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The moment I saw my Caller ID display the words, “Conference Room,” I knew my fate was inevitable. Only those of us who got the call would be shown the exit. “Your job has been eliminated,” my boss said.

You know what? I wasn’t shocked or incredibly upset. Until it happens, you don’t know how you’ll react. Actually, I was kind of relieved.

The writing was on the wall for several months. My gut told me that employees with tenure like my thirteen years would be the first to go in Round 1. It wasn’t personal or a reflection my work or loyalty. Or anything. It was a business decision. I’m actually grateful. Dare I say, happy?

The anxiety for several months prior to that day was much worse than getting laid off itself: intense, painful and full of sleepless nights. My recruiting colleagues would spiral in our conversations, wondering who would go and when since we were in a hiring freeze. It was only a matter of time before our ranks would be cut.

Thankfully I had prepared myself mentally, having previously lined up an interview for a new job.
I was grateful for all the people I had met and for my work experiences. But you know what? I hadn’t been aiming high enough for quite some time and I had known it was time to move on. I had settled into a comfort zone. This was the push I needed.

I am now going after jobs that’ll crank things up a few notches.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy the interview process. It’s fun being on the other side of the desk — tapping into my network of recruiter friends for job leads. It has also given me plenty of career article ideas — from a new perspective.

I’m exhausted from the eight interviews in the past ten days since I learned my fate, And exhilarated. Bright future, here I come.


  1. Karen Erdrich

    HOw did you get all those interviews? I’ve been actively searching for two months. Not one job interview and relatively few agency interviews.

  2. Linda

    Yes, I would also like to know how you got all those interviews. No one calls you back and if you do get a call from a headhunter they send your resume and you never get a call for a first interview. I hope with your 8 interviews you got a job.

  3. Angela

    We have more than 15 people that got laid off here, and only 3 of them have received an interview with in the last 2 months. It’s great to be in an interview, if you can get one!

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