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Swapping Resources

Before you choose a site for swapping, browse a bit to make sure that what’s already listed on a specific site matches the kind of things you want to buy, sell or swap.

  • Some sites allow you to sell your stuff. Others let you buy anything that’s posted. And then there are sites that only allow trading/swapping.
  • Each site offers its own step-by-step instructions on how to post your goods. Make sure you can agree to the terms before proceeding.
  • Provide as much detail as possible within your listings—sometimes you can even post photos—to avoid excessive questions and confusion.
  • Ask any and all questions that come to mind before agreeing to accept the items you see posted. Don’t make assumptions.
  • Always read the fine print on each site. Some sites charge a fee for transactions; others are free. Some operate in dollars, while others use a customized currency for online activity.

This list is provided for your reference. Only you can decide what site, if any, is best for your needs and interests.

General sites
Set up a post with your offer and search thousands of listings from people with stuff and services to buy, sell and trade.
Give and get free stuff by joining this online global community focused on recycling.
This site’s tagline is “Trade Anything, Pay Nothing.” There are no membership fees, barter currencies or commissions taken on trades.

Media: DVDs/Movies, CDs/Music, Books, Games
Mixed Media
Buy and sell using the site’s currency, which also promises protection to both parties such as a refund if the transaction doesn’t go as planned
SwapaCD and SwapaDVD
Just like the name says, swap music and movies among more than 150,000 combined titles.
Trade books, movies and music for free.

There’s no cost to trade books among members, with the exception of shipping fees.

Gift Cards
Buy, sell and trade the remaining balance on your unwanted gift cards. Trade a restaurant gift card for a store card you’d prefer. The site will buy your premium gift cards for up to 70% of the available balance.

Swap your home for vacation or permanently with these sites, each of which operate on varying fee structures so read carefully.

Go Swap

Baby and Kid Stuff
Just Between Friends
This franchise with more than 60 operations nationwide focuses on stadium-size consignment sales where a special bar-coding system allows parents to sell their unwanted baby gear and children’s, teens and maternity wear, and receive 70% of the selling price, which is significantly higher than the standard 30 to 45% offered by typical consignment shops.

Trade A Favor
Trade A Favor is a facebook application that allows anyone to trade any kind of skill or talent with anyone else. Users can restrict their favors to friends, groups, networks and events.

You must use caution when visiting these sites. Even though they contain a lot of legitimate information, they also lead to links to stuff that’s not legit. Be cautious about the sites and the ads you see and NEVER respond to check-cashing, wire transfer or Western Union related offers.