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To Self Publish — Or Not

I wrote a funny non-fiction book about the spa and cosmetic industry. When I first started writing, I had no intention of looking for an agent. I figured I couldn’t get one and I would save time by just using or one of the other self-publishing sites.

After having a few positive reviews of the book by friends, family and coworkers, I have been thinking I should just try and get a literary agent.

I have been sending out queries, but of course I haven’t had any takers. I’m not a professional writer, but I do have a great story that people are apparently interested in reading.

I’m not sure of the benefits of an agent and a traditional publishing house. If they don’t really help market the book, then how can they really help me?

I do have a platform though it may be small. I live right in the middle of the biggest buying market in the country and I’m not afraid of hitting the streets to promote my little baby.

I always joke that my goal is to sell more books than Nancy Pelosi. Do I really need an agent for that?

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