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253,000 Jobs from ‘Green’ Stimulus

Editorial Team

The $23 billion in federal stimulus money for grants, loans and tax incentives to generate renewal energy this year will create 253,000 jobs, Vice President Biden says in a report out today. In a report to the president on the nation’s progress in moving to a green economy, Biden says that the stimulus dollars could leverage over $43 billion in additional investment, which could support up to 469,000 more jobs in producing solar, wind and geothermal-generated power.


  1. Doug

    This is great news. I firmly believe that green investment will produce more green collar jobs. Just take a look at and see. They have a directory of thousands of companies who are going green and creating new, sustainable jobs because of it. I encourage readers to take a look.

  2. There is a momentum building that I think can’t be denied. I live in San Diego, CA and as of last week San Diego solar companies have installed 10,000 solar power systems on residential and commercial property. Green jobs are on the rise!

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