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Jockey Person to Person


In 2005, we brought Jockey’s legendary quality and innovation to the Direct Selling industry with the introduction of Jockey Person to Person®. Founded by Chairman and CEO, Debra S. Waller as a way to provide women with the opportunity to enjoy a rich family life while making their dreams come true.

Living Jockey Person to Person® is all about living in the moment, enjoying life’s little gifts and victories and finding additional ways to connect with our family and friends. It’s about enriching our lives and fostering our dreams – and whether those dreams include personal growth, an incredible wardrobe, financial success or an extended group of friends – Jockey Person to Person® can help you live them to the fullest.


A rewarding career begins with TRUST.

Whether they decide to shop our catalog, host a party or begin career as a Comfort Specialist, Jockey Person to Person is focused on transforming women’s lives.

  • Time- Jockey Person to Person affords women the ability to earn extra income without sacrificing time with your family or attention from your full-time job. You make your own hours.
  • Recognition- You can feel good about investing in a company that consistently invests in your success and you can also earn awards, cash bonuses and trips to exciting locations. You get what you put into it.
  • Unity- For more than 132 years, Jockey has fostered a warm and supportive working environment based on product innovation, customer service and family values. You work as part of a team.
  • Shopping Fun- Person to Person centers on a fun and social shopping experience and you can earn back your initial investment after just two or three parties. You build a career by throwing parties.
  • Training- Jockey Person to Person gives you the training and role modeling you need to build and maintain a successful at-home business. You have us beside you.

Jockey Person to Person can help you grow personally, professionally and financially… and it all happens by your providing other women with a better way to shop, dress and live.


Clothing/Shoes, Lingerie/Sleepwear