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Minimizing My Success

Editorial Team

For the past month I have been coming across the same theme of the how I tend to minimize my success.
Part of me wants to say it is because I always want more and maybe I’m ungrateful.
Another part of me thinks I just haven’t really done anything so great.
I have enjoyed many successes in my career and still I feel so unsuccessful. I feel lazy and unfocused, but if that was really true, would I have started a business two years ago that is now successful in the midst of a failing economy?

Not long ago, I couldn’t even take money out of the ATM machine because I had less than $20 to my name.
Some nice woman from Virginia gave me $9 so I could get my car out of the parking garage. I didn’t even have $9 to my name and five years later almost to the day, I am enjoying the two-year anniversary of my spa business.

No matter how much I have done, why don’t I feel like I’m successful? I don’t think it’s the syndrome of always wanting more.
Even when I accomplish a big task, I don’t congratulate myself. Instead I attribute my success to luck or some outside factors and I don’t even believe in luck!

Does everyone have a part of their brain that says, “If you were really successful, you would have x, y and z?” I find it hard to focus on the things I have accomplished as opposed to the things I have yet to accomplish.

Will there ever be a time when I feel successful? Will I ever run out of goals? What really is success and will I know when I have achieved it?

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