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Your Personal Brand is Key

Your Personal Brand is Key

by Lisa Orrell

Savvy employees manage their personal brands every day. They understand that every time anyone contacts them at work, outside work or on social media one of two things happen: their personal brand is either strengthened or weakened by what they say or don’t say, and by what they do or don’t do.

Which is why focusing on your personal brand is a “behavior barometer” as to who you really are.
By creating and managing your personal brand at work, you will:

· Achieve More Clarity & Direction: Personal branding is all about increased self-awareness, acknowledging your weaknesses (bad temper, shyness, or poor communications skills) then making necessary changes to improve yourself. It’s also about knowing your strengths. You have to know who you are and who you aspire to be in order to conduct yourself effectively, regardless of your career-level.

· Experience More Job Satisfaction: When you become clear on your personal brand it leads to asking yourself honest questions, such as: Should I make a career change? Am I in the right job or role? Does my supervisor or my company match the values of my personal brand? Knowing the answers will improve your odds of being at a job where you’re happy, which ultimately affects your job performance.

· Get Noticed in Your Industry: Aside from wanting to stand out at work, many employees want to also stand out in their industry, to be interviewed by industry media and asked to speak at conferences and tradeshows. No one will have much interest in interviewing or booking you to speak if you don’t have fresh perspectives to share. Follow industry trends and pitch articles to industry publications and blogs. Become a voice in industry-focused social networks. This type of effort can expand awareness for your personal brand and attract opportunities to you.

· Get Ahead: Most consumers only buy repeatedly from trusted brands. This same concept applies to your brand. When you define and manage your brand at work, people notice. If you live it consistently, co-workers and supervisors will notice and put their trust in you. As with a positive product brand, they will buy into you, which can only help you get ahead.

· Improve Your Chances in a Job Search: Having a strong, focused brand can only help you in interviews and to identify which companies and positions suit your interests. Job seekers with strong brands often turn down great job offers because they know they’re not a good match with their brand.

Leadership expert Lisa Orrell is the author of Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands: How Any Employee Can Create and Promote Their Own Personal Leadership Brand for Massive Career Success!

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