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Even MORE Scholarships for Spark & Hustle

When it rains, it pours!

Monday in this space, I talked about a Spark & Hustle scholarship that Julie and Jack Nadel, a leader in the global promotional products business, generously funded to enable deserving women to join us at our first event of the year in Los Angeles next month.

We’ve been flooded with requests for scholarships from women of all stripes — from ex–corporate employees and other pink slippers to recent college grads and AARP members interested in launching and growing their small business success right now.

Then, another email to me from the Nadels: they’re going national! The newly formed Jack and Julie Nadel Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program for Spark & Hustle will provide scholarship assistance to all eight Spark & Hustle conferences.

That means that hundreds of current and aspiring women entrepreneurs from coast–to–coast will have the opportunity to learn the joys and benefits of being small business owners at our three–day conferences. I am so grateful for their generosity—and I know the recipients will be too.

All of this happened yesterday — on 1–11–11, which clearly was a very lucky day. So our Spark & Hustle team decided to round up 11 reasons why women told us they were registering. If any (or even all) of these resonate with you, it’s time to commit to a Spark & Hustle conference.

1. You’re tired of considering conferences that you can’t afford. Spark & Hustle is very affordable and teaches you to master the marketing and sales maze that most experts are content to leave a mystery.

2. You’re through with “experts” spouting advice that doesn’t work or you’ve already tried unsuccessfully. Every speaker, panelist and mentor we bring to Spark & Hustle is a profitable business owner with specific knowledge to share.

3. You’re sick of “secrets” and “blueprints.” We know what it takes to increase income, exposure and profit and won’t sugar coat any of it for you. It’s about the HUSTLE. I — and my team of experts — will show you how in terms you’ll understand.

4. You’ll explode if you invest in another multi–day conference — only to have a slew of coaches and consultants trying to sell you expensive programs, giving you just enough of the “solution” to convince you that you should hire them. Spark & Hustle is a comprehensive, jam–packed conference and nothing will be sold to you once you arrive. You came for a solution. That’s what you’ll get. (Well, maybe you’ll want to shop among the few fun vendors at our Friday night party where some of the attendees will display and sample their stuff.)

5. You’re ready to see PROFIT in your business, not just potential. Maybe you’ve vowed to make your mark in 2011, to reach YOUR potential. If this is your goal, Spark & Hustle is for you.

6. You’re looking for a supportive network of driven women. Research says I’m in the top 3% of income earners for entrepreneurial women, which I’ve worked deliberately to achieve. The women I surround myself with to make Spark & Hustle possible are well on their way, too — if not there themselves — and so are the dynamic women registering to attend. Surround yourself with success. Find a mentor, a champion, an accountability partner, or support network. It’s all at Spark & Hustle.

7. You’re embarrassed by your business results. You know that you — and your business — are capable of much more. You have financial goals — replacing your fulltime income, allowing your husband to retire, creating a lifestyle of your dreams — but you’re nowhere close to meeting it. We have ONE focus for THREE days: teaching business owners the HUSTLE they need to implement to make MORE money now.

8. You find yourself waiting for things to come to you because you aren’t quite sure what to do next. As Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” We’ll teach you exactly what to do to see the results you want. No fluffy overviews or vague ideas. Strategies that work. Today.

9. You used to be more successful than you are now, but the world has changed. If you’re wondering if you’ll ever get your business mojo and money back to where it should be, we have what you need. The market has changed, but there are still profitable business owners in every conceivable industry in our nation. We’ll teach you how to change your hustle to be one of them again.

10. You’ve lost your spark and realized that, while your business used to be fun, it’s now drudgery. If this is you, we promise your entrepreneurial zeal, passion, optimism and spunk will be renewed, refreshed and stronger than ever when you leave.

11. You’ve already tried everything else. You’ve got the blueprint systems. You’ve hired a coach (or coaches). You invested in a new website, bought ads, worked with a PR agent — and your bottom line is still not what you want it to be. Spark & Hustle is for anyone who has been burned by costly programs and options that “didn’t work.” How do we know Spark & Hustle will work for you? Because every strategy we’ll teach works for us — NOW, in today’s economy — and because they are working for hundreds of women we’ve taught before you.

If any or all of that rings a bell or fires you up, you belong at a Spark & Hustle event. Read the requirements carefully and apply for a scholarship if it’s truly needed.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Stay warm — and out of the messy snow if it’s icy where you are.

Let’s hustle.


  1. Lisa Swift

    I need help so bad. I’m a 42 year old, single mother of two teenage boys. Two weeks ago my car got totaled and I lost my job, again. I have no money and I don’t have a strong sales personality. But I do have the desire to never be laid off again. I have the desire to own my own business. I have different options of what to do. I would love to have the opinion of someone who has my best interest at heart or who can, at least, look at all my options and give me sound advice. I need more of a sounding board with answers. All the advice so far has been extremely biased or uninformed. I just need to sit down and have a quiet, discussion and then a hooray brainstorming discussion to get the fire burning and the enthusiasm burning.

  2. Saralyn Collins

    Let’s chat. My specialty is helping women discover what their options are and then find a way to go for it. After a conversation, you can count on my total honesty and impartial observations with no interest in the outcome other than what is best for you. Let’s figure out a way to communicate by phone or email.

  3. Georgianna Smith

    I am 39 years old working a youth residential facility that is stressing me out to the point where I have been put on high blood pressure medication. My dream is to have a business of my own and get from underneath this rock of a job I am clocking in and out of everyday. I have 4 children ranging from age 16-3 and i want so bad to be able to work from home so that i can spend more time with them please give me some advice.

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