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Word of Mouth Programs & Paid Online Surveys

Paid Online Surveys
We’ve compiled a list of some of the legitimate websites where you can offer your opinion in exchange for free products. Think of these surveys as a cool way to share your candid thoughts on any number of potential products and services — and then receive a fun reward for your time. Remember that marketers aren’t just interested in putting free goodies in your hands; they do so because they’re interested in your opinions.

Never pay a fee or provide credit card information when registering for these sites. No legitimate site will require you to pay any kind of “registration” fee in order to give them your opinion. Registering with these sites should always be free.

ZoomPanel Earn between 50 and 100 points every time you complete a survey; once you reach 1,000, you can begin redeeming points for great rewards that range from books and DVDs to stuff in cooking, gardening and electronics. (Featured by Tory Johnson on Good Morning America.)

Other sites where you can register to complete surveys and earn points to redeem for reward prizes.

Harris Interactive
Word of Mouth Marketing

These word-of-mouth marketing sites allow you to register free. By completing a profile you’re eligible to participate in campaigns where you’ll receive free products, product samples, and coupons to try a wide variety of consumer products ranging from food, beauty and cleaning supplies to kids toys and games and gardening tools. It doesn’t get much cooler than receiving free stuff and using your voice to help shape the marketing and purchasing patterns of major products launches from the biggest brands around.

Another word of caution: Do not reply to unsolicited emails or pop-up ads from companies promising to send you money or prizes. The legitimate opportunities such as the ones on this page will never contact you without your permission, nor will they ever charge you to participate in their programs. Legitimate companies won’t even ask you to pay for the shipping of products or rewards; no cost to you means absolutely no cost to you. Ignore emails that make big promises; responding to those is simply an invitation for more spam.

Complete a profile when you register as a member and you’ll be considered for participation in dozens of opportunities each year.

House Party
This specialized word-of-mouth marketing company delivers brand-centric experiences to consumers through in-home parties. Each House Party event consists of 1,000 or more parties, all held on the same day throughout the country, in the homes of consumers who meet a detailed profile, and who are passionate brand advocates. Register online to be considered as a party host, where you’ll invite your friends and family to participate in programs ranging from candy and snack foods to toys, cars or TV shows.

Complete a profile to join this women’s research and marketing group. Share opinions online and offline and be considered for participation in dozens of diverse opportunities each year.

Other legitimate sites to explore:
Paid Focus Groups: Some of these sites above also offer paid offline focus groups. A small select group of people are invited to appear in person to interact with marketers to offer their opinion on products and services. Participants might also be asked to weigh in on proposed advertising campaigns. Typically focus group participants are paid between $30 and $100 for their time; sessions range from one to three hours. You can also find local focus groups in your area by searching “focus groups” listings on

Affiliate Programs: If you have a website or a popular blog or social network profile, you can make money by simply promoting and recommending products that you like to your visitors. For example, if you love a particular book, you can link to that title on or and earn a referral fee of cash or store credit if someone clicks and makes a purchase through your link. (See and for details on how to set up a free account with their affiliate programs. There’s no cost or obligation to register and participate.) Just about every site that sells a product or service online now offers similar affiliate programs where you’ll be paid for your successful referrals.

You must use caution when visiting these sites. Even though they contain a lot of legitimate information, they also lead to links to stuff that’s not legit. Be cautious about the sites and the ads you see and NEVER respond to check-cashing, wire transfer or Western Union related offers.

*NOTE: If you know of other legitimate sites that you think we should consider adding to this list, please send an email to Tory Johnson. She’ll research your suggestions.