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April 2, 2023

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Resume Business Card

As seen on ABC’s Good Morning America with workplace contributor Tory Johnson.

New York-based Nova Graphics created a fold out business card, called “epitoME,” featuring a mini resume. It’s a brilliant idea because it’s not always appropriate or even comfortable to hand someone your resume—you’re not about to whip it out when you bump into an old neighbor in the grocery store or while riding the subway—but it’s never really awkward to offer your card. These particular ones leave a lasting impression since they feature much more detail than just your name and number.

At Nova Graphics, 100 of these particular cards come at a price: $75 to $300 depending on size and color. The benefit, however, is having a pro handle the design and printing for you. They can be ordered online or over the phone and shipped anywhere in the US.

To save money, try creating your own. Here’s how:

1) Click here to download the Avery label template for folded business cards—four to a sheet.

2) Using the Avery template, enter the text and any images (optional) to each of the four sides of your card. This information should come straight from your resume.

Tip: You’ll be using two sheets: One for the front of your cards and one for the back.

3) Proof the text carefully to avoid any typos or other mistakes.

4) You have two options for printing:

a) Print both templates from your home computer onto plain white paper or card stock. Or take them to Staples, Kinkos or your local copy shop to have them printed or copied double-sided to card stock. Use the store’s paper cutter to trim each card and ask an associate to assist you with proper scoring. If you’re using your own card stock—instead of the Avery perforated cards—you can even choose a color.This will cost you as little as a $1

b) Purchase Avery’s perforated folded business cards (item numbers 5302, 8820, 5820—or ask an associate for assistance in finding a comparable product) and print directly to those sheets. You’ll have four finished business cards per sheet. A pack of 120 cards cost me $25 at Staples.