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Resume Gap? Think Outside the Box

Since unemployment seems to be the new black, recruiters are taking a different stance on gaps in the resumes they review. I used to do it 24/7: see a six-month gap of employment here, a three-month gap over there. Immediately, questions. Was this person let go due to performance issues? Slacker perhaps? Or merely a case of bad timing and luck: last one in, first one out? Now, given the state of the economy, it is deemed understandable, no questions asked.

As I reviewed a friend’s resume last week, I realized it’s time to let her unemployment time shine. Since the interviewer will barely touch on the fact there’s no paycheck at the moment, it’s a great time to fill some silence with the productive things she’s been doing with her time. She’s taking accounting classes, studying for the CPA exam and is volunteering extensively during her transition time. Why not highlight that on the resume?

I used to think of unemployment as the ability to sleep ’til noon, workout during Oprah, and hey, of course look for a job.

But the en vogue thing seems to be getting out of the zone, thinking outside the box (um, cubicle?) and putting yourself in a position to market your skills for both your past work experiences and new ones.

While it seems opportunities are slowly opening up, the key is patience. And being productive with the gift of time.


  1. D.

    work for the bd of ed 13 tears new boss trying to fire me single mom three kids about to lose everything because he does not like me he has so
    much power scared of being homeless

  2. Vicki,
    This is excellent information! I am currently unemployed but I am working harder than I did when I was employed.
    I have gaps in my resume that I feel might look bad but it is no fault of my own. It might appear as if I am a job hopper, but I am not.
    Up until 2007 I had a solid work history for several years with one company. Due to a merger, many lost their jobs for the first time as I did. The next job that I received was in the process of merging. I was assured that the company was not going to make any changes for over a year. I really did not believe it but I took the job anyway. In my 5th month on the job, the company started making changes from the top down. I watched as several people were laid off and then I saw all the people that came in the same time as me get laid-off too. Since I was new (last in first out) I knew it was a matter of time. Sure enough, in my 6th month on the job, I was in the third round of layoffs, even though I had accomplished a lot in a very short time.
    Each time I found a job quickly, so that was good. The last time I was out of work, the company that I worked for lost their contract and as a result all the contractors were let go.
    This time around it has taken me a bit longer to find something (no surprise due to economy) but I have been keeping very busy and positive.
    My first priority is to find employment. However, I keep myself very busy by volunteering with several organizations, going to school to learn new skills and keep other skills current, networking, creating and maintaining websites, and I even started my own company for supplemental income while in transition. I also started my own job search/networking group, and write articles.
    I am currently trying to see how I can add all these things on my resume.
    I hope recruiters and hiring managers change their view on employment gaps. Your article is a great tool to better understanding.
    I am positive that I will be working very soon. I just need the right employer to interview me and see the value that I can bring to their organization.

  3. Joy Martin

    There are some really great points in this entry! It’s certainly the norm for candidates to have gaps on their resume in this economy. I tell my clients that they should definitely be taking time ‘to fill the silence’ as Vicki wrote so eloquently – it can help set you apart as the stand out candidate if you are doing some fun and exciting things with your time and are excited to share it instead of being like every other candidate who says, with low enery, that they are spending all of their days job searching. Take a class, go on a travel adventure, volunteer, read, spend some time with your family….

  4. Dee

    “Since unemployment seems to be the new black”. What does new black mean and what would be the old black? And what color is employment if unemployment is black? Just want to be in the know of things. Good idea on how to handle gaps in resumes.

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