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Scholarships for Spark & Hustle

Editorial Team

Whew—the New Year is certainly in full swing!

Last week an amazing thing happened that’s had me smiling ever since. I received a small book via FedEx and as I flipped through, I fell in love.

In USE WHAT YOU HAVE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT, Jack Nadel, 87, shares 100 specific lessons and ideas that mean business. He should know: After his discharge as a decorated combat veteran of WWII, he started his business career in a tiny office with no money, education or experience and over the next 65 years, Jack created thousands of jobs and products as he built Jack Nadel International into a powerhouse global leader in promotional products.

Every word of the book is so practical and relatable – it’s stuff we can all put to work immediately. When I realized that Jack lives in the Los Angeles area, I begged him to speak at our kick–off Spark & Hustle event there next month.

What I got in return was an avalanche of goodness: Not only would Jack and his wife Julie share their wisdom at the event by speaking and providing a copy of the book to every attendee, but they’d also share their wealth by forming the JACK NADEL SCHOLARHIP FUND to enable deserving women to attend the LA conference.

So if you’re considering a Spark & Hustle event, Los Angeles may be the one for you. The scholarships don’t cover travel expenses—attendees must cover their own—and everyone must contribute something, but this unbelievable scholarship program could be your chance to make it happen.

Call Alex Hall at 212.290.2600 or email me directly at [email protected] if you’re interested in the scholarship program. (Please note: Before you contact us, make sure you’ve reviewed the event details on our website and you’re able to get to the event.)


  1. Will someone do a scholarship program for the Tulsa spark and hustle

  2. Hi,

    I would love to attend the Spark & Hustle event in Los Angeles. I live in San Diego, Ca. and I’m available to attend the event.

    Thank you,

    Dorothy Brasher

  3. monica franco

    I,would like to attend one of your workshops this sounds to be a great opportunity

  4. monica franco

    I,would like to attend spark and hustle workshop i live out in simi valley,ca this sounds to be a great opportunity

  5. Would love to attend the Atlanta Conference on scholarship


    I would love to attend the Atlanta scholarhip, have you found anyone to sponsor any scholarships. I need that spark that you describe in your video. I also know Cindy Wall-Morrison, as you used to be a colleague of hers at KOCO in Oklahoma City. My husband was laid off for a year and when he finally went back to work took at 40-Thousand dollar paycut. I sell Real Estate, but the market is not good right now, so I’m kinda searching for something new to do and I think this could be the jump start I need to get going.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    Tracy West Gardner

  6. I would love to attend the event. Will there be a scholarship available for the New York City Spark& Hustle? I have so much to learn, but getting to LA would be difficult.

  7. Lois Pollack

    Hi Tory,

    Will there be a scholarship available for Orlando in May?
    I would love to attend. Sharilyn Collins mentioned that you offered scholarships. I would also love to be a vendor for my rhinestone t-shirts? Did you receive the shirt I sent that said “Spark & Hustle” in rhinestones?

    Lois Pollack
    (386) 717-6487
    Orlando, Fl.

  8. Tammie J.

    Hi Tory,

    I would love to attend the Spark & Hustle conference in Atlanta. So often, we have dreams and ideas that perish because of the lack of knowledge. I believe that attending this conference will provide me with the just the right spark and confidence to move from the “thinking phase, to the action phase.” Please send me information on any scholarships available for this event.

    Signed: Ready to Hustle!

    Tammie J.

  9. Betty

    Hi Tory!

    You bring so much excitement and information to us. My pounce today is to apply for a scholarship to Spark and Hustle in Atlanta. The application form did not pop up so
    I will email my information to you that I think you will probably need.

    Thank you so much.
    Have a fun week!!!

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