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Boost Your Resume with Four Marketable Facts

There’s a difference between a resume that only showcases your personality and characteristics and one that demonstrates specific achievements and accomplishments, Don Goodman reports for Career Attraction.

To avoid creating a resume complete with fluff, turn to marketable facts:

1. Don’t rely on terms that describe character

Replace the use of terms that describe character with specific content to demonstrate how you accomplished or achieved something. For instance, to show you were “results-oriented,” indicate on your resume how you increased sales in your department by XX percent within a year.

2. Use numbers and symbols

Numbers and symbols quickly jump out at employers so use them whenever you can. Percentages are always best as they show the impact of your efforts. Simply avoid words that don’t define, such as “many,” “few” and “several.”

3. Don’t list responsibilities of your previous jobs — demonstrate outcomes

The problem with writing responsibilities you held on the job is that it doesn’t tell an employer how successful you were at executing your plans. An employer only cares about how good you did your job and how what you did can apply to the job they are offering. Rather than list responsibilities, demonstrate your performance.

4. Only detail specialized technical skills

Today’s employers expect candidates to know basic computing skills and programs, so only list specialized technical skills that are relevant for the job. Also, when you do list any technical skill, tell an employer how well you know the specific program by detailing what you may have created or did with it.


  1. Angela

    That’s some useful information. I had done some of the above earlier. I would keep in mind from now on not to repeat the mistakes again.

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