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Bunkie Lynn


Humorist Bunkie Lynn, author of The Big Girls’ Guide to Life, a 2004 ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist, navigates the trials faced by women in our body-obsessed world, noting that “society’s ideal female represents a genetic mutation between a pretzel stick and a silicone breast implant.”

A popular Keynote for women’s events and writers’ conferences, Bunkie is a columnist for the Women’s National Book Association;, a plus-sized women’s clothing retailer; and a True Defender of EveryWoman in her blog at Her “Real 4 Food Groups” are Chocolate, Garlic, Red Wine & Dessert.

A native of Tucson, Bunkie resides near Nashville, Tennessee. She earned a degree in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, cut her teeth on Austin City Limits, worked for two decades in advertising, film/video production and international marketing, and speaks four languages. She is married, has a son, and owns two very rambunctious dogs.

Bunkie’s next novel, Moodswing Manifesto, is a ‘menopausal romp’ that will make middle-aged women everywhere toss their control top pantyhose. Visit Bunkie’s web site,, for upcoming appearance details.


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Because Bunkie knows that the Real 4 Main Food Groups are Chocolate, Garlic, Red Wine & Dessert, and she isn’t above bribing an audience with Goo Goo Clusters for laughs. (Nashville’s Standard Candy, maker of world-famous Goo Goo Clusters, provides samples!).

Bunkie’s an animated, hilarious speaker who draws sell-out crowds, gets rave reviews, and isn’t afraid to show her large granny underpants to obtain publicity for your event. Bunkie’s broadcasting savvy makes her a smooth talker, on-air and onstage; she understands the value of pre-event marketing and schmoozing, appearances the day before an event to punch up civic PR, and the need for cocktails and photo-ops with event sponsors. Let’s face it, the gal is easy (to work with!).

Bunkie always provides custom material, tailoring comments to your specific cause, to deeply connect with the audience for big laughs, big checks, and great memories. Bunkie and her team market your event on her website and blog with links and photos. She gets great coverage from producers and editors, and works hard to intrigue and engage your local media. Bunkie insists on written post-event feedback from clients, even though she might beat you with her purse if you don’t sing her praises. When Bunkie Lynn is your keynote, EveryWoman leaves moved, motivated, and has probably peed her pants, so order those plastic chair covers now.

Bunkie tells women of all sizes what it takes to release their inner spirit, accomplish their most difficult goals, and sail to their personal star. Women need motivation, but what every woman craves most is a good five-minute belly laugh that rivals sex as a stress-buster. Bunkie Lynn delivers the belly, plus the belly laughs, and your audience will never stop thanking you for the experience!

Rave Reviews

● Health at Every Size Radio Show, WRFN-FM, Nashville TN, June 2007
“My listeners loved Bunkie! Her wisdom and wit “fits” every dress size. Great talent she has for ad-libbing! Come back soon!
– Dr. Peggy Elam, host & producer

● Humanities Tennessee Young Writer’s Workshop, Nashville, TN, July 2006
“Our students loved Bunkie’s style and wit! One of our best sessions ever!”
– Emily Masters, Director

● Akron (OH) Reading Fest, September 2005
“Bunkie’s humor was a great draw for this debut event.”
– Seth Keyes, Director

● New Albany (Indiana) Public Library Fundraiser, July 2005
“Bunkie was so popular, we broke attendance records and exceeded our goals. The audience laughed so hard we couldn’t speak!”
– Carla Robinzon, Director

● National Association of Women Business Owners, Nashville, TN, April 2005
“Bunkie’s message resonates with savvy women business owners, particularly those who celebrate diversity and embrace positive thinking.”
– Carol Webster, NAWBO Government Affairs Chairman

● Hewlett-Packard International Women’s Day, Boise ID, March 2005
“Thanks, Bunkie, for a sell-out, wonderful event that surpassed all our expectations; you earned our highest speaker rating, please come back!”
– Nancy Frank, HP/Boise Women’s Network Officer

● Williamson County Democratic Women, Franklin, TN, September 2004
“Bunkie’s ability to cross political, gender and philosophical lines allows her to connect with virtually everyone in the audience. What an entertainer and motivator!”
– Maggie Faille, President

● The Dogwood Arts Festival, Knoxville, TN, April 2004
“Bunkie’s sold-out keynote luncheon was the hit of the festival! We laughed until our sides split, and the wisdom she delivers with her wit reminds us that women can accomplish anything!”
– Ann Julius, Dogwood Arts Festival Chairman

● Detroit Free Press: “The Big Girls’ Guide to Life celebrates living large with sass, heart and wit. A brazen, fun, much-needed toast to the Junoesque sisterhood.”
– Lori Hall Steele, reviewer

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