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A Guide to Medical Coder and Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

Editorial Team | On March 2, 2010

Updated on July 24, 2023

Healthcare careers extend beyond the roles of physicians and nurses, with many rewarding options in the realm of medical administration. For individuals who prefer to work behind the scenes, Medical Coders and Medical Transcriptionists are two essential roles in the healthcare industry that come to the forefront. This article delves deeper into these career paths, their prerequisites, and the growth opportunities they offer.

Medical Coder: An In-Demand Career

Medical Coders serve as crucial bridges between healthcare providers and billing offices. They are trained professionals skilled at translating patient information, including diagnoses and treatments, into universal medical codes. These codes are essential for processing insurance claims, maintaining patients’ records, and statistical analysis in healthcare.

If you’re considering becoming a Medical Coder, it’s a promising time to enter the field. Currently, studies show a 30% shortage in medical coders across the nation. As healthcare organizations ramp up their growth strategies, the demand for proficient coders is skyrocketing.

The journey to becoming a Medical Coder typically starts with getting a degree and completing a Medical Coding Course. Then, earning a certification like the Certified Professional Coder (CPC)® Certification, the most recognized coding certificate in the healthcare industry, significantly enhances your employability.

National estimates for Medical Coders, or more generally, Medical Records Specialists, indicate a mean hourly wage of $23.23 and a mean annual wage of $48,310. Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, and New York are among the states with the highest employment level in this field.

What are The Largest Medical Coder Employers in the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry is teeming with opportunities for Medical Coders. The profession plays a pivotal role in translating patient information into standardized codes used for billing and statistical purposes. The demand for skilled medical coders is high, and numerous healthcare organizations actively seek these professionals. Below, we present an overview of the ten largest employers for Medical Coders in the healthcare industry.

1. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a diversified health and well-being company with a mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone. They offer a wide range of services from insurance to healthcare products. UnitedHealth Group often has openings for Medical Coders among their broad array of career opportunities. Check out their career site.

2. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is an American integrated managed care consortium, based in Oakland, California. They are recognized for their commitment to quality healthcare and prevention. Kaiser Permanente consistently offers opportunities for Medical Coders, particularly those with experience and certification. Find more information on their career site.

3. Humana

Humana is a leading health insurance company that offers a variety of health, wellness, and insurance products and services designed to offer an integrated approach to lifelong well-being. Humana frequently hires Medical Coders as part of their dedication to efficient and effective healthcare management. Explore opportunities on their career site.

4. Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc., is a trusted health insurance plan provider that offers many career opportunities in healthcare management. Medical Coders can find extensive opportunities here, particularly those who specialize in specific areas of coding. Visit their career site for more.

5. Tenet Healthcare

Tenet Healthcare is a multinational healthcare services company based in Dallas, Texas. With a network of over 65 hospitals and approximately 500 other healthcare facilities, Tenet often hires Medical Coders to manage the vast amount of health information generated in their facilities. You can learn more on their career site.

6. HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S, with more than 180 hospitals and surgery centers. With such an extensive network, Medical Coders will find a wealth of opportunities across their many facilities. Find out more on their career site.

7. Aetna

Aetna, a CVS Health company, is known for its commitment to building a healthier world and a more effective healthcare system. Aetna offers a broad scope of career opportunities for Medical Coders, particularly in roles that focus on health information management and coding accuracy. Visit their career site to learn more.

8. Cigna

Cigna is a global health services company that believes in the power of preventive care. Medical Coders play a vital role at Cigna, where they manage health information and ensure the accuracy of coded data. Check out their career site for more information.

8. Dignity Health

Dignity Health is one of the largest healthcare systems in the nation and the largest hospital provider in California. They often seek Medical Coders to ensure accurate documentation and coding in their diverse healthcare settings. Explore opportunities on their career site.

10. Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation is a large multinational healthcare enterprise that provides a portfolio of services to government-sponsored healthcare programs. Medical Coders can find ample opportunities within Centene, particularly in roles that focus on Medicaid and Medicare coding. Check out their career site to find more.

These organizations are driving the future of healthcare. As a Medical Coder, joining one of these companies could mean ample opportunities for professional growth and development.

Medical Transcriptionist: A Vital Role in Patient Care

Medical Transcriptionists, also known as healthcare documentation specialists, hold an indispensable role within the healthcare industry. They convert voice recordings of healthcare professionals into accurate written reports, thereby maintaining a record of patient care and aiding in the delivery of efficient healthcare services.

According to Coursera, a medical transcriptionist listens to medical notes from health care professionals and accurately transcribes those audio recordings into written medical documents. These documents are used for a multitude of purposes, ranging from patient records to medical research.

A role in medical transcription typically requires postsecondary education. This can be either a one-year certificate program or a two-year associate degree. The course of study includes anatomy, medical terminology, legality in healthcare documentation, and English grammar and punctuation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The BLS noted that as of 2021, the median annual wage for medical transcriptionists was $30,100, translating to an hourly wage of $14.47. With around 59,600 job roles in 2021, the field continues to provide substantial opportunities for those interested in this career path.

Furthermore, the global Medical Transcription Services market continues to see growth. According to a report by Digital Journal, the market was valued at US$ 60.6 Bn in 2023 and is forecasted to reach a value of US$ 96.9 Bn by 2030, reflecting a CAGR of 6.1% between 2023 and 2030.

What are The Largest Medical Transcriptionist Employers in the Healthcare Industry?

1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is an industry-leading transcription service provider known for its top-tier, human-powered transcription process. Medical Transcriptionists here play a vital role in delivering accurate and timely transcription services that uphold the company’s commitment to quality. Check out their career site.

2. AQuity Solutions

AQuity Solutions is a healthcare solutions provider that focuses on medical transcription, coding, and billing services. They offer numerous opportunities for Medical Transcriptionists to contribute to their goal of effective and efficient healthcare documentation. Visit their career site for more.

3. InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a software company offering innovative solutions for healthcare providers. Medical Transcriptionists at InSync are instrumental in enhancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare documentation. Explore their career site to learn more.

4. World Wide Dictation

World Wide Dictation provides transcription and dictation services to a diverse clientele, including the healthcare industry. They consistently hire Medical Transcriptionists to ensure accurate and speedy transcription services. Visit their career site for more.

5. EHR Transcriptions

EHR Transcriptions specializes in medical transcription and electronic health record (EHR) services. Medical Transcriptionists form a crucial part of their team, ensuring high-quality transcriptions for their healthcare clients. Check out their career site.

6. Nuance

Nuance Communications is a technology company known for its advanced speech recognition software and related services. They offer various opportunities for Medical Transcriptionists as part of their comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions. Check out their career site for more.

7. iMedX

iMedX is a health information solutions provider with a strong focus on clinical documentation and data analytics. They employ Medical Transcriptionists to ensure the accuracy and quality of their healthcare documentation services. Visit their career site to find more.

8. Alina Health

Alina Health, a non-profit healthcare system, is one of the largest providers in the Midwest. Medical Transcriptionists here play an integral role in maintaining accurate patient records across their numerous healthcare facilities. Visit their career site for more.

9. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on integrated clinical practice, education, and research. Medical Transcriptionists are essential to their commitment to superior healthcare documentation and patient care. Check out their career site for more.

Joining one of these leading companies as a Medical Transcriptionist can provide a fulfilling career path with ample opportunities for professional growth. As always, for the most up-to-date job listings, refer to the specific career pages of these companies.

Making the Choice between a career as a Medical Coder or a Medical Transcriptionist

When deciding between a career as a Medical Coder or a Medical Transcriptionist, your strengths and interests play a vital role. If you enjoy working with codes and numbers, a Medical Coder role may suit you. However, if you have strong listening and typing skills and enjoy working with language, a Medical Transcriptionist career might be more appealing.

Regardless of your choice, both professions offer fulfilling career paths that make significant contributions to the broader healthcare field. With the right education, certification, and skill set, these professions offer plentiful opportunities for career growth and advancement.

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