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Virtual Job Club Day 11: New Possibilities Await!

New Month. New Season. New Possibilities.

It’s a fresh start. Clean slate. Embrace it in a big way.

We have a big week ahead for you — four phenomenal guests who’ll guide you in a variety of ways. Mark your calendars for the 2PM ET calls as follows:

Tues, Sept. 6: Emily Bennington: You 2.0: Expand Your Reach and Find a Job using Social Media Marketing
Wed, Sept. 7: Dani Ticktin Koplik: The New Business Landscape: The Current Reality that Impacts YOUR Search
Thurs, Sept. 8: Deborah Shane: Get Out, Get Online and Get a Job NOT Posted!
Fri, Sept. 9: Krista Canfield: Maximize the Tools on LinkedIn to Secure a Position and Advance Your Career

Here is the recording from today’s 2 PM ET call with Emily Bennington: You 2.0: Expand Your Reach and Find a Job using Social Media Marketing. It’s about 20 minutes in length and you can listen to it anytime by pressing the play button below.

In the meantime, take a moment to tell us ONE THING below that’s essential for you to learn in the next two weeks and we’ll be sure to incorporate it in the sessions.

And while you’re posting a comment, tell us how you feel personally and professionally as we enter the fall season.



  1. PK

    One thing that’s essential for me to learn in the next two weeks is how to sell myself to different markets. How do I adjust my thinking for one field, but then tweak it for another field. I want to make sure that I don’t come across not having knowledge of that field, but that I have expertise in what I do that it doesn’t matter what field I’m working in… I will excel!

    Personally and professionally, I’m looking forward to the fall season. It’s when people (and businesses) get back to “normal” [whatever that may be] and there is more structure in our lives and the way we live it because the kids are back in school, vacations have been taken, and a routine starts to take place. Not to mention, the weather cools down and I feel like I can do more things outside of the house than during the summer.

  2. MMP

    It looks like you have my questions covered this week! (I’m especially interested in the Linkedin call.)

    I’m feeling hopeful and ready to get going with networking and circulating my resume–finally, after a long period of dragging my feet. This club has put my feet to the fire in a good way. Thank you!

  3. RK

    What I need is to understand how to deal with negative past employers in an interview situation.

    As I go into the fall, I feel…vulnerable.

  4. RK

    I am considering starting my own educational consulting business (18 years in the field) but I do not have the “salesperson” gene…i.e. cold calling is terrifying for me. I need to know what other resources might be available to me.

  5. Good Day Everyone, I would like to learn more about the non-profit field in the next 2 weeks, I am applying for jobs in this field for a few months with not much luck, from project management,event planning, fundraising, grant writing, volunteer management etc.
    I am excited for the new season with renewed hope that I will find employment soon.

  6. Gwen

    The one thing that I need to learn in the next two weeks is how to network with people that I do not know to help with my job search.

  7. SM

    I have school and other debt so I will need to find a job and with this program it will not be a survival job but the one I have degree in, love and am training for. I would also like to grow a freelance business at the same time. The idea is to grow a real branding and design business that thrives. Because I will need to be working through “retirement”.

    This is not so much a question as it is a wish, an objective – I would like to leverage what I learn to land a job and apply to building a business. Any tips, guidance to that end would be great. Thank you.

  8. Hope Stern

    What PK said resonates with me…I need to adjust a bit for expanding my career and continuing to educate myself.
    I really like the schedule for this week because I am certain there is a way to land a job that might not be out there on the boards yet and I believe in this great social media world .

    Looking forward to my fave season, Autumn! I love the scents, the weather, the whole feeling of learning in the air (back to school)


  9. WR

    I need to learn how to really sell my self to different markets with a fresh approach, and to secure the job I want not to settle for less.

    I feel good about the fall, myself and the renewed possibilities that are ahead for me. I am truly excited.

  10. VM

    All the sessions have been amazing! It’s like having a personal coach! Thank you and all the presenters for excellent help. I feel confident and energize for a new beginning. My question…once you send in your resume, do you wait until you hear or if you haven’t heard within a week or two or after the closing date, do you call to follow up?

  11. Clair

    One Essential thing: A conversational “opening line” when I want to network with someone that I am not connected to. e.g. I find The name of the VP of Sales, who will likely be the link to the job and company I want to work at. Please help me find a winning way to approach him. Email? Call? How should I phrase my pitch?

  12. REK

    The calls this week sound like they will give us great information on identifying opportunities outside the traditional search venues. The one thing I need to learn over the next two weeks is how to pursue these opportunities effectively – something I feel like I SHOULD know, but I don’t really.

    Personally, fall always brings a touch of the bittersweet – it is a season of change, and many personal milestones seem to have occurred then, old doors closing and new doors opening. Professionally, I am looking forward to the new season, and seeing if I can open some of those new doors. I am starting into the home stretch of adding updated skills to my IT repertoire, and I am excited about identifying and pursuing opportunities to use them.

  13. Dianne T.

    Tory, I am having a ball. I look forward to the assignments everyday. I’m really learning a lot. Being a part of the Women for Hire Job Career has given me HOPE. Now that September is here and is the month for “New Beginnings”, I embrace new opportunities because I know what I want. I’ll be taking an excel class this month. I’m looking into the possibilites of going back and finishing up the requirements to get my BS degree in Management. (Only need 1 class) Thanks for the great work, and I can’t wait to see you when you come to Washington DC.

  14. My biggest problem in this job search has been time to actually search so anything that could save me time I’m all ears! Also, need help blending all the areas of my life into the resume as each element has something to offer the other: paid career (Communications), Volunteer Job Club Faciltator/Founder online job club and my work with the families of the missing – advocacy, advisory and social network administration.

  15. je

    The one thing I really need to learn in the next two weeks is how to network, whether it be through social media or some other route. Networking is probably going to be my best route to a new job yet it is something I don’t really feel comfortable doing.
    As fall approaches, I personally am glad the summer is just about over; we’ve had too many hot days for me this year! Professionally, I am still apprehensive; the unemployment rate here hasn’t changed over the past few months. Oh well, at least it hasn’t gone up!

  16. CR

    In the next 2 weeks I need to learn how to get out and find the jobs that aren’t posted.

    Where am I personally and professionaly: I am revived and re-energized! I’m more focused professionally and I am ready to make lots of changes personally. I’m ready! This is the time for change.

  17. MH

    It’s essential for me to learn how to contact key people at companies I am interested in working for that may not have jobs posted, so that I may set up an informational interview. I’m interested in learning the best approach, what to say with the initial contact and once I get to the interview.

    Personally, fall is motivating for me to clean out everything from the summer, adjust to a new schedule and get ready for the new season. Professionally, I feel determined and serious to get moving on my job search since summer feels so casual and like a break.

  18. Clair

    I wanted to share detail from a Job posting I came across today. As the supply & demand continues to shift in way of the employer, I found this to be rather contradictory for a sales position, particularly how to instantly disqualify yourself!

    “In order to be considered for an initial phone interview, please do the following:

    – Provide a non generic cover/ personalized cover letter that explains why you feel you meet (employer name with-held) qualifications and what unique sales skill sets you bring to the team.

    – Provide a copy your resume.

    Note: Generic submissions that do not follow these simple instructions will not be considered.
    Note: Phone calls not accepted and will be considered automatic disqualification for this position.”

  19. L

    It’s important for me to learn how to stay encouraged despite rejection.

    I feel empowered because I have the desire to do things differently to attain a positive outcome. Fall is my favorite time of year, and it is a time to get revved up, revived and rejuvenated.

  20. shw

    I need to focus on pushing past the inertia to cold call or speak with all my contacts who can help me and are willing to do so. I’m afraid of change and have bitten off a big chunk including making positive changes in my physical health, but have the momentum going and refuse to look backwards.

  21. Susan Kaye

    What I want in the next 2 weeks get my computer skill up to I could go into a temp agency and take a computer test.

    Maybe some one can tell me why my resume is not working.

    Last week Robin talked about resumes. I did go into her website and talked about my resume, and sent her a copy of my resume. I will be doing a talk with her tomorrow morning at 10am.

    I will tell every one what she said about my resume . Look in the box for a comment tomorrow.

  22. je

    I can’t always make the call times. Will future calls be available to listen to online?

  23. b

    Good Afternoon, All! I thought that I was just spinning my wheels while I worked at creating a cogent set of profiles that matched on LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress. Although, the process can be tedious and require introspection and authenticy, I love the fact that I’ve created something tangible from an idea dancing around in my head!

    Thanks for making time for us in Tory’s Virtual Job Club.

    btw I thought about using Powerpoint for my bio…Great minds think alike:-)

  24. MR

    How do I convey to an employer that I am able to learn quickly, acquire new skills in a new industry, willing to work long hours to learn what I need to learn…but I am not interested in working out of their office. I have worked remotely (i.e., from my home office) for 17 years and have no intention of changing that now. Of course, I travel to clients, trade shows, training sessions, etc. any time I need to.

  25. Linda

    I now realize I had a general resume. Now I need to work on revamping my resume and individualizing each resume for each company where I apply. I am reassessing my skills for today’s job market, looking in different fields and slowly learning about social media.

    Professionally I feel great, having graduated with an AAS in Legal Assisting in May of this year.

    Personally I feel hard pressed to learn about social media at a time when I am under pressure to find a job. Feeling overwhelmed – trying not to give up or get stressed out by the “need to find a job NOW” or the new reality of “how to find a job” using social media.

  26. Barbara Cann

    After listening to Emily’s call today I find the burning question on my mind concerns claiming a URL in my name. I honestly have no money to spend on anything apart from the absolute necessities: I literally have nothing to spare, I’m that close to the bone financially. So are there any sites that offer them for free, or any funding anyone knows of that could cover the cost for me?

    Something that has irked me with Monster is that all the work I put in revamping my resume this weekend (using some chart formatting as recommended last week) and Monster’s site won’t support the graphic image! I’m pretty ticked about that and have sent their tech support a email which I hope they’ll respond to tomorrow.

    I’ve had some frustrations with LinkedIn, so I’m looking forward to hearing from Krista on Friday.

    Oh! And btw, the reason I jumped right on the resume re-do this weekend? A speaker I met from a a year ago and “linked” to on LinkedIn contacted me on Friday about a job a friend had emailed him about. He told me when he read the details he immediately thought of me and reached out in case I was looking. (The funny thing was, I had been thinking about this guy just that morning.) I got the resume refreshed and sent it to him for this morning as he is acting as the conduit between me and the company.

    So anyone not currently networking online, I included this just so you know it can make a difference.

    Even if I don’t get this particular job, at least my contact knows I am in the market and will keep me in mind.

    Fingers crossed!

  27. Victoria

    Great information.

    I’m going to look into blogging.


  28. I’m looking for ways to fill the gap, find their business pain, find their unfilled need. I’m eager to hear how to wrap language around conveying how I solve their business pain! I find I have the ability to unpack them and learn what they are looking for, it’s in the delivery of what I bring to the table that trips me up… does that make sense?

    Personally and professionally, I’m excited by fall and for the seeds to sprout that I’ve planted, watered and tended to. The seeds of building business relationships and making my family healthy and happy!

    Thank you Tory!

  29. MB

    In the next two weeks I need to learn whether it is worth it to go back to school from my MFA in Photography or get a professional certificate.

  30. Mary

    I’d like to know how to use social media effectively, especially LinkedIn. Also, how to network into Federal government jobs would really expand my options.

    Personally and professionally, I’m feeling very op
    timistic on some days (when I get past the feeling I’m not really doing much this year) and I think this job club has been really helpful. Tory, you and the presenters have been a real blessing!

  31. mj

    I am working on building my LinkedIn profile; but first I must know how the program works so I can not make costly mistakes; therefore I will be attending classes on how to use LinkedIn.
    I also found some books in the library that can help me find and expand my skills before posting.
    I think I am getting there. Slow but sure.

  32. I.S.

    I need to learn how to build my professional brand. I also need to get my LinkedIn profile to 100%.

  33. DWS

    I must learn to stay focused in my job search, and could use some advice to help in that respect.

    Personally, I feel much better about myself having been involved in this job-seeking exercise. Professionally, I feel a little more inadequate as I haven’t found my next position to date. I have never had this long of a break in my career, and it is very difficult to accept.

  34. AW

    Thank you so much for this. I was actually having this very conversation with my brother last night. I was trying to tell him that as much as he dislikes Facebook, he is doing himself a major disservice by not being on there, especially with school aged children and a school that communicates mostly via Facebook page.

    At this point, I cannot think of anything else that I need right at this moment as so far the job club has delivered on all of the things I had questions about so far. My biggest thing was how to effectively used Linkedin and social media in my job search.

  35. Alison

    The one thing I need to learn in the next 2 weeks is how to really personalize my cover letter and resume catering to each application. I also need to update my social media sites, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  36. wendy

    I need to know how I can get an interview. I have had many HR professionals help me with my resume and cover letter. Many of the positions ads say no phone calls. Networking has not helped much yet but I am hopeful. People that I talk to say they would like to hire me but they are not hiring right now, they have no jobs.

  37. wendy

    Personally and professionally I feel the wind of change (or is it the brisk fall air?) but feel like going into hibernation and pulling the covers over my head.

  38. MJD

    Personally and professionally I am in a good place. I am updating my resume and learning how to use social media.

  39. PAL

    The social media info was awesome. What I need to learn is more on taking advantage of these for job search. I am under utilizing my LinkedIn and FaceBook.

    I feel mich better this fall mainly due to this series. Thanks again

  40. Debbie G.

    One thing I think is essential to learn: how about some tools for keeping my attitude and confidence at their highest levels while I am job hunting? Everyday that I listen to (or read) the Virtual Job Club messages and do the exercises, I get pumped, excited and more focused. These all help me to be more positive during my search. I want some ways to keep that going after the last day of the club. I LOVE the Fall – it’s my favorite time of the year, so I am pumped for possibilities and new beginnings!

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