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A Surge in Temp Jobs, But Employers Jittery

Editorial Team

Hiring of temp workers has surged, suggesting that employers might take next step and begin hiring permanent workers — as they did when demand rose after the last two recessions, The New York Times reports. But temp hiring has now risen for four months and the economy is growing — yet companies are reluctant to hire permanent workers because they are not sure the economy will be sustained.


  1. Carlos E.

    I see all these stories for Hiring of Women. What about the hiring of men? Men have children too they need to raise as well as bills to pay. Men want to be self-sufficient and have a 9-5, 8-4 or a 24/7, 365 too!!

  2. Jade Solomon

    I have seen temp work lead to permanent work in rare occasions…don’t depend on it! I have done the misleading temp to hire thing as well…only to have the person say they weren’t hiring right now and then 3 weeks later hire another temp that came after me, who was 20 years younger than me, white and male….much less experience than I had. The temp agency says Oh I thought it was temp to perm…yeah only in mine and your dreams…

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