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March 22, 2023

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Flexible Career Choices for Women

Flexible Career Choices for Women

By Ericka Bergeson

There comes a time when you may need either a career change or you need your current job to become more flexible. Needing flexibility in your job can stem from many issues; a recurring issue is when families have children. Working from the comfort of your own home is a great opportunity if you have young children. This post will give an insight into the options for women if they are looking for a career change allowing increased flexibility.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing enables you to be your own boss. By being an independent contractor you are able to pick and choose your clients. Freelance writing gives you as much flexibility as you need, you can do your writing whenever, wherever.
If you are interested in Freelance writing find out more here:

Web & Software Development

Being a web designer or Software developer enables you to work anywhere, as long as you have your laptop in front of you. Whilst designing websites you may think to use Multivariate Data Testing to see what works for your client and what doesn’t for the content for their website – Multivariate Data testing is beneficial because it allows you to test many variables, therefore giving you the most effective results. Find out more about data analysis software at
For more information about Web & Software Development go to:

Online Teaching and Tutoring

Most people would think that being a tutor or a teacher would mean that you will have to physically go out and teach a student/tutee. These days there are plenty of opportunities for students to be tutored online. There are a wide range of roles that can be found with online education such as online faulty members, online tutors and foreign language tutors.
Further reading about teaching or tutoring online can be found at:

Interior Design

The devil is in the detail. An Interior Designer assists in selecting anything from doors and windows to textures and mouldings. Interior Design is an occupation which can easily be taken from an established company to freelance. All you need is a great eye for design, spatial awareness and great taste. Undertaking projects independently gives you the freedom to build your own client base.
If you are interested in reading more about Interior Design go to:


If you have a passion for meeting targets and earning as much money as you possibly can, then why not think about going into sales? If you became an independent sales representative then you need to know your industry inside out and if you have a contact base then your salary could dramatically increase. By becoming a freelance sales representative you are able to break all the previous restrictions of being tied to a company and use your time to your own advantage.
For more information about becoming an independent sales representative check out:

There are more freelance careers than you can possibly imagine. Customer service, Medical Assistants, Registered Nurses, Administrative Support and Computer Programmers are all potential career pathways if you are thinking about going freelance.

Before you decide to go freelance you need to weigh your work-life balance vs. the importance of Financial Security – once you’ve done this your decision will become clear.

Ericka Bergeson is a business coach who loves to help people start-up and run their businesses. In her spare time she loves to blog; she mainly blogs about business related topics.



  1. I found Tory Johnson and this blog after watching Good Morning America one day, something I never do. I have found a great extra income by writing from home and really reduced my stress through the recession. Thanks Tory!

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