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Your Workplace Should Be Fun

In her new book, Thank God It’s Monday!: How To Create a WorkPlace You And Your Customers Will Love ((FT Press) Roxanne Emmerich tells the tale of two businesses, one desperately struggling to stay afloat, and the other thriving. The key to the one’s success and the other’s failure: “Companies that know how to have fun make more money.”

A past executive in the banking industry, Emmerich says she learned that fun was not only possible in the workplace, it was essential.

Emmerich says that many employees spend a huge chunk of their day frustrated by their co-workers’ dysfunctional behavior and think regularly about quitting their job.

Managers, she says, waste valuable time dealing with dysfunctional behavior — meaning companies lose money because of disengaged employees. “Who can afford that?” she asks.

“It’s a simple equation” says Emmerich, CEO of Emmerich Group, Inc., a workplace transformation company. “Companies that have fun celebrating wins and focus on being “givers” create growth and profit regardless of the economy.”


  1. at most jobs fun = food!
    maybe monday morning breakfasts or yoga/pilates at the office right before work starts would encourage people to come to work on time, early and even enjoy it!

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