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Home-based Recruiting


Recruit From Home

Many service-oriented businesses are allowing professionals to work virtually. This is certainly true in the field of recruiting. Some of the opportunities are commission-only: You must recruit a candidate who is hired by an employer in order to receive any money. Others offer a base salary, plus commission.

Go to the big job boards—,—and search using the key words “virtual recruiter” or “home-based recruiter.” You’ll see many openings to which you can apply.

The other option is to search on Google or Yahoo for contingency search firms and/or placement agencies. Cold-call them to ask whether they hire home-based recruiters or impress them with your phone skills so that they decide to make you their first virtual recruiter.

To be successful, you must be a super-savvy networker and possess knowledge of recruitment tactics. Oftentimes, some training will be provided if you can prove that you’re a highly networked, resourceful professional.

You can also contact headhunters, placement agencies, and recruiting firms to ask if they hire home-based recruiters, since there are thousands of such companies-big and small-some don’t advertise their needs. They hire through word of mouth. If you have a track record of success, you might be able to convince someone to give you a shot.

You must use caution when visiting these sites. Even though they contain a lot of legitimate information, they also lead to links to stuff that’s not legit. Be cautious about the sites and the ads you see and NEVER respond to check-cashing, wire transfer or Western Union related offers.