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Sonia Sotomayor : You Go Girl!

Editorial Team

By Katherine Louise

Regardless of how you stand on various political and social issues, you’ve got to admire Sonia Sotomayor, the jobseeker.

At a time when many otherwise smart, savvy and totally capable women over the age of 40 are giving into societal pressure and thinking Botox, facelifts, tummy tucks and going blonde—all in a futile effort to compete in the looks category with youngsters—Sotomayor hasn’t tried to even remotely impress anyone in the looks or clothes department.

I think we should say: you go girl!

Complicating matters, the brilliant jurist, who spends most evenings and weekends with her nose in law books writing decisions, even took a tumble early on in the Supreme Court nomination process and broke her ankle.

So, in addition to seeing her dressed in practical, off-the-rack grey and blue suits, we’ve seen her hobbling along in a not-so-fashionable foot brace.

It’d make the editors of Vogue cringe.

No matter where you stand politically, you’ve got to take your hat off to a woman who proves that success is about brains not beauty, especially as she faces interviewers who are far tougher in their inquisition than any employer most of us would ever go up against.

That offers jobseekers of both genders and all ages something to celebrate – and it cements Sotomayor as a real American beauty.


  1. Lissa

    What a rude post.
    You missed the mark with this one!
    You might as well call the brilliant candidate “homely”.
    This plays into the “catty woman” stereotype. I would have expected better from “Women” for Hire.

  2. Michelle Randall

    It sends a message to all that brains and beauty both take a lot of time effort and most often pays off when you focus on the brains. My hat goes off to a very educated and qualified person for the job.Welcome to the old boys network. I truly wish her lots of success and patience, its a hard club to be in!

  3. lyn

    I guess it is still the same old same old. Admire a woman for her choice of clothes and how she puts on make up and not her philosopjy, her decisions nor her abilities. If I had a brain surgeon, I wouldn’t be thinking about the color of her silk shirt but her qualifications. Since Sotomayor thinks she can make better decisions than any other race or gender, and has a wonderful life story better than anyone else, maybe we women should stick together and nominate her to be God.



  5. DLW

    I appreciate the authors comments but I disagree that she is doing anything more than I or any person trying to seek an office that she can retire from at old age and receive a pension till she dies. She has gotten this far without improving on her looks, why would she start now? I think sometimes as women we focus on the things that men would never think to say such as she did it all without botox or a tummy tuck??

  6. VT

    I’m not certain any women wants to be applauded for being the “off the rack”, non-fashionable, brainiac, but, I get where you’re coming from. I personally would be overjoyed to think the way you look and dress doesn’t matter, but the reality is she wouldn’t be considered serious if she didn’t at least wear suits. The reality of the workplace is that no one will take you seriously unless you dress and look the part. I’m sure you’re site has lots of articles on…”how to dress for the interview” or “how not to dress for the interview”. Off the rack or not, suits are the attire of anyone who is serious about finding a serious job. To imply that looking sharp isn’t important, is well…unrealistic. Not only that but, weight and age discrimination are all too prevelant in today’s typical workplace. So, while Sotomayor may mislead some that it’s a glimmer of hope for the brainiacs of the world, the reality is, looks still do matter more ….more than ever.

  7. Kelley in TX

    Agreed! What a refreshing change.

  8. Marnie

    I agree completely. I’ve seen similar comments posted on blogs and it’s so refreshing that power and success and brains do not have to be connected to what we perceive to be natural beauty. And you’re right — because the Honorable Sotomayor is true to herself, that makes her beautiful. I disagree with her politics (I can only guess what they are) but I applaud her for seeming to appear like herself. Amen!

  9. G

    How petty that you would write something like this. How about blogging about something that matters, like the despicable food industry or animal abuse.

  10. Mrs. Thompson

    You know what’s funny? I was in an airport last night and some obnoxious people next to me were watching CNN on the monitor and they were calling her “frumpy” and “dowdy” — and clearly they weren’t fans. I thought to myself, gee, she could get a better hairdo and could take some pride in her appearance. Then the topic changed. Now when I read this, I see where it makes sense that she looks great. Obama didn’t pick a beauty queen to look glitzy in fancy photos. He picked someone based on brains. I wish all bosses would do the same. I would gladly take frumpy with brains over polished airhead anyday.

  11. Glenda Parkinson

    You know, at first I thought, why write about a woman’s appearance. Then I realized, duh, we talk about women (and men) all the time. It’s who we are as a nation and that’s not a negative. It just is. It’s ok for us to celebrate Michelle Obama’s biceps — gorgeous, I might add — and we critique the French president’s wife. We would absolutely be critiquing Sonia Sotomayor if she were a drop-dead fox who was dripping with sex appeal. There’d be some who said Obama picked her because she’s so hot. Senators would be drooling. Instead, we’re celebrating her because she’s natural and doesn’t put forth much effort to be a super sexy fox. This is progress! It shows we’re not as shallow as we often appear to be. We know a beauty, as the writer says, when we see one!

  12. niciburns_1

    She rocked the senate! Didn’t buckle one inch – while explaining the law and the decisions she has made MARVELOUSLY. They have no choice.
    She is the next Supreme Court Justce.
    Good Choice OBAMA.

  13. CL

    I think it is very insulting to women and to SS for you to actually write “brains not beauty” which implies that SS is not beautiful. I, for eample am an Ivy League educated woman who was very successful in dating etc. Just because you choose to wear practical clothing to work, does not mean you are not beautiful. Your article implies that most women emphasize beauty. Frankly, if you are a model, that is what you should concentrate on but, most of us are noty in that business and while we are concerned about our presentation/look, we are also concerned about being ready/prepared for our meetings etc…

  14. Cynthea Burns

    I agree whole-heartedly with your summation of Sonia Sotomayor – and believe half-heartedly that it may have some impact on the real world. The unfortunate truth is that too many people still judge others on their fashion sense and presentablity rather than their common sense and capability. There are still those in the media who command there following with crass comments revolving around appearance and style; not intelligence and competence. How sad is that?

  15. Texas

    I am not impressed with her brains, or how she runs a court. She may be having a tough interview, but she deserves one because of questionable decisions and actions.
    I do not care how she dresses. I care about how she abides by the rules and law. I am not impressed by her at all.

  16. Jean B

    Yes she should be commended for not falling for the image hype women constantly encountered. The job should be about the work performed, not by how the person looks performing it.
    Of course, in saying that, appearance does count for certain professions. Perhaps someone who is obese doesn’t necessarily set a believable image as a personal body trainer.
    Also, I think there’s difference between someone who chooses not to have botox, tucks, etc. and the person who goes the other way with tatoos and piercings (eeeewwwwww).
    Even though I don’t feel comfortable with some of the comments Sotomayor has made in speeches and some of the things she has ruled on in her position as a judge, I give her high marks for not changing her physical appearance to fit some notion of how women should appear in the work place.

  17. Tatiana

    Yes,she is real American beauty.I am personally proud of her.She demonstrated high level combination of brilliant brains and beauty.
    I take my hat off to this woman and wish her success.

  18. Milagros

    I am so excited to see a Puerto Rican woman reach this fantastic goal. I admire her and hope that many hispanics take what she has given as a influential and direction in their life for success.

  19. Lisa Petronaci

    I agree 100%. Sotomayer will be a great role model for the young women of today instead of the made-up fake beauties on the TV reality shows. She can demonstrate to them that they do not have to look BEAUTIFUL to be successful. She will show them that it is “cool” to be smart and that they CAN hold high powerful positions in the community. I agree~ Sotomayer~ You go GIRL!

  20. Whitney

    Your article makes Sonia Sotomayor seem horribly unattractive and implies that simple business attire is undesirable. I find it appalling that Women For Hire is helping to perpetuate the judgment of female professionalism based on looks and money (who can afford an all-designer wardrobe in this economy?) rather than accomplishment and potential.

  21. Dawn NYC

    I’m surprised to see such a shallow and judgmental piece on a site dedicated to women. It’s insulting and way off the mark. “Sotomayor hasn’t tried to even remotely impress anyone in the looks or clothes department”!? This is clearly the author’s opinion … unless of course Sonia expressed this sentiment to the author firsthand. How about focusing on the way she handled herself during a grueling, week-long process instead of delivering commentary on what she wore and how she looked.

  22. Natalie Vincent

    Ya’ll need to get off your high horses. Some of you are writing how awful it is that a blogger on a woman’s website would “dare” to comment on another woman’s appearance. GIVE ME A BREAK. You people do it all the time. One woman here — Glenda Parkinson — said it best: we’re happy to celebrate Michelle Obama’s buff arms, but we have to shut up when we’re saying we applaud someone who isn’t so buff, but is equally as brilliant. Doesn’t seem fair. We’d of course comment if it were a man. That’s who we are — we’re a VISUAL culture. Get off your high horses and embrace the beauty of America, which is the freedom to critique all we want, especially when we’re being so complimentary!

  23. Southern Bella

    I’m sorry, but I find your statement terribly offensive that Ms. Sotomayor hasn’t “remotely tried to impress anyone in the looks or clothes department.”
    Being that most women do care to some extent about their appearance, as I assume Ms. Sotomayor would, why in the world would you make such a backhanded statement? Have you gotten a quote from Ms. Sotomayor verbatim that she doesn’t give a hill of beans about her appearance?
    I work in the legal field and shared your statement with my fellow female colleagues and they, as well, found your statement to be horribly rude. A couple of women were shocked that the comment wasn’t penned by a man!
    Just because Ms. Sotomayor may not represent the Cover Girl image that we are all too familiar with, it does not mean that she does not want to look her best.
    It’s high time that we stop resorting to commentary on looks and start focusing on what truly counts.

  24. Anon

    Sonia Sotomayor looked young and cute in her college photos.

  25. Chele

    I am going to assume that the off handed remarks, such as, “Sotomayor hasn’t tried to even remotely impress anyone in the looks or clothes department” or “dressed in practical, off-the-rack grey and blue suits” and finally “success is about brains not beauty” were intended some how to be compliment. Even though they appear to have been written by a man or a woman whose only fullfillment comes from trying to please others with superficiality. I am impressed by Judge Sotomayor for her accomplishments confirming to the minority running the population that a person challenged by bias, prejudice and the environment she grew up in will overcome it when given the opportunity. Most of your readers wear practical off the rack clothes and those are classic colors. Success is degree or measure of succeeding b. b favorable or desired outcome neither of which thank goodness are remotely based on your preconceived notion that looks has something to do with it. It is very likey that your are the reason this continues to be an issue. If this were a fashion blog then maybe I would not be so offended by your remarks. This is about empowering, encouraging, supporting and most of all favoring Woman for Hire.

  26. JG

    I never knew it was a crime to look good. Maybe we should add this to the discrimination list.
    This was a shallow comparison. Beauty makes money!
    The beauty when interviewed deals with the masses, the public! I think winning public approval and acceptance is more difficult! Ask any politician!


    I hope that Sonia Sotomayor serves an excellent example to all spanish speaking females. I also hope that spanish speaking females leave beauty, drinking, men aside for part of their lives and make someone of themselves to stand-out in society. Sonia worked herself up from a poor upbringing and through a difficult career. Sonia is to be admired by all spanish and non-spanish speaking males and females, to include those who questioned her integrity, intellect and personna.

  28. Maria Dixson

    I am so proud of Judge Sonia Sotomayo As a woman,as a daughter, a sister, a judge.

  29. LGrl

    First off who ever keyed the article needs to learn how to use spell check. I personally think Sonia is setting a very bad example for job seekers, she is sending out the message that it doesn’t matter how one looks……YES IT DOES!!!!!
    As a retired Assessment Technician for the Welfare to Work program that is something that you instill in the participants, One’s appearance DOES matter. You don’t go to work looking like you just threw some clothes on and left. If you are going to be a professional make the effort to look like a professional, not an orphan. As adults we should ALL set a good example for the young people to follow.

  30. kerry everheart

    While I totally respect her knowledge and qualifications for the position, there is never any excuse for poor presentation! LOL..If we lived in a world of equality and intelligence, then she would fit right in, however one of Mrs. Clinton weak points is her masculine appearance and demeanor. She scares men and women alike. Yet pretty Sara Palin (dumb as dirt) may get to run again. Go figure. So nothing wrong with tailored suits and lipstick as well as a stylish hair cut. She can “man-Up” after she’s approved. just a thought.

  31. Maria Dixson

    Congrats Judge Sonia Sotomayor!!!!!!!

  32. jack

    She is without question the first Supreme Court Justice that I have ever pleasured myself to (except for that brief moment with Rehenquist).

  33. We are at a crossroads, in our present existence, where we must, procure, to be civil with beings.We are all connected… How we treat others, is how we , treat, the universe…. How we treat others, is how we treat , the divine/father/mother God… Lets be caring and compasssionate… What comes around , goes around… Vice-Versa? Blessings…..

  34. Christopher Sargetakis

    Will you come up with a couple of articles for me. The jotting style is genuinely awesome.

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