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Has Adversity Made You Stronger?

This recession has tested all of us—and there are plenty of tales of woe and sadness. But there are just as many success stories, instances where everyone from friends to strangers, neighborhoods to entire communities, have banded together to triumph over challenging times. For a continuing project that we have underway, Women For Hire is compiling these stories. What’s yours? Where exactly have found your resilience? What kind of solutions have you created at work to hold onto your job—from job sharing to a voluntary furlough and beyond? If you’re a manager or boss, tell us about the creative solutions that you put into place not only for the good of your company and bottom line, but for the people and their families who work for you. We’re looking for examples not just of how you or someone you know is coping, but specifically how you or they have actually implemented a solution. Share your story here.


  1. Being my own boss has its disadvantages but it’s so much more rewarding than making a nice living for someone else! Adversity certainly has made me stronger. I’ve also learned what NOT to do in business. Most importantly, I’ve learned to listen to good councel. Surrounding myself with people I can trust is a great advantage.

    Tory, you are an inspiration!

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