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2011 Makeup Message & Magic

It’s impossible to escape the declarations of every imaginable kind of goal. Scan message boards or chat with friends and there’s no shortage of big, bold promises to ourselves for personal and professional transformation.

Problem is, our truly good intentions are often met with reality – and suddenly we’re too busy, too frazzled, too impatient or too whatever to stick with them. Frequently those noble intentions are launched without legs, meaning there’s no workable plan to actually realize what it is that we desire.

I thought of this – and, much more importantly, a potential solution for it – last week in Portland, Oregon. While vacationing with my family, I agreed to do a live workplace segment from there for Good Morning America. Because of the time difference, I had to arrive at the local studio at 4am.

When I sat down for makeup with my squeaky-clean, freshly-showered face—translation: totally bare with not a trace of makeup – the artist and I joked that we should take before and after pictures with my phone as she transformed this blank slate.

Then I described the look I like in great detail: neutrals for my lids, liner and mascara on top and bottom, magical contouring all around, slight gloss on the lips without extending them. In just 20 minutes she used more than a dozen brushes and blends, potions and motions to make me presentable. We pulled the clip out of my hair, blasted my head with a blower and round brush, and finished it with a spritz of hairspray to tame the unruly fly-aways.

Voila, I was now camera-ready. Nothing short of a miracle, right?

Surely you can relate? At some point, you’ve woken up wondering how on earth you’ll pull it together before facing the world. With your very own tips and tricks, you work your magic by building on what you’ve got to get yourself going. In no time, you’re off on your merry way.

That same process applies to all of our goals, resolutions and declarations. The very ones we’ve all made in the last few days. If you can articulate what you want with precision and clarity, you can assemble the tools and team to make it happen.

So that’s the first step: identifying exactly what you want and describing it in extraordinary detail. I don’t mean “win the lottery” kind of goals. I’m talking about specific career-focused desires that you want to achieve this year. From there we’ll plot and plan to bring it to life.

Join me this Thursday, January 6 for my first free coaching call of 2011. For simplicity, we tend to refer to it as a “coaching” call, but it’s really a specific planning session. I’ll share details from my playbook on a slew of clear decisions to make and specific steps to take to make your professional goals a reality right now.

I’ll host the live call at two times: 1PM ET and 8PM ET. (That’s 10AM PT and 5PM PT.) Block out about 20 minutes for me on your calendar. The call-in number is 712–432–0075. Use access code: 187482.

(Please send an email letting us know that you will participate. While this isn’t mandatory, your email helps us keep count to ensure we open enough lines to accommodate what’s sure to be high volume. You will NOT receive a response to your RSVP nor will we send a reminder to dial-in. This it confirmed unless you hear otherwise from us.)

Save or print this email or just copy the dial-in number and desired time slot onto your calendar for Thursday.

Together we’ll spend those 20 minutes—roughly the same amount of time the makeup artist needed to do her thing—with straight talk about how to transform the face of your career or small business this year. We’ll focus on how to get from bland to brilliant—from struggling to successful—by starting right where you are and building big-time on what you’ve already got.

Among my goals: I’m determined to amass a huge collection of success stories from women like you in 2011, so there’s no time to waste. Let’s start hustling right now. No barriers – just results.

Speak to you Thursday.


  1. You look more beautiful without makeup! Great point made, point taken. Excellent. You are great!

  2. Lynette

    As a Student-Career Coach, I’m LOVING this article! I love your trasnparency and hope to meet you one day. Looking forward to the call tomorrow night. Thank you Tory!!

  3. Kristina

    Well-said!! I’m definitely looking forward to this call tomorrow.

  4. Cyndi

    Tory it is 4:30am where I am, but I woke up about an hour ago with a great idea for my business. I wrote it down then decided to do some research, and your site was the first place I started. I am looking forward to the call and working with you in the future!!

  5. AMB

    When will you hold another 20 minute coaching call?

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