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60+ Needles in My Face

As New York City shut down, this is my calm in any storm. Acupuncture is my quiet.

It’s the only hour where I’m fully awake and completely still. No tv, no talking, no texting, no thinking, nothing but total calm.

I hate needles. I have no tolerance for pain. But this is different. It’s all good. I am so grateful the I suspended my fears and gave it a shot. I’ve been learning a lot in the last six months about embracing new thoughts and ideas. (More on that coming soon.)

Sadly my beloved Chinese doctor is leaving the country, returning to his native Taiwan. Our last session was yesterday.

His final advice to me: “Slow down. Don’t go back to your excessive thinking.”

Tell us below how you find your stillness and quiet.


  1. Lately I’ve been enjoying coloring as a way to be quiet and still (well, still-ish.)

  2. Through self-hypnosis. In fact, I have FREE audios on my site for anyone who wants a few moments of escape. My personal favorite is “Calmmm.”

  3. Marjorie Sutter

    Yoga works for me.

  4. Marcia Shiller

    For many years I have been practicing yoga. Restorative yoga is the only way I turn “off”. I recommend it as often as possible.

  5. Jackie Butler

    I’m the most calm during an activity. This may sound conflicting, but it’s when I’m painting using an ancient medium called “encaustic”. There is a predominant element of play, of letting go of intellectual control, and simply being a witness to what emerges. I lose a sense of time and feel refreshed at the end of the painting session. Somehow I feel that I’ve been transformed in the process.

  6. Marzette

    My calm comes from long drives, but I do not always have time for that. My next go to is truly my savior, Crochet. I am usually working on a project or looking at patterns or reading Crochet articles. Just the act of watching my hands make each stitch makes my mind empty of the day and week. I am lost in peace. I had a Crochet Instructor once say “Crochet is like praying.” I feel that same kind of calm an serenity when I am crocheting. That is where I go to relax.

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