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Budding Entrepreneur? Keep Your Day Job!

In the not-so-distant past, would-be entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own business would quit their day jobs and devote all their time and energy to their new gig. But with jobs scarce, more of these folks are keeping their full-time jobs while nurturing their new business during off hours. “It wasn’t an option for me to quit my job. I have a mortgage,” one woman who is starting a brewery tells Chicago Business in this article.


  1. Erica Chism

    This is true. Also, those that cannot get the day job they need will start multiple streams of revenue by capitalizing on overlapping business ventures as an entrepreneur. For example, I was laid off in April 2009. I started my graphic design firm in Aug 2009 I started with Stream Cosmetics in March 2010. My design firm caters to small businesses and organizations needing scalable volume and affordable prices. I can provide print and design solutions for direct sellers; plus, being one now myself I have a good idea of what we use and need. I also took what I learned about airbrushing from Stream Cosmetics makeup and tanning training to also do freelance airbrush makeup and tanning work for profit as makeup artist. All these businesses afforded me opportunity to stay home with my 2 year old and I home schooled my 5 year old through pre-K4. So if you lose the day job, make one up for yourself and hang in there 🙂

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