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Susan Rice, founder Black Diamond French Truffles

Susan is a once stay at home mom turned risk taking female entrepreneur- who’s investing millions to grow 200 + acres of truffles – one of the most expensive foods in the world. This was once a gardening hobby, now turned passionate career. This fabulous fungus is prized by top chefs around the world and sells for up to $800 a pound. Although truffles are mostly grown in France, Susan Rice is growing these truffles here in the U.S. in Pinehurst, North Carolina and will sell them to high-end restaurants across the nation.

This is all part of her mission to revitalize the U.S. farm economy and make the U.S. the truffle capital of the world. Now, with her life savings weighing in the balance, Susan is growing the largest truffle orchard in the country Black Diamond French Truffles.

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