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Women Entrepreneurs Start Businesses Based on Experience

Most small firms started by women offer products and services for consumers because they get ideas from their everyday experiences and find that market more accessible, The Los Angeles Times reports here.

One mom-entrepreneur came up with the idea for a diaper bag with a drawer while digging through her bag for her son’s favorite toy. That inspired her to invent a diaper bag with a pullout drawer and lots of pockets.


  1. My mantra has always been: “If you need a solution to a problem ASK A WOMAN” Women have a knack for figuring out how to simplify the day-to-day. As women we need to continue to support each other so that our answers to problems will be a collective win for all women in business.

  2. Erica Chism

    Great reminder. Real story… my grandmother, is a skilled seamstress. She told us stories of how she made items that did not exist where she could find them affordable. For instance, she had 3 sons (one being my dad) and when boxers came into style the boys were in grade school and she could not afford them. So, she made tiny pairs of perfect boxers. Word got out and the moms on the street asked her where she got them. She tried not the embarrass the boys and say they were homemade, however the ladies wore her down and she eventually told them she crafted them herself. She was in business. Funny story, but it proves your point. Women create out of necessity and go in to business when it meets opportunity. Thanks.

  3. LaNisha Rene

    I can appreciate the above story and all the comments that follow. I began LR consulting not for the reasons above but nevertheless, it was out of frustration. Fortunately, my mentors and college instructors were advocates of never responding to the word NO with an OK unless there were no alternative solutions. After hearing this phrase so many times over the years, I never really caught on to it until two years ago. In 2008, working in a great position as an HR Specialist with the worst manager ever, I wasn’t being stimulated mentally or positively challenged. 2008 was my year of deciding, if almost felt like there was a higher power pushing me future to the door of entrepreneurship. I began to follow what I loved to do and in return it loved and appreciate me back. Though it was a transition and can be hard sometimes, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. To make my story short, I wanted more than what I was handed and NO was never a great option for me. A creative, goal-oriented, motivated person can only get their ideas and input knocked down so many times! Developing LR Consulting Enterprise was the most satisfying, rewarding investement I’ve made for my future, though time-consuming, entreprenurship was is for me, however, it is defintaely not for everyone.

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