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As CEO at oDesk, Gary Swart brings more than 15 years of sales, management, and leadership experience in the enterprise software market.

oDesk enables buyers of services to hire, manage, and pay technology service providers from around the world. Buyers choose oDesk for top global talent, comprehensive management tools, and a flexible hourly payment model. Service Providers choose oDesk for challenging jobs and guaranteed payment. Every day, thousands of buyers and providers work together through oDesk — a unique company at the forefront of reinventing work.

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The new way to work: ODesk

ODesk is a service you can use to hire people. Or get a job. But not a job like your dad had. Here you get a job based on either time, project, or maybe a longer-term contract. And you can work anywhere in the world because the ODesk system lets you collaborate with your new boss and he can watch your work as it progresses. Did we mention you get paid? And they now offer benefits? Crazy and here we talk with ODesk’s CEO to find out what’s changing in the world of work.