violence ,sabatouge, Bullies ,CYOA Bosses—Fire at will employment at will What next?

  4. RKP

    I worked for a couple of temp agencies in the State of Georgia. GA is an “at will” state, so working here for me has been interesting. However, when I’ve had to deal with an impossible client I prayed for the right words, seasoned my words with salt, and I have ALWAYS gotten positive results. I trusted in something higher than any human being, I put my trust in God, and allowed holy spirit to handle the rest and I’ve gotten wonderful results. To date I am still friendly with those previous employers and although the economy is bad, they have always called when they need assistance.

  5. Sue

    Unfortunately I have worked with too many bad bosses recently. In my opinion too many people are put in management positions who have no idea how to manage people. They lack the training and skills to do so, and their insecurity creates a breeding ground for bad behavior. In my situations I found that working with a bad boss is extremely difficult and the ability to grow professionally and function properly in a position just doesn’t happen. It was only in my exiting that I was able to address the situations head on when I knew that the person no longer had any charge over me. If I can help another person after me not have to deal with what I had to, then it’s worth it.

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