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The Pantsuit: Here to Stay or Time to Go?

Almost 50 years have passed since the pantsuit first appeared as a symbol of female emancipation, The New York Times reports here.

And almost 30 years have passed since women in the 1980s finally stood padded shoulder to shoulder with men in the workplace.

But after a decade of post-feminism — all girly dresses and shoes not made for walking — designers are taking a serious look at appropriate dressing for a working woman.


  1. Lori White

    I think the pantsuit is here to stay, though I think we’re definitely going to be seeing more feminine versions.

  2. Jen Zapf

    I don’t know why it’s called a pant suit, we don’t call what a man wears a pant suit. I think women today are smart enough to wear what is comfortable and appropriate to their environment and yet makes them feel good. We all know that if you feel good and feel good about your appearance you will project confidence.

  3. Jocelyn

    With more & more women of child bearing age sitting for 8 hr work days in front of a computer, 2 more hours sitting in front of a steering wheel, 3 more hours sitting in front of the dinner table with meals & children’s homework, 2 more sitting with hubby in front of the t.v., and 8 more hrs sitting or lying in the bath & bed, that leaves 1 hr for walking between these activities. That also means swollen or untoned legs!!! Hello Pantsuits!

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