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Missing My Old Job

Editorial Team

I dreamt about this moment — not having to go to an office everyday — for such a long time. Years, literally. Being able to wake up, turn on the laptop, crank out articles, blogs, book proposals, you name it. To finally call myself a full-time writer without the distraction of a day would be pure bliss.
What I didn’t realize, however, was working from home has its disadvantages, too, even as I’m branding my media stance and consulting on juicy projects.

Sure, I have tremendous flexibility and no office politics. I can work out in the afternoon. I figure out when I’m most productive and schedule conference calls during those times. Since I have no routine hours of the day kind of blur.

I miss the commute. It was my daily exercise and a ritual to officially begin and end the day. My daily three-mile walk helped me feel immersed and part of the work force as I pranced up and down Park Avenue. All gone.

I miss my co-workers, too. Conversations on Monday mornings with co-workers about their weekend or exchanging funny stories during the week or having buddies to grab some lunch with? Poof, non-existent. So, I’ve had to make arrangements like ensuring I walk and work out during the day and most of all, interact with people.

E-mails and phone calls only count halfway so I’ve been making a concerted effort to be with people at least once a day. I need consistency, too as I’m exploring various groups, both social and professional, which meet on a weekly basis.

As I planned a Recruiters Row Reunion last week I realized how much my co-workers were literally part of my life and how weird it is to only see them now every few months. If you haven’t hugged a co-worker friend today or told them how much you appreciate them, please tell ’em Vivacious Vicki said it’s ok to show some office lovin’!


  1. Janine

    I so agree with your post. It is true for most everything in our lives, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone?” I too am busier than ever, writing blogs, connecting on Twitter, searching out freelance or employment situations, exercising when I want, running errands, and not working with a day-to-day team. I certainly miss my working buddies! With this economy, I’m not surprised that Social Networking on the Internet takes up so much time – what other way is there to stay in touch and still be working?

  2. Linda

    We spend more time at work than at home, really.
    Like you, I also miss the day-to-day of the office. it is where I started off my days sharing coffee with my co-workers, where we celebrated birthdays and laughed over lunch, and where each day ended with someone to exchange stories and good-bye’s with. As I tackled each project at work, there was a sense of accomplishment! Now that I am home, the bathroom IS much cleaner, and yes, I’ve organized the closets, but it’s not the same. When my company down-sized me out of a job I was just devastated. It’s been months, and I’ve yet to find work. While I try to keep positive, it’s been a struggle. My hope seems to fade a little each day – along with my dwindling bank account. The few women that I know outside of work, have jobs. It’s isolating being at home. I’m thinking of joining a group of some kind, or volunteering somne where to get me out of the house!

  3. Hello, I was reading Linda”s article and i do know what is is like to be downsized,
    However there is HOPE OUT THERE,even in this economy.
    When You Believe In Yourself
    Others Tend To Believe In You

  4. Geeta

    Hello Linda. Your post seems very motivating thou..I am a full time worker in India and its a corporate which has super dirty politics and I feel left out lately.. Did not get this feeling before 18 months but now I do.feel really isolated. My co workers talk with a smile on their face but that smile so wicked and sarcastic which I cannot tolerate.I’m a friendly nature person still people started ignoring me so badly which is making me loose interest on my own work and loosing the peaceful ambience at work. Like you mentioned it’s so true we spend lot more time with co workers than at home with our beloved ones.
    Sometimes I feel I will have to resign bcz of this dirty politics for which I get night mares 🙁
    Working from home is lot more better than meeting cunning and sarcastic backstabbing co workers.

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