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Virtual Job Club Day 1: Aug 22

Editorial Team

So here we are. First day of a new adventure. No matter what you’ve been doing to find work, wipe the slate clean. Put away your assumptions about what works and what doesn’t. Ignore the headlines that shout “weak” economy and “nobody’s hiring.” While there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, you only need one. That’s what you should focus on: nabbing that one for you.

You can’t do that unless you’re clear on the kind of job you want. You can’t say you’ll take anything because it’s too generic and you’ll wind up with nothing.

Are you crystal clear on what you’re going after? If you could do anything right now, which we believe you can, what exactly would that be? (One caveat on “anything” — if your dream would be to ice fish year round but you live in the desert, then to pursue your goal, you’ll have to move. Not out of the question, but requires planning and vision. So when defining what you’d love to do now, keep in mind what’s realistic given your circumstances.)

Many of you posted on my Facebook wall your general goal. More than 90% were way too generic. I want you to get very clear on the kind of work you want to do and where you want
to do it.

Do a little soul searching today. If you could revise your resume and your plans to go after what you really, truly want — if you could write your own ticket — what specifically would it be?

And then answer: what’s stopping you? Hint: the economy is not an acceptable answer. What within you is preventing you from making this happen?

Share your answers below and feel free to use initials on your submissions if you wish.



  1. Terri Tatman

    You are asking me to do some soul searching today to find that ideal job? Well it would have to be working in the public school systems as a teacher. There is trepidation because of the unknown. I have already done some research in the area of teaching but have reached a wall. There is so much information out there I am not sure what is the best route I should pursue in order to get results. I do not have a license but do hold a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university.

  2. AHC

    I would love to be able to assist people with downsizing their homes…including home inventories / estate sales / living space layouts / insurance coverages.

    I am not sure how to go about setting up a business / develop a business plan / market and sell the idea to customers…insurance companies…funeral directors…sr. citizen facilities…retirement communities, etc.

  3. HDR

    Ok, it is hard to forget all that I’ve learned about job searches, but will try it! The idea that I only need one job, as opposed to there being so few available, is a comforting thought. Also, being very specific about the kind of job I want is hard, as I’m an Admin and can work in almost any field or type of company. What is stopping me from pursuing my dream job is lack of confidence and experience in a completely new field.

  4. HDR

    Great idea! I look forward to tomorrow’s lesson.

  5. LBD

    I would love to design and sell my handmade jewelry, either locally or nationally. I rarely have time to make jewelry any more due to my full time job but I’d be willing to find the time and energy if I knew it would take me to where I really want to be. As a single mother, I have to have regular income and benefits so quitting my insurance (YUK) job is not an option until I am able to make a living doing what I love!

  6. Wow, it’s funny you mention revamping our resume. After doing just that last week, I received an interview within a company that offers a service that I am very passionate about. So as I’ve gone about the interview and such I’m asking myself: if offered the job is this really what I want? Could it be the stepping stone to something greater?

  7. Lori Crawford

    If I had to hone directly in on what it is I want to do, I would say that Regulatory and Compliance work in a corporation, or the federal government, would be my ideal. When I went to law school, I decided I wanted to be a “watchdog,” so to speak, working with large entities to make sure they are following every aspect of the law. This is still true as I am set to graduate in December, but I am unsure where I should go from here. I am open to many cities, but would like to focus on those areas that house several company headquarters such as: Atlanta, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Houston to name a few.

  8. I.M.

    If I had my dream job and could work anywhere I wanted, I would be the Executive Assistant to a powerful person who would trust me implicitly to do his/her work. I would be able to help them with everything they do – from planning the day, week, month and year to all their events (where I would also be invited to attend). I would become so valuable that they could not possibly do without me and I would be able to accompany them to wherever in the world they had to go.

  9. JF

    Blank Slate Me: Public Speaker
    Job Search Me: Facilities/Food Service Management Program Manager
    Ideal Job: I get up in the morning and work out, then shower change and walk to the bike stand, where I ride the bike share bike to the office a few miles down the road (I take the bus when it is raining). The job affords me some travel and prestige and I wake up every morning excited to go to the office! I work with great people.

  10. Kathy

    What I like is to research, analyze, summarize & write. Although I have 25 years in information technology, my heart is in the arts. Having tried twice to get an MBA, this is not for me. What holds me back: age, years of retirement after losing 2 jobs, probably lack of business degree. However, I simply cannot do the math required. I’ve tried!

  11. Clair

    I would love work in the natural foods CPG industry – In a leadership and business development role. What’s stopping me? I’m horrible at networking. Fifty applications to date. I don’t want to respond to online job postings annyyyy mooooore! There’s got to be a better way.

  12. KJR

    I would love to work in the field of Human Resources Administration.
    For the last nine years I have worked in the healthcare industry as a medical biller/account representative.

    I am taking a hiatus from my graduate studies.
    To do an extensive job hunt since I have been unemployed for nine months with various industries.

    I have applied for numerous positions a Human Resources Assistant or Coordinator

  13. Hope Stern

    I also would give anything to be a high school English teacher…BUT that is close to impossible right now so ….

    If I could focus on my marketing and continue to get training I would like to take my marketing into the digital world. I love technology and informing so if I did get really versed in the digital world of social media I would take that and train or teach in the future
    FOR now, I want to be a digital content manager or community manager….

    What is holding me back, experience in that particular realm and some training.

    And some focusing issues


  14. CH

    My dream job would allow me to travel. Travel is a high priority. I would be assisting women and speaking to small groups. I would like to work independently, autonomously. I would be able to work from my laptop and interview people in the destinations I travel to. Photography would also play a role in the work I would do. I would either be working for an individual or a government agency. It would not be a corporate job.

  15. I.S.

    I really desire to work in public policy; specifically in Education Reform. I’m completing a PhD in Public Policy & Administration and want to put it to use. However, because I don’t have the experience, I’m having diffulty which has been a bit frustrating. So I know exactly what I want, there are agencies that I have been targeting (for months) but to no avail. So I really need help getting back on track and focused. I need this forum…thanks!
    Also, need help with my resume obviously!

  16. mp

    I would love to be an elementary school teacher! I finished my Masters in 2009 and became certified in 2010. I guess I am holding myself back – just had a baby and I can’t see going out to sub and making less than I need to spend on child care. I know I need the experience and subbing will get me in the door at a school. I have sent my resume out to many places and haven’t had any responses. I just asked a principal friend to look over my resume to see what I can do to improve it, so that is a step in the right direction. I do need help with interviewing and staying current with the information.

  17. Judi

    Boy Tory you are spot on. I really don’t know exactly what I want to do. You’d think by now I’d know. I have good writing and presentation skills and I would like to use those in an academic or corporate setting. I would love to teach creative writing but what’s holding me back there is I don’t have a MFA and the publications I have are all in academic journals.

  18. MB

    I found my dream job posted online recently. Its as a Field Photo Editor. What’s holding me back is it asks for three years of experience I don’t have. What’s most frustrating is I have the skills required. This is part of the job description:

    The demands of this position require competency in editing and captioning Entertainment events from start to finish. A majority of this job will require onsite support at entertainment events. This includes events in New York City as well as events throughout the country and occasional international travel. Most of the editors work will be on site at various New York City events. Some travel is required and may include consecutive weeks on the road (Sundance, Superbowl, Award Shows).

    Strong computer skills to include color-correction, contrast adjustment, sharpening, cropping, etc.

  19. EW

    Since I live in a rural area and I would have to go approx. 60 miles to work, I would love to work at home. I have been thinking about starting my own business, but the road block would be capital. I need to know all about starting my own business and what licenses I would need.

  20. AMD

    I also have administrative assistant skills and worked in many companies public and private sector. I have my certificate in paralegal studies and on my way to finishing my bachelors degree in 2013. I would like to become a court appointed child advocate in MA. It so hard due to I do not have my degree and also I have not worked in the legal field at all. I’m hoping September will bring me connections and steady work in any field. I’m ready to lend my thoughts and welcome any advice from all of you.

  21. JKP

    I’m looking for a way to merge my interest in solar and renewables with my love of teaching and my extensive publishing experience. I want to move into a management position and earn more money. I’d love to add to that a bit of travel to visit renewable energy projects and throw in being able to use my German fluency as well (Germany is one of the biggest proponents of renewables, so knowing German should really be advantageous). I’ve spent the last 6 years commuting 3-6 hours a day, so a must would be either a really short commute or working from home a few days a week.

    I recently saw an ad for Creative Director at a non-profit that produces educational materials and programs focused on renewable energy for K-12 students; I felt I had found my dream job! I applied for it, but haven’t heard a peep.

    What’s stopping me from going after my dreams? I keep looking at my list of skills and experience and thinking “There has to be some company out there looking for just that combination.”, but I don’t know what that position would be called. I’m also torn between wanting to get ahead and do what I dream of, and staying near family/relationships and providing a stable environment for my son.

  22. MH

    If I could write my own ticket, I would be a Video Production Manager. That was my career before becoming a stay at home mom. I loved what I did and was very passionate about it. Back then, I was hunted by the headhunters, had many job opportunities and was promoted a few times. Now, it’s difficult for me to even get a job interview since I’ve been away from it so long. I believe what is holding me back is a gap in employment in that area of expertise. I have recently re-written my resume again and continuously do so, as I think the way it presents me and the way I sell myself to potential employers may be holding me back as well. Many things seem to have changed in the past decade.

  23. BS

    After a career ended in May 2003,there was a long period
    of unemployment and then jobs in customer service.
    Yes, I worked in that field for years,but I was a senior
    rep. I worked with sales, marketing and pr.

    I want to get into the PR field, specifically focusing on singers.

    I have a friend(discovered) on FB because of her album and
    due to my contacts in my prior career, have able to introduce her to people. Writing my own ticket? How do I make myself happy, when for so long it’s been making others happy. I will turn 56 tomorrow. I can’t (really can’t afford more education and debt is high.)

    I definitely can write. I have tweaked my resume-
    Professional resume writers are way too expensive.

    I find my years of experience, apparently show age discrimination.

  24. PK

    I love, love, love research; but have the same problem as MB stated. I have the educational background; but lack the work experience in the political/criminal justice field to get most jobs.

    I can do the work that all the companies are asking in job posting, but because I lack the work experience it seems that no one will give me the opportunity to prove myself.

  25. PSP

    I would love a job working with a non-profit organization that empowers women. I enjoy projects and working on the computer as well as establishing connections with people. I have experience in regional management and the parts of the job that I loved best were training members of the organization and spreading the news about the organization to outsiders through speaking and writing. I have a home office and would love to use it.
    I have lost confidence in the two plus years that I have been out of the non-profit world. That is what is stopping me. I have been working as management in retail and do not know how to get back into the non-profit world.

  26. I have actually been using this time to promote my (2) books, and my speaking business. What’s stopping me? Capital

  27. KC

    I would love to get into Recruiting. I’ve been in contact with Recruiters in different companies. They’ve all told me a great starting point is a Recruiting Coordinator or Recruiting Assistant role. I’ve hit the ground running for over a year to get into this role. I do have the qualifications for these positions as I’ve had interviews for this position. Combined with the work I’ve put in networking and “putting myself out there”; I believe the only thing holding me back is the opporunity. I feel as if no one is willing to give me a chance given my drive, passion and determination despite my perservance. All I need is one yes, I’m tired of the word no.

  28. DAS

    I would like to use my skills in Sales and Maketing as a Director of Development for a charity. Much of what is done is about relationships and selling the benefits of being associated with a specific charity. I have applied and interviewed for a couple of positions but have been the runner up 2 times.

  29. V C

    My interests are varied, and you can consider that to be indicative of not having a clear goal, or you can view it as keeping my options open:

    I am interested in transitioning into recruiting, possibly campus relations management. I feel this is a good next step for me since I have been working with entry level candidates as they make their transition from college to the “real” world of work.

    I’m also interested in holistic health and nutrition and could see myself forging a career in that area. Some of the obstacles? A pricey training program with no guarantee of an actual “job” afterwards. It’s pretty much “create your own” by starting a business. And that’s scary! (At least at this point in time- perhaps that will change at the end of this!)

  30. Jill B

    I have a *Passion* for animals. I have tried my hand with starting a pet care business while being a single parent. I have a vision of the facility which would involve different facets of animal care.. 2 stories which would in part include an historical display and resource center. I registered my dba and logo in Phx in 1997. I created and innovated my own forms, was a member of Pet Sitters International. I was in touch with SCORE, did networking, eventually formed a business plan but could never find the capital resources needed to adequately run it. I had a few clients peppered throughout the time I had it. The ‘where’ I would want would be back in WI. I am currently close to homeless, so I can’t travel there from AZ much less pay my bills well right now. If I had a venture capitalist or angel investor I could eventually ‘pay it back’ or Pay It Forward, which is part of my plan, more than considerably. With my service the clients would be helping the community and our environment as well as their immediate requested needs. Aside from that it would be very suitable if I could be a versatile part of a Straight Egyptian Arabian barn. That’s if I could ‘write my own ticket’… but my life doesn’t work that way.

    It’s more . . take what I can get to ‘keep the wolves from the door’. On that track my ideal would be transcription and coding at home.. or something I could make a living with, at home. I don’t have the training for that occupation nor the equipment required from companies like Alpine Access to work their positions. I applied for them once and didn’t pass their evaluation (don’t know why). So, I’m stuck.

  31. Bianca

    Dear Tory and all,

    Been in US for 17 years since junior high. I came to US for schools then decided to stay and pursue a career. I feel more like home here because my parents divorced. Now, I’ve a BFA, an MSc and 6-8 years working experiences in different industries. It took me a while to figure out what I am good at and what my heart wants to be – Unrealistically, to be a Healer to heal others with love & light (when I don’t need to worry about bills). Realistically, I want to be an Artistic Wedding Planner where I can turn couples’ wedding dreams into unforgettable experiences and memories together.

    Unfortunately, I cannot pursue it because I don’t have the money for self-employed and to provide myself a permanent status. I need to rely on finding a right employer/company who will be willing to help me grow and let me contribute my strengths to the company.

    So, what is stopping me? No permanent status, and using wrong method to network for getting the right job. I need to break through these. I’m very tired and older – mentally & physically. No time to waste!

    To be honest, put away the race and culture, all human are the same – try to pursue the HAPPINESS during our life time! The mother earth wants the same. Nobody is better than another because each individual has his/her unique strengths. In some ways, we all need each other to advance and/or help each other for fulfilling our dreams together on earth! Why can’t the White House make things less complicate for international students (who have been legally staying over 15 years, completed high school and higher degrees, have more than 6-year work experiences, have contributed in all taxes) a chance to apply for a permanent status?! I have lived more than half of my life time in US without family. My mentality has changed. It has been my choice to stay and I have the responsibility to maintain the path.

  32. REK

    My dream is to work in IT development for a company no more than 30 miles from my home. I have done this work in the past, loved it, and was really good at it. However, over time I “progressed” into management and got away from the techie end of things. My work locations also moved farther from home and into the city, increasing my commuting time until there was almost no day left outside work and commuting. The roadblocks to my plans? Skills in current technologies and availability of positions near where I live. I am currently back in school learning web development skills, so I am actively addressing the first hurdle. Solutions for the second hurdle? I need to focus on this one, but I don’t have any answers yet.

  33. kmh

    I had my dream job once, writing in the entertainment industry in NYC, but I gave up that dream for my child’s sake. Now I want to find my way back to the work I loved and the city that I loved, but it’s daunting, the idea of moving back to NY and trying to make it there again, but this time in my 40s rather than my 20s.

  34. I am looking for an administrator position that will allow me to use my project management, problem solving and customer service experience in a shared office environment. Basically, be the go to person for start ups and small companies within the shared office environment.
    Holding me back – been out of the business environment for 3 years – first to take care of family with medical issues and then breast cancer myself. I need to get my mojo back.

  35. DT

    I am wiping the slate clean by doing self and career assessments for my career. I just don’t want to be working any job at this stage in life. I want to enjoy what I’m doing.

  36. Susan

    this is an important step. Over the past seven months, I’ve backed off of what I truly want to do, thinking that I need to be whatever to get a job. I feel reasonably sure that I will need to relocate to secure a position in what I am truly qualified to do. I have make a decision that to relocate is not impossible.

    I am a transportation planner. I mean working either with a regional planning organization, state department or Federal Highway Administration, in early preliminary development. I am particularly very effective in dealing with local community collaborative efforts to determine sound transportation decision making.

    I lost my position due to a political shift, and having been appointed to my position was asked to leave when a new governor was elected. Due to the strong polarization politically, it will be difficult for me to stay in Ohio if I want to stay in my field of expertise.

    All that being said. I need to re prioritize steps necessary to be more open to move. I’ve felt that it would be difficult to sell a condo that is expensive to hold onto without a job.

  37. ceara_red

    I have an unbalanced resume. Lots of education in a limited variety of fields on one side and lots of empty spaces in my work experience (what little I do have has been dull and monotonous and lead me to quit or be fired from everything).

  38. ASM


    I liked what you said about only needing one job, that is true and a much better way to look at the situation.

    I thought I knew what I wanted to do (now), but it seems I have changed my mind again! I have degrees in accounting but do not have my CPA license (problem #1). I left the workforce to take of my children and thought this would be a good time to pursue what I’ve wanted to do for awhile, be a teacher. So I made several attempts to pursue that and ran into a temporary wall due to bureaucracy.

    I have also been interested in HR and started looking for HR Asst/Coordinator roles but to no avail. I have 6 months experience in a HR Admin role and a certificate in HR Essentials.

    What is holding me back is me and my husband somewhat. Although he is working more overtime because I am not working, he thinks it is still better for me to stay home and be available for the children.

    I know that I want to teach and I’m willing to do that in a traditional or non-traditional role. However, my experience is strictly corporate and I haven’t found an opportunity to volunteer either.

    My ideal position would be to combine my accounting, HR and teacher interest in one position. For example, an corporate trainer, HRIS or teaching business courses. My resume needs to reflect this objective, so I definitely need help with revising it. Thanks.

  39. NJ

    I have been working in the financial services industry for the past seven years and am looking to pursue a career in fundraising. I would love to work at an educational institution in advancement as a development professional. For the past seven years, I have been a volunteer at my alma mater in the development and alumni relations offices.
    I believe the thing that is holding me back is the interview. Once I secure the interview, the next step is rejection, I fear because the hiring manager wonders why I would take a step back from where I am in finance now to start over in another career. I have tried to sell this point in the interview but obviously am not doing a good enough job.

  40. SM

    I will complete an MFA in Media Design next month. I want a job in brand management and campaign design. Right now I want associate or assistant brand manager, art director, assistant art director, assistant creative director role. Ultimately I want to build my own business in the next few years.

  41. tm

    I always had a passion for real estate i always found when I was looking for a home or even when friends were looking for homes. The research I did came so easy for me such as detailing the schools, amenitites etc. I also have a desire to work from home due to my current job of having to work weekends and holidays.

  42. carol

    Specifically looking to find another job in the sales/marketing field. This is to make the paycheck so I can finish and publish my book about my pet.

  43. Debbie G.

    I like the new perspective – I only need 1 job out of all those available. My dream job is to be a college professor, researcher, and author focusing on the synergy between business/sustainability/positive psychology/international relations (business specific aspects of the last 3 areas.)

    What’s stopping me? I need to produce income now and I don’t have a Masters or Doctorate (or the finances to get them), which I believe I need to teach at the college level. I do, however, have strong writing skills, over 25 years as a business manager/executive, some public speaking experience, 6 MBA courses complete (a number of years ago), and a few connections in the academic field. hmmm… maybe I have more going for me than I think 🙂

  44. elu

    Hi Tory (and fellow Job Seekers!)-
    My passions are reading and marketing communications (other than my family and friends of course!). My dream job would be to work in a bookstore or publishing house – preferably doing marketing, for a store or author or publication. My skills are planning, organizing, and I do enjoy meeting people and helping them. I also have a knack for editing and analysis. What’s holding me back is my location. I can’t move at this time.
    I’d also like to get some Ad Agency experience on my resume – and I’ve applied to a few, hopeful that one will take a chance with me someday. That was actually my “dream” when I was in high school – working for an Ad Agency, as an Account Manager.

  45. RK

    I am in educational administration (unemployed and sole source of income-ouch!) with a doctorate on the way, looking for work in Ohio, Michigan, or Chicago. I’m licensed for the superintendency and have applied for some positions but have not been hired. Nothing’s stopping me but lack of positions. Other than that, I’m trying to build a business as an instructional coach for teachers. To that end, I’ve developed and piloted (Detroit and Toledo) a new teaching and learning system that dramatically increases student achievement in urban areas in under a year (stats available). I don’t know how to market that effectively but it could be a huge help to teachers and children.

  46. Helen

    I just got hired at my dream job, which is a college professor, but it is only for a one year contract. So my goal is to get this contract renewed by being excellent at my job. This new job is a career change for me, as I took off several years to go back to grad school. If I could do anything, it would be to keep this same job at the same university, which I love and is a great fit. Otherwise, I still need to prepare to go back on the job market to find a position at another university. The one thing that might be stopping me is that it’s a bit difficult to do an academic job search while employed, because an academic job search is extremely time-consuming, and I would rather devote that time and energy to being amazing at my current job.

  47. MMP

    My ideal job would be working for a small-to-medium-sized construction company, as computer draftsperson, artist, client services–kind of a “Girl Friday” where I can use all my art and communication skills.

    What has stopped me so far is a lack of focus and reluctance to commit! (Ouch! That’s the first time I said that to anyone, including myself!)

    Thanks, Tori, for helping me get real.

  48. Roxanne Pappas

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a position that I loved – global mobility policy development. After my company was bought out in 2003, I ventured into the virtual admin. arena providing services in global mobility, real estate and admin services. It’s been a challenge because I’ve had to work a regular job for needed income which made it difficult for me to network. In short, I want to work from home and not worry about income until I’m up and running and successful!

  49. DS

    After giving this much thought, I would love to sell real estate. I would like to work with people relocating to a new area.

  50. Shantaye

    *Take two*

    I have my degree in health service administration and I have been trying to get in the health care industry since I graduated in 2008. I have a wealth of knowledge but for some reason here in FL I can’t seem to catch a break. Currently I work in the pharmaceutical industry verifying insurance but this is not what I want to do. I feel as though to get into the field of work I really want to be in I need to relocate because I can’t seem to get a break. It’s a matter knowing people to get where you want to be. I want that too but my education and knowledge should also be a factor too. My fear of relocating is not being able to get on my feet or not being able to get where I want to be in my career. I do not want to fail.

  51. Tuere Wiggins

    I yearn to use my retail merchandising and management consulting experience to work in a creative field. My dream jobs would be fashion editor, creative director, brand manager or marketing manager for a fashion and/or lifestyle magazine, website, specialty retailer or design house. Not knowing where to begin gaining the skills and experience to make the transition to roles like these is intimidating and I have allowed it to keep me from pursuing them. I believe jobs like these are so limited and competitive that I talk myself out of them being a possibility for me as soon as I have entertained the idea of it. The fear of salary loss from taking several steps back in professional level and salary to begin an entirely new career from the beginning also concerns me.

  52. Susan Kaye

    I put my comment of your Facebook page. More people would see it. Please go to Facebook to see my comment.

  53. Patti

    Right now I have a really fun job in an industry (crafts supplies and on line retail) I enjoy, but I am really underemployed and can’t live on my tiny paychecks. I was an HR Benefits and HRIS manager for 25 years, was really burned out by the time my job ended and have been out of HR for 5 years. I want to find a way back to HR because it is what I know I’m good at and what I know will pay at least a living wage. I’m having a hard time breaking back in. I’m rejected from higher level jobs due to the break and from lower level jobs because of my prior experience and salary.

  54. JSG

    I’ve always been obsessed with reading, thinking and talking about sex, sexuality, gender and sexual health issues. As someone who is a member of various minority groups in society, I cannot help but think about how I relate to them and the different ways in which we experience life. I was a Women’s Studies major and LGBTQ Studies minor in college; just graduated this May. I’m really interested in starting a career in sex education/therapy/research. I’d like to be able to learn something new everyday, help others and find time to care for myself. A job where I can set my own hours would be ideal. I’d like to have time to travel and volunteer, and some money to set aside for various causes I’m passionate about. What am I worried about? Other people not understanding what I do, making assumptions about what my work entails. I’d really like to work with people in the non-traditional relationship, kink/BDSM, polyamorous, and LGBTQI communities. I’m worried about how much more schooling I’ll need, which is of course time consuming and expensive. I’m worried I won’t make a living. All I know is non-profit work, functioning as an assistant. How do I move forward? I’m really glad this program exists! 🙂

  55. S

    I would like a part- or full-time job as a graphic designer, which is the filed I’ve been in for 30 years. Next week I start a web design class so I can get out of just working in print. What keeps me from finding the dream job is fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough (lots of competition in Manhattan!), being older and less desirable (but when I work I work, unlike many women who are much younger than I) and not making a huge effort to really push my search.

  56. sharon dairon

    I have always wanted to have my own business. I am currently a real estate agent working to get my Brokers License but I want more. In the meantime, I’m working three part time jobs. I am very good in sales and public speaking. I would like to relocate and get into consulting. I have always been afraid to take the next step because I did not know how to get started with consulting, money also played an issue and I did not want to move my son away from family. Now that he’s older, I’m ready to fly.

  57. I am excited about teaching. I also am a therapist and I love working with special needs children. I am a powerful training and educator. I also love to research all kinds of information. I have a lot of skills and need to learn to market them. I am trained in leadership and management. I have a clinical background as well. The big goal is to pacage my skills.

  58. TH

    If I could do anything, I would design marketing campaigns for community based organizations and nonprofit groups. This includes producing and planning PR events, producing informational documentaries, designing promotional materials, and managing websites and social media.

    My biggest fear is not finding someone who actually wants what I do, and not being successful enough to make a living out of it when I’m already in need of full time employment. I’m not a glossy, recognizable firm, and I’m my only designer/advertiser/filmmaker/event planner. So, I guess my biggest roadblock is me?

  59. Melissa Charleroy

    I am an Administrative Assistant with 20 years of experience. I am currently employed, but am looking for a position that will “put me on the right bus”. I enjoy being the one that everyone comes to for the answers and to solve problems. I truly feel the one thing that is holding me back from that dream position is a lack of confidence. I have definitely felt overwhelmed with the job search, but your idea of needing one position definitely simplified things for me. Thank you!

  60. Victoria

    Hello Tory –

    I am very excited to be a part of this great program and fully intend to make the most of it!

    My passion revolves around ideas and people, in particular Spiritual matters, including Creative Visualization and metaphysics.

    I am a veteran Business 2 Business Sales person and would love the opportunity to channel those skills and talents (along with my writing abilities) to help humanity expand its consciousness and evolution.

  61. I am looking for a job as a typist. I am also looking for a job doing research. I love to do both. However, I think I enjoy doing research more. I have a full time job as a preschool teacher. I am looking for another job to supplement my income. I want to work from my home office. I have been looking for a job for quite some time, but I can’t seem to find anyone willing to hire home based workers.

  62. DBK

    I just recently graduated college a couple months ago. So as you said take today to soul search I realized that I need a whole lot more than one day to soul search, and it’s quite difficult to do it while working and answering 100s of phone calls in one hour. I currently work as a secretary at a real estate office, which is far far far away from my dream. What is my dream job, though? I really couldn’t define in specifically to you or to myself as a matter of fact. What I can tell you is that I love people. I really do. The ones you can hold a conversation with, the ones who can’t even speak because of certain issues, the old ones, the young ones, the ones with an attitude, and the ones who smile all day every day.
    I went to school for psychology with an idea that I would graduate and go to grad school and quickly continue and accomplish my dream of owning my own counseling clinic. However, after taking a couple different classes I realized that it might quite be what I imagined. One thing that I did learn about myself is that my passion for helping people (especially the ones in need and who cannot help themselves) is real. It’s not a major, it’s something I truly want to do with my life.
    I had an internship where I worked directly with adolescents with chronic mental illnesses and every day I would get so excited to hear about what is bothering them and what the next challenge is. I had a chance to teach some of them how to properly behave, how to budget, and even how to cope with death of their own child. I absolutely loved this place!
    What I also realized is that I have an immense passion for children. There is just something so wonderful about the innocence of a child that simply brings a smile on your face just by looking at them. As cliche as it sounds I truly want to help people even if it means just putting a smile on one’s face.

  63. Writing and editing are my passion. Two-and-a-half years ago, when I lost my position as the managing editor of a national, monthly B2B publication (due to downsizing), I tried to find full-time work in publishing again (to no avail). I still freelance, but it’s not a full-time option because I need a position with benefits. I blog, too – for myself as well as – simply for the love of writing. I’ve considered launching a digital magazine or website, and have a few ideas geared toward a specific, target audience. But I’m not sure where or how to get things started.

  64. TT

    I am very much interested seeking a profession in grant writing and grant managment. I have recently taken a course at Emory University, but I am having a hard time trying to get someone to hire me with no kind of grant experience. Most of all the positions I have come across want someone that has experience and resources on where to seek grant funding… Does anyone have any guidance or resources I could reach out too?

  65. Alison

    My blank slate: It’s hard for me to answer this because I’ve been so focused on what I studied in college. However, there is an aspect of that, that I truly fell in love with. When I studied abroad, that’s when I felt most like myself. I continue to see this anytime I travel. I love to travel, meet new people and go exploring. I want to share my passion of traveling with others, but not be traveling all the time either. How would I put this into a career? I would like to work for a travel company as a promotional coordinator. I understand the planning and marketing aspects of business, so why not make a career out of doing this?

    What’s preventing me from making this happen? Wow way to open Pandora’s box!!! For starters, my lack of confidence. Then comes no experience in this field. I have my business degree and marketing and international minor, but really all I have is retail experience and 2 internships with one in marketing and the other was essentailly administrative (although program management related). Also, many of these companies require very costly licenses. Overall, it doesn’t help that I mainly apply to marketing-type jobs and have an “I’ll take whatever approach.” Also, I do not know where to find quality companies in this field, so many are telemarketing scams and pyrimid schemes. As I think about this, a good starting point would be to go to local travel agents and see if they have openings.

  66. DWS


    This is a tough one, after working 40+ yrs in sales/marketing in the oilfield,
    I want to try my hand @ retail. I am re-focusing on customer solutions manager; this will allow me to utilize my yrs. of experience in customer service and making it easy for customers to spend their money so they will keep returning to my store – it’s all about repeat business!!!

  67. AW

    Wow, Tory, what a way to start this off. I have been sitting here a better part of hour trying to figure out how to answer this question. My clean slate job I am not quite sure it exists,(if it does, I have no idea where.) It would be a job where I am looking at sociological type of and making it into something useful (think Freakonomics, Blink, type stuff) and then I would also have the ability to be creative either through graphic design or drafting of some sort and add to that a travel component every once in a while and that’s my dream job.

    As far as what is stopping me, two things: first, I don’t have the required skills that most of the jobs call for, and then there is a distance issue where I live in a small town and most of the jobs I apply for are in a bigger cities outside of my state and I think that I am not even being considered because of my address. I have been seeking both creative type jobs and research analyst type positions.

    I am willing to learn the necessary skills, but I don’t know how to get that across to companies. Especially when a lot of places are looking for requirements (plus some more skills) so they can fully maximize their money. I haven’t given up though.

  68. Cindy

    I have been thinking about this most of the day. I know I want to be in something creative. I have so many interests, it is difficult to pin myself down.
    The job I would love the most is in art. I would like to make money selling my art, maybe make notecards, and an idea I have for an unusual type of card. Eventually, I would love to own a building that could be a gallery along with affordable studios for artists – a place that I could order supplies for them and receive a deep discount. Maybe even have artist demonstrations by nationally recognized artists for people in general and for field trips for students. I am really good at letting a person know that they are creative and walk them through making something that surprises them. I believe in a person’s personal creativity. I have several ideas for marketing and how to reach an audience.
    I am also good at helping people redesign their space and add color.
    The most definite thing I know about myself is that I need to be in a creative job. I was in communications/marketing in the past and loved that. But there is a communications person on every corner these days.
    I like helping empower people and helping someone find their own creativity is so huge. It gives a person a lot of esteem and faith in themselves.
    I think I need to continue thinking about this and focus even more on defining what I want to do.

  69. ES

    My initial passions were in retail, sales, merchandising. I did that and loved it except for the hours and the pay. I definitely love fabric, design, interior decorationg, etc. That may have to be a hobby. I also love antiques and collecting. I spent 25 years in telecommunications and feel my skills there are what I should pursue….but it hasn’t happened. I have tried pharmaceutical sales and think I would love it. I haven’t been able to break in to the business. I enjoy problem solving, interacting with others and negotiating, and project management and training. I like helping others. How do I put all of these skills together and package them into one job? Hopefully you can help.

  70. Hope

    If it was at all possible financially, I’d love to go to school to learn nursing. It’s a profession that I would love to be in, and I have the mind and disposition for it. I’d love to consider other positions that are direct service….counseling, teaching, mentoring, etc.

  71. KBH

    I have read everyone’s comments thus far and I am impressed by the variety of skills and assets we have as a group!

    Following a corporate layoff several years ago, I found myself unemployed (after many years working for the same company). I then reactivated my real estate license, so I am selling real estate now, but it is only part-time while I pursue my dream job. I also tried the online job applications for positions that interested me, but with few responses and no successes.

    After I lost my job, I actually found what I thought would by my dream job, but it has, in fact, been less than ideal, so I need to try again. I am a specialist dealing with the legal profession (not a lawyer myself) and my skills include sales, sales management and negotiation, with a strong desire for international travel. There are only a handful of companies in the world that are involved in my specialty and there are rarely any openings at the level I would like. So the first attempt, I reached out to the owner/president of company #1 with a proposal of how I could help increase their business and grow their revenue. Since there were no actual jobs doing what I envisioned, I asked for a consulting position for a job yet to be created. They agreed to meet with me and did accept my proposal and hired me as a consultant (no benefits, but decent pay). Although my results were excellent and exceeded their expectations, there are other factors which make it necessary to now pursue other options. Therefore I will follow similar steps for company#2, making adjustments for earlier oversights and missteps on my part. After all, it did work the first time. I guess what I’m saying is rather than blindly applying for an open position through company job postings, I agree with Tory that it makes sense to first create the ideal job in your mind, and then go after it – even if you have to create a new position and then work your way in to the top boss to pitch your proposal. This takes endless hours of research and networking (who knows whom) to find the right people and learn the best way to get an audience, but it did work for me once. And I will try again.

    What’s holding me back from moving on this is the age-old excuse of not having enough time, especially while selling real estate which involves long hours. When I remember what I went through the first time, I get exhausted just thinking of the whole process again – tons of research, contacting people who might know people in the targeted company, ultimately flying to an overseas headquarters to meet the right person and then pretending I am not scared to death that he/she might say no.

    (Message to Andrea – Andrea, just a suggestion. I think your dream job sounds really cool and you might want to consider getting your real estate license because then you will be able to do all the things you want to and will be able to actually sell the downsized homes to your clients as well. You would work for a real estate broker, but you would develop valuable contacts/clients and could be a specialist within your broker’s agency.)

    It’s late here on the East Coast, so I am probably the last to comment on Tory’s day 1 assignment. I look forward to tomorrow’s session.

    Thanks, Tory.

  72. SB

    I am still trying to figure it all out. I love to bake and I love people. Everyone is pushing me to start my own business but I just dont see it… fear has over taken my life. This is the first lay off I have experienced and @ 40 it is scary. My last manager killed my self esteem and made me question who I am and what I can do… I have spent this time off trying to build myself back up but the lack of responsed to job postings is painful. My family bombards me with email all day with job posting of positions THEY think I would like, or be good at and positive affirmations… I love them but it can truly be overwhelming some days… the days I want to crawl into a ball with my snuggie… I digress… my perfect job would be working with pastry and people somewhere in Europe or the Caribbean.

  73. Linda

    My biggest problem is lack of experience as a paralegal. My second problem is being unemployed and in college for 3 years.
    Last problem is getting my laptop back for computer genius who has repaired it.

  74. MT

    This was a real challenge question for me, because I have always worked in a survival mode of life, I’m still not quite clear, but I have to start somewhere its a bit fragmented. I enjoy helping others, I love to travel. I have always been in more administrative and customer services jobs. When I was laid off I thought about a Concerige business, which would be partially helping others, but for a fee. I also wanted to go back to school, but not sure where to focus anyway I hope this will help me to figure some things out. Thanks for this assignment.

  75. PL

    Wow, lots of lofty goals here — kind of makes mine looks so simple but I am now at the age of “Grandmahood”. I’ve been out of work since Dec. of 2009 and, although I have expertise and experience in several areas, what I really would like to do at this point is start my own “Mother’s Helper” business. I was a very busy single Mom and I would’ve loved someone in my life that I could trust to come into my home and pick up my kids from school, do grocery shopping and meal prep, maybe also help me organize my paperwork for my taxes, take the dog for a walk, etc etc……not a housekeeper but somebody more intimately connected with the family, liked a Grandma! Bake cookies with the kids or help them with a school project, take them to the dentist, etc. I have recently moved to an area where there is a lot of affluence, a lot of very busy working Moms and executive Moms and I feel like this is a good climate to start this kind of business. I would be doing something different every day, would be helping other women, would be around kids (who I love) and animals and probably make some pretty decent money. For me, it beats being tied down to a 9-5 job in an office…been there, done that!

  76. PL

    Wow, lots of lofty goals here — kind of makes mine looks so simple but I am now at the age of “Grandmahood”. I’ve been out of work since Dec. of 2009 and, although I have expertise and experience in several areas, what I really would like to do at this point is start my own “Mother’s Helper” business. I was a very busy single Mom and I would’ve loved someone in my life that I could trust to come into my home and pick up my kids from school, do grocery shopping and meal prep, maybe also help me organize my paperwork for my taxes, take the dog for a walk, etc etc……not a housekeeper but somebody more intimately connected with the family, like a Grandma! Bake cookies with the kids or help them with a school project, take them to the dentist, etc. I have recently moved to an area where there is a lot of affluence, a lot of very busy working Moms and executive Moms and I feel like this is a good climate to start this kind of business. I would be doing something different every day, would be helping other women, would be around kids (who I love) and animals and probably make some pretty decent money. For me, it beats being tied down to a 9-5 job in an office…been there, done that!

  77. Mary

    After spending close to 15 years handling child abuse cases I’d really like to use my investigative skills prosecuting companies that are violating laws which are supposed to protect us and our economy. Ideally I’d like to do this in Illinois where I am licensed but I’d be open to moving to another state on either the west or east coast if I could transfer my license. What’s holding me back right now is my thought that a lot of the agencies that have the mission I like are either controlled by politicians and/or primarily hire young people out of the US Attorneys office. Thanks for doing this Tory; it’s really helpful!

  78. Sheree

    Hi Tory,

    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Soul searching a few years back led me to one place. Clinical Research. I have a history as a Medic in the Army and a Medical Assistant. I could have continued into Nursing, but the call of motherhood and the many hats we where as mom and wife took precedence, even after my divorce.
    I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a contractor for a Army R & D organization, and fell in love with clinical research. I believe that it allows me to marry together the two worlds that I love…the adminstration and clinical sides of healthcare. Without becoming burnt out by constant patient interaction (I took many of my patient cases home with me while a medic and MA), I can still play a large part in the research and development field. That is my dream job. Someone once tried to put me into the box of Practice Management, and I have no doubt I could excell at it, but after the passing of my grandfather to cancer, clinical research became my passion and my dream. I took the first step by training as a Clinical Research Coordinator, my next steps are to finish my Bachelors and pass my CRC certification too…
    So all this said, thank you in advance Tory. I look forward to this journey together we are all taking!

  79. JB

    I would like to work in clinical psychology. I would like to see what the area of drug and alcohol abuse is like. I don’t need to counsel people yet, but I don’t even know what it’s fully like working with a D&A patient. I have personal experience with family members and their experiences, but I haven’t worked in a clinical setting with these types of people. I’d love to work in a rehab, hospital, or even prison. I’m looking for full time, but even part time would be okay with me for now. I want a job that will help me get closer to my full career ambitions and potential, not just a filler job to get some psychology experience, just to have it, but only having a BA limits me.

  80. debbie paul

    Very frustrated with the job search. I have many years of experience in the non-profit sector. Experience includes management, retail management and event coordination.
    My dream job is to return to work in the event field. I have many offerings to organization that aid in their prospering in the future. Frustration begins with young people interviewing me and feel threaten with my qualifications.
    I know that I can make a difference if given a chance.

  81. VG

    I would like to work in a product marketing position. From the few interviews I had, I think my many years in the telecommunication industry as an engineer is hurting my prospects for a new career out of engineering into another industry and another job function. I am thankful to be employed; however, it is not a dream position. I still want to work in technology and to want focus more on a strategic role versus my current operational role.

  82. Marsha E

    I worked in telecommunications for 28 years and I decided to change my career path to helping adults to become successful through higher education or implementing their dreams. I have volunteered with literacy programs and now I hold a parttime job as a transition specialist. I help GED/ESL students pursue their goals into higher ed., and or vocational training. I try to find programs that the students can join that will advise them and walk them through any process until they are at a point that they can stand on their own. I started as a volunteer and then parttime to get experience in this area. I also began pursuing my masters in adult education. I will be graduating in the spring. I have looked for jobs and applied to jobs that require adult education but I have not been successful in getting a interview. I don’t know if it is my resume or just my age. I would like to be in the area of Human Resource Development. I also have a dream of having my own business of consulting in the area of adult education. But my draw back is how would I go by getting a government grant to help me with such a program. Adult literacy is a necessity for our future generation.
    I receive calls all the time from students asking me to help them with taking steps to pursue their goals. I have been asked to attend a adult Ed., focus group in september at UT San Marcos on Adult Ed. teachers credential. I have a lot of experience and education but for some reason I can’t seem to get a fulltime paying job. DO you think you can give me some advice.

  83. MJD

    Just starting: I am having trouble with the blank slate idea. No problem with my dream job. I have worked in admin before but never long term. My most recent job was in adult ministry-now I am unemployed. If I could work in one job it would be admin in a church or school/college/university. What is holding me back? Fear of the unknown. No training, no confindence in mu ability to do this job.

  84. shb

    wow, i come up w/ too many ideas. at times i think of opening a small part time business baking specialty muffins and homemade soups, both of which i am quite talented in. i would love to relocate outwest at some point or Maine. I can do ME, but not outwest yet as i want to be close enough to Phila. where my mother lives to get home quickly and w/in less than an entire day.
    i would really enjoy working as a Patient Service Coordinator or Liason for an organization for ALS, MS, SCI, Head Injury, etc.
    i would also like to provide consulting work to healthcare facilities, nursing homes, assisted living, etc to help either setup, improve and manage their Recreation Therapy department. Or, work as a consultant for an health care organization doing this type of work or moreso, provide home based therapy to people after they are discharged from a facility and really need treatment services at home to help them readjust to being at home and reinvolving themselves in community re-entry.
    i also would love to work w/ returning vets w/ PTSD to give back to them ( in a VA facility for example.)
    or work in an administrative type role for a healthcare facility, organization, independent/assisted living facilities.
    Marketing and public speaking.

    There are other ideas, but i will stop here.

    what is stopping me? I have applied to some of these positions and either get an interview, but not a job offer or i am told my experience and background are not a close enough match for requirements of the position. what specifically are they talking about and how can i achieve this?
    abit fearful of starting my own part time business, although i have provided consulting services in the past. Will enough money come in?

    if i take up the baking and soup making, will it take the fun out of doing it as a leisure activity for myself and baking for family and friends and making soups for myself?

  85. AG

    My dream job would be working in the Fashion field. I see my self as a buyer or merchandiser. My fear is holding me back #1, i have zero experience in the fashion field went to school for pschology and as some said, it’s a very competitive field.

  86. KE

    What do I REALLY want to do? Let’s see…

    I want to be an actress. To act in local plays to real movies. I want to make music or at least be apart of the creative team in finding new talent (or being the talent) and promoting that to the world. I want to work internationally, using music and other performing arts as a way to promote cultural understanding between the U.S.A and other countries. I want to have at least working proficiency in the languages that I have studied (Japanese, Korean, Spanish) and also learn more languages to use in my future career…

    What’s stopping me? I have WAY too many goals…I feel that I have to first find a decent job to sustain me…and like you said, make a working plan to get to ALL of these goals. My dreams of using the performing arts as a way to promote cultural understanding all over the world is a good one,(I know, and I’ve seen people do it) but I NEED a real plan for that especially. I really need to sit down and think and network with people that can get my ideas rolling.

    Getting my own reliable transportation is probably important too. Lack of “real” experience with the performing arts. I’m kicking myself now for not listening to my gut for not doing a minor in Drama while I studied International Studies (but I participated in filmmaking and other performing arts on the side).

    Enhanced networking skills! I’ve recently realized that, like the way a company hires a new employee, you must be just as selective in choosing your friends and the people you network with. I found that I’m terrible at picking friends…I always end up getting close to some decent, but very negative people and instead of cheering each other up we end up putting each other down. My ideas can’t be heard by people like that. They are not bad people, they just can’t get where I’m coming from, and that’s ok. I still need to make the effort to get to know others and maintain a connection with helpful, positive people.

    I also have personal feelings that get in the way, such as parents that do not approve of the way I want to use my degree in International Studies or of the way I want to work in places outside of the country, much less outside our current city. Also, I’ve recently decided that if I don’t get hired in the next few months then I will attend graduate school for Global Media Communications (or something similar).

  87. Suzanne Sen

    What I would like to do: 1) I thoroughly enjoyed my years in hospital libraries and a school library–especially running a small library where I did a little of everything (cataloging, reference, services to the public, etc.) every day! Would love to be there again, specifically in Atlanta. 2) Since my husband has also been job searching for some time, and it would therefore be better if I could obtain a higher income, I would love to add in a position proofreading/copy editing books from home on the side–I have an excellent eye for spotting mistakes, a librarian’s skills for verifying information, and a sense for making material readable and easily understood. So I would love to find either or both such positions!
    Holding me back: Although I have applied for jobs, I have not networked well. I am great at working, but am not comfortable talking about myself and trying to get the job!

  88. ED

    I would like to manage a program focused on change – The project would utilize some of my skills:

    •program design and implementation
    •team collaboration and training

    I thoroughly enjoy taking a project from beginning to end. My most rewarding projects were training youth as mentors and working with a hospital to make a policy change.

  89. PAL

    I would be a faculty member in higher education with a concentration in instructional technology and design. Currently, I’m working to finish my dissertation. I learned during the course of my studies about the different classifications of colleges and universities. I would prefer not to be in a research I university because, from what I see, the environment is like a pressure cooker.

    What was stopping me was revising my dissertation. I’m now hiring an editor to help me finish. So one barrier is being eliminated.

  90. Deborah Exo

    My blank slate & dream job….I would love to be a consultant in human capital field – the people side of business.
    What is holding me back? – a couple of things
    First ME…and my fear that maybe I don’t have what it takes to do the job; my fear that because I don’t have a Master’s Degree/MBA (even though I have 20+years in human resources for a Fortune 1000 company) I will never be considered; my fear that others see me as “too old” (I am over 50 years old); my fear that keeps me from doing the networking I need to do, speaking my truth about what I uniquely bring, and taking risks.
    Second, the field of consulting – the requirement to have worked for a Top 5 Consulting firm and the preferred/required expectation that you have a Master’s Degree.
    Third, the work of finding a job (2 1/2 year search) without any results has worn me down!!

  91. DS

    Blank Slate: I would love to bring my passion for marketing and consumer engagement together to help non-profit organizations and/or small to mid-size businesses reach their full potential by showing them the tools and techniques to better engage with their audiences, to understand the full power of marketing, and to successfully combine traditional and digital marketing to their advantage.

  92. AJR

    I am looking for a position where I can use my marketing, creative
    and customer service experience in a marketing management role that incorporates creative work tasks for a mid-large business. The company would be within the non profit sector and the role would have current earning potential of $55-65k with career role, education and monetary growth within reach.

    What’s stopping me:
    diminished confidence
    technology skill limitations
    small network
    fear that I don’t have what it takes to be a marketing manager

  93. AB

    The only thing that is stopping me right now is to get certifications in the Procurement field. The fees are high and it is something I can’t afford to do right now. I had contacted ISM (Institute of Supply Management) to find out if because of so many people being without a job, and can’t afford to pay the fees, if the organization was going to reduce the fees or have some “specials” to help people get certified so they can qualify for jobs. The answer was no.

  94. Doreen Aviles

    My current field is in the fashion industry as a technical designer. I have been unemployed for about 3 months now. For a long while now I have not been feeling fulfilled in this industry. What I really enjoy is health and nutrition topics. I love to learn about what is healthy for your body as well as learning how to keep healthy spiritually. I myself love the way I feel when I am able to go to the gym and I always try to eat healthy. I would love to be able to share this with others. I think a wonderful change for myself would be to do something that I felt was helping others feel good about themselves. So my specific answer as to what would be the ticket I write for myself is to become a Nutritionist and work as a Personal Trainer also.

    I have applied for positions such as front desk and administrative positions in doctor offices or health centers just to get my foot in the door. But I am getting either no replies or responses telling me that although my resume is impressive they are going with someone with more experience in the field. What is stopping me right now would be money and the fact that I have no experience in this field. I am spending a lot of my time right now looking for work. I have been unemployed for a few months now and do not have the money to go back to school. I am also a single mom so my time is very limited and funds are sparse.

  95. MAS

    Hello Tory, I have so many interests that it has always been a challenge to hit just one. But, if I really think about this…flexibility is important. I am an only child, and I see my 85 year old mama needing more help in the future. I am a connector of people and good manager. I want to help develop curriculum and services for children and communities to build a better world for them. I would like to read grants and help with program delivery for a foundation. I like to travel to interesting places. I like to work with a creative, inspiring team. Organizations I think would be interesting…Soles for Souls nonprofit.

  96. mr

    I would like to focus on the invention of two products that I have been envisioning for the past 2 years. However, the reality is that I need a stable income now. I was a pharmaceutical sales district manager for 7 years and due to a relocation, I left my job 2 years ago and took time off to spend time with my son and pursue my passion of inventing. Unfortunately, I did not focus on the inventions as I should have so I am still at square 1 but now I need to go back to work for financial reasons. Bottom line, I need a job as a Pharmaceutical district sales manager position within the Atlanta area or a relocation package to move to either Colorado or Washington DC.

  97. Ruth Williams

    Before my lay-off in 2009 I had been a legal secretary for 16 years. After the lay-off I attended school from 2009 to 2011. In 2010 became a certified Medical Assistant, and in 2011 completed my Associated Degree in Legal Studies. There were many attempts to get into the medical field but had not been able to get my foot in the door; and with 16 yrs. experences as legal secretary I could not obtain a medical secretary or paralegal job in this feild.

    My blocks are supporting my family,my background experiences, and I do not speak another language. I would also like to complete my BA but there is lack of funds at this time.

  98. JM

    I have been scared for days to answer this and it has stiffled me from going foward. But today, I answer it with a big fat, I DON’T KNOW. I don’t know what I am good at, I don’t know what I enjoy, I don’t know what I am suited for and I am miserable. But I vow to at least take this journey to start to figure everything out. I am scared I am overpaid, overqualified, underqualified…but I feel I need a “high paying glossy corporate job” to support my family. I am 37 and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I am totally, utterly frightened by this.

  99. KJ

    I think I really want to write or illustrate books. I spend a lot of time reading my bible for guidance. Here, too, I find myself being directed to listen to my heart to know what it is I truly enjoy doing and match that to a need of the world. That, would be my vocation. I am 42 and have been teaching 18 years. I love kids, I love helping people…would love to be a dr., but very unrealistic at this point. I find that people turn to me in times of need and assurance and wonder if I can use discernment to possibly write to children or adults to gift them and heal them in ways I don’t even know about yet. Just writing this is a step for me as it has always been a thought in my head…to write this down…has allowed the thought to become a step in a process…a plan for the future…thank you Tory!

  100. L

    Just starting the virtual job tour today and trying to catch up. I have to say that many of your comments mirror those that I wrote on my registration form: lack of resources, dollars, confidence, faith, time and year of birth ;-)have prevented me from seriously committing to make a career change. I’ve been an admin professional for many years and I have done it well. The registration process alone helped me to understand why I have not been completely satisfied in my current position. I have a vast creative side that has been untapped: fiction writing, personal shopping/stylist, accessorizing, jewelry design, and cooking, to name a few. Switching careers seems daunting but doable. I am hoping that this process will give me much needed guidance and help me clearly define exactly what I would like to do.

  101. Dee

    I’m a newbie here at the virtual job club and I look forward to all the helpful resources and hearing and learning from the journeys of everyone. By nature, I’m artistic/creative. By profession, I’m an administrative assistant. I have many years as an administrative professional. I’ve discovered for me that just because you’re GOOD at something, doesn’t necessarily mean you LOVE doing it! Maybe it’s been the industries that I’ve worked in over the many years. They just don’t jive with my artistic nature…at ALL. I’m currently unemployed and I’m working on trying to develop an optimistic attitude. I’m single, no children. That right there makes me feel INCREDIBLY optimistic! There’s a great big world out there for me and I possess the freedom to grab it. I LOVE fashion design/illustration. From the time I was a girl, for hours making paper dolls until now. I must say, when I put pencil n paint to paper, I’m a bad mamma jamma! LOL. I love working with color and texture. I’ve often pictured myself in my own studio, putting my designs together. The obstacles? I’ve NO formal training in apparel design. I’ve no money to take the class I REALLY, REALLY want to take at Parson’s in NYC. It’s my dream to do so. I’ve often thought of selling my current designs, for now, in order to raise capital so that I can start my own business. I’ve tired of the office environment, with its politics and nonsense. Again, this attitude may stem from the industries I’ve worked in. To work at home has been on my mind for some time. Or even assisting someone else with a home office or business temporarily, especially if it’s an artistic/creative type, just might work. But it’s a goal of mine NOT to be tied to the traditional 9-5 office environment. To have autonomy, creative freedom, financial stability. I’m seeking a way I can be successful but still enjoy myself, using my artistic/creative talents.

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