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Moms Need To Work/Are Stressed, Study Finds

More than three quarters of women are working because they have to — not because they want to, says a Mother’s Day survey by staffing giant Adecco. Almost half (48%) of working moms are more stressed due to the current economic climate and the majority (65%) are cutting their family budget, the survey found.

Some further evidence that the economy is taking a toll is that almost half (48%) of working moms wish they could spend more time with their kids with nearly one in five (16%) reporting that their work hours have increased in this economy.

Nearly one in five (19%) say they’re overcompensating by purchasing material goods for their children.
Other findings:

• Re-entering the work force –13% of working moms went back to working full-time in this economy.

• Feeling overwhelmed – 30% of working moms feel overwhelmed with responsibilities at home.

• Being a role model –Working mothers are nearly 20% more likely to think their kids find them to be a role model than non-working moms.

• Children of working moms are better behaved and better in school – 74% of working moms think their kids do well in school while 60% of nonworking moms feel this way. Seventy-two percent of working moms think their children are well-behaved compared to 65% of non-working moms.

“Women have truly progressed in terms of being successful at work and as mothers,” says Bernadette Kenny,” a working mom and chief career officer of Adecco Group North America.

“But they haven’t done it on their own,” she says. “Companies that have instituted programs and policies to help provide working mothers, and fathers for that matter, more flexibility and parental resources, have contributed greatly to this advancement of working parents in the workforce. We at Adecco applaud companies for contributing to this evolution.”


  1. jay

    Of course they haven’t done it on their own. Raising kids IS full time work. Overwhelming moms only short change their kids, which no one seems to talk about. No wonder kids are shooting each other in school.

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