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June 4, 2023

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Scentsy is pioneering the move away from the smoky, sooty candles of today to safe, healthy, fun and creative ways to bring the scents that make us happy into our lives. Scentsy offers over 80 high quality flameless fragrances delivered in a variety of ways. Its flagship product is the Authentic Scentsy Bar, an impressively fragrant wickless candle bar that is warmed in a warmer rather than burned with a flame.

Each year thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed by burning candles. The enthusiastic response Scentsy receives from its customers, consultants, and more particularly fire fighters, reflects the nationwide concern over the devastation burning candles can cause. This was Scentsy’s initial motivation—to create a safe alternative to burning candles—flameless candles. The passion has grown from offering a safe alternative to offering a better alternative. Going wickless has allowed Scentsy to offer the public a better, more cost effective method of scenting their world.

It is Scentsy’s vision that through your association with Scentsy, you will be able to create an income for yourself doing something that you truly love – so you can have more time to be with the ones you love! For some, running a Scentsy business will mean having some extra shopping money. For others, it means having a car payment, a mortgage payment, or the ability to quit a part- or full-time job. Whatever your goal, the Scentsy plan provides an opportunity for you to achieve that goal with less negative impact on what you value most—the relationships in your life.

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