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Virtual Job Club Day 7: What's YOUR Brand in a Sentence?

I know, I know. All you want is a friggin job. You want to get in there, do your work, and go home. All of this story telling, branding, social media stuff — it’s exhausting.

But the reality is, this is the new reality in the job search world. Ignore it at your peril. When you don’t embrace today’s norms in the hiring process, you risk prolonging your unemployment. Isn’t it easier to step up and adopt the current protocols?

Personal branding is essential. Before you can begin to spread the word about you and what you have to offer — on your resume, in networking conversations, via social media and more — you must define what and who you want to be known for.

When someone thinks of you, what should be top of mind? You’re the go to girl for [fill in the blank].

For example, are you the ace administrative assistant who brings order to the chaos? Or are you the brilliant electrical engineer who can explain the complicated to the commoner?

Combine the lessons from yesterday’s call with Gretchen Gunn (it’s here if you missed it) along with your own vision for what you’d want someone to know about you — and share it below. Brevity is key.

Thinking aloud about your personal brand — and brainstorming here with us — will play a part in each of the three lessons/calls scheduled for this week.

And if you’ve missed any of the previous days, it’s not too late to jump in now. After all, if you’re out of work, you have 20 minutes to dive in.

I’ll be looking for your branding sentences below throughout the day.

Go for it!

P.S. Three calls coming up to help — so mark your calendar now:

Wednesday 8/31: Relevance: An Essential for Your Career Branding with Deborah Shane
at 2PM ET
Thursday 9/1: Writing Your Winning Resume: Part 1 with Violet Nikolici Lowrey at 2PM ET
Friday 9/2: Writing Your Winning Resume: Part 2 with Robin Schlinger at 2PM ET



  1. Kathy


  2. I.S.

    Thanks for assigning this. I’ve been struggling with branding “who I am” for quite sometime. How do I define myself when I’m seeking to get into a new field that I only have education in? I need help with this and will be interested to see what others write.

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for this assignment. I am still struggling with the Telling your story assignment from Day 6. To take a few phrases from you: I am a “Go-To”, “Get it Done” IT Professional. Quickly adaptable to any environment and have the unique ability to explained deep IT process and procedures to non-IT focused individuals whether client or co-worker.

  4. RK

    I am the educational consultant who can fix urban schools.

  5. DCD

    I am a dynamic management professional with extraordinary team building and interpersonal skills. I thrive in a fast-paced environment that is constantly moving and I relish a challenge and will never run from a difficult situation.

    Hard to keep it to one sentence because I want to get everything at once since you never know how much of a shot you have.

  6. dkcgodfrey

    This has really been a challenge for me but i will take a stab at it. by the way, what is the call in phone number for the sessions.

    I am a diverse, professional administrator with impeccable management skills; I am passionate about tackling challenging situations while moving organizations and team members in a positive direction.

  7. Maureen Reintjes

    Community leader ready to put to work experienced communication, social media administration, technical support, and customer service skills in your organization.

  8. I am still working on mine.
    I had something but not so sure but I did have a person I linkedIn with that I always found intriguing ….
    He was the “Swiss Army Knife of Media”
    I kind of liked that …
    Mine is based more on marketing…I thought about marketing dot connector
    or since I so am going for social media community management….”Every relationship has potential to make a difference….in your life, workspace and bottom line: let me show you how to connect!”

  9. Gina

    My passion for photographing people and places knows no limits. I think of a portrait session as a collaboration with my clients with a creative and conceptual approach capturing a few moments in time.

  10. je

    I am a puzzle or problem solver who is motivated by the sense of accomplishment I feel once I have succeeded in finding the exact solution to whatever puzzle or problem I am investigating through attention to detail and finely honed accounting and investigative skills.

    I, like several others, am still struggling with the Tell Me Your Story assignment. I am finding it difficult to list three compelling, uniques examples while being brief. If I were to give examples, I would have to set the scene first. Also, with 42 years of experience, I am trying to keep my examples very current so I don’t have to fight any stereotypes about older individuals.

  11. AB

    I am that person who your customers want to go to to solve their problems and concerns.

  12. Gina

    Hi je,
    Could you be a little more specific about what kind of puzzles or probems you are solving? Are you an accounting investigator?

  13. Debbie G.

    I am an entrepreneur’s best partner – an SMB executive and manager who can help you create your vision and strategy and build the organization that meets your business goals.

    Going forward – I am educating myself and getting more involved in groups that promote the triple bottom line (People, Planet, & Profit) and I want to (will) become an expert in creating and implementing TBL Strategies and Organizations.

  14. terri

    This is a very difficult assignment, and the only thing I can thing of is I am an expert customer service person who loves helping people. Not sure if that is what you are looking for but I hope that is good!

  15. Maria

    Very difficult assignment to do without a mentor. I know my statement needs improvement as I am trying to get into a position similar to, but not identical to, what I have done previously.

    I am a sales consultant with an engineering background. Once I have determined a client’s needs, I specialize in recommending custom solutions that meet all of the client’s unique requirements.

  16. Lois

    Hope- How ’bout: every relationship has six degrees of separation — let me show you how to connect the dots!


  17. je

    Gina – I am an accountant but I love to solve all kinds of puzzles.

  18. je-What kind of puzzles? I’m truly interested.

  19. je

    Gina – where the missing money went, why the bank account & general ledger don’t reconcile, why voter turnout was so low here in PA this May, the usual crossword and sudoku, who the killer was in the latest murder mystery, why the Pirates are playing so poorly, etc.

    I just love to find solutions to any and all puzzles!

  20. HR

    An educator who helps young people recognize the value of their own efforts.

  21. sad

    i’m great at sales, if i know the product. i can sale it to anyone. i’m a very detailed by the book individual. i believe madvertising marketing is niche. i just need to talk myself up to get the job i want.

  22. mj

    I do not know what to write at this time. I will have to think some more about thins

  23. DWS

    I am a Customer Service Guru…..I will make customers feel so comfortable in buying my product or service, that they will keep coming back again and again. If you make it easy for them to spend their money, there is no need for them to look elsewhere.

    It’s only when you make it hard or difficult for them to buy from you, that they start to consider your competitors.

    It is not brain surgery. It is very basic, but very crucial to the scheme of selling repeat customers over and over.

  24. Ruth Williams

    This assignment is necessary but not so easy but I am going give it an old fashion effort.

    I am the the administrative assistant with the smile even under pressure that is thoughtful, attentive, understanding your expectations, working hard to get the job done, and able to use my transferable skills to adapt flexiable to any working environment.

    I don’t know it need so more work it not that compelling.

  25. LCann

    It is complicated!!!

    Hence, the reason I created the 7 disciplines is for each to financially support the other.

    I feel I should get ready to register, brand and incorporate my program.

    I am more valuable as an Executive Assistant which can support the other projects while I use my weekends promoting the community health education series program. Eventually develop the other components. An alternative would be to work at a corporation as a health educator using my community health education series building awareness about stress at home, work and schools.

    A professional organization is my best environment because I my work ethics include: zeal, integrity, boldness and amenity.

    Music is a hobby which many feel I am good at. However, I have no credentials of expertise in it. Neither can I continue to be independent and take care of my personal needs as a musician.

  26. Mary

    Questions, questions, and more questions: my brand is an ability to determine what is going on, create a vision for the concerned parties, negotiate buy-ins and compromises, and if there is no settlement, then adopt a viable strategy to win the fight.

  27. Alison

    I am an amazing creative planner who uses my analytical skills to come up with various plans and solutions to your promotional needs.

  28. AW

    Sales specialist who serves an as ambassador to her clients and a motivator to her fellow co-workers.

  29. KE

    I just want to say that this is a wonderful activity for me since I have been frustrated lately about people’s general impression of me, wishing that I could of told them (or showed them) better. Who I really am, what I’m all about, and what I can do.

    I am young International Professional that is much more than just an English conversation teacher or a typical government worker on the international stage. I am adaptable, innovative, highly-knowledgeable in international affairs and the performing arts, and multi-disciplined not only in administrative/teaching duties but in my approach to promoting cultural understanding between countries and peace throughout the world.

    Now I’ll try it with one sentence:

    I am that International Professional/cultural ambassador that can adapt, be understanding, use multi-disciplines and unconventional methods to perform work that serves a global audience.

    I’m not sure if this is good…I feel like I’m still generalizing and not being specific.

  30. Barbara Cann

    What the heck happened to the one I wrote early this afternoon?

  31. Janice Sonia Edwards

    My Personal Branding Statement

    Human Resource Professional with advanced skills and accomplishment in employee development and performance management.

  32. s

    I effectively communicate your message and solve your design issues in print, while delivering on-time and making working with me an all-around pleasant and positive experience.

  33. JKP

    I am an established publishing authority, with experience in print, electronic and web publishing.

    I am a trainer, specializing in Adobe products, who can develop and nurture training resources on a tight budget.

    I am a technical writer, with an eye for proofreading grammar and meaning.

    I’d love to be able to combine the three distinct, but overlapping positions into one statement that describes my strengths.

  34. PK

    I research the world over to make it easier for you and your business to capitalize on it.

  35. Victoria

    I am the approachable sales consultant you can depend on, before and after the sale, to help navigate you in complicated and costly business purchases.

  36. GC

    I’m have over 12 years experience writing different types of materials. I’m creative, a problem-solver, and adaptable.

  37. MB

    Graphics and Motion Graphics artist who can enhance your video, web or print project and troubleshoot your computers as well.

  38. ED

    Elaine Dye is an experienced health promotion specialist ready to assist individuals, businesses, organizations and communities to make successful health changes. Learn tools and strategies, receive invaluable support and revel in the outcome.

  39. JD

    Janet Ditzer is a dedicated, passionate landscape professional who has a versatile range of experiences and knowledge which enable her to design and direct exterior and interior landscaping projects with efficiency, innovative creativity for clients incorporating environmentally sustainable practices into those projects.

  40. KBH

    Very specialized sales consultant within the legal profession who achieves success with clients by listening and learning rather than by talking and selling.

  41. Linda

    Linda Brand= Innovative; well organized; routinely thinks outside the box and brainstorms;loyal, ethical and honest.

  42. KC

    A lot of what I wrote yesterday has to do with my brand. I am a jack of most trades. I am an effective communicator, quick thinking, high prioritizing, very sensitive and keeps the utmost confidentiality, extremely adaptable quick learner and can adjust in many situations.

  43. WR

    Excellent Administrator, manager and strategic planner. Sharp eye for detail. Team player, Teacher, Trainer, Lecturer and Clinical supervisor. Exceptional communication skills verbal and written. Loyal ethical and honest individual a motivator of others.

  44. JF

    I have the innate ability to get to yes by explaining the facts, examining the roadblocks presented and coming up with mutually agreeable solutions.

  45. CR

    In personal branding exercises in the past, I could never think of a brand sentence. Now here’s another one! But this difference between other times and this time is I realize I didn’t know what position I wanted and where I wanted to go. I’ve done so many different things: I was a radio announcer, newspaper reporter, admin asst, healthcare lobbyist, program coordinator… This time I am past all the fear garbage, negative thoughts and I know I am enough and what I bring to the table. I know what position I want–healthcare advocacy/legislative work at a non-profit/NGO. I know I have the skills, experience, and education to do this now.

    My challenge with a brand sentence is putting it in a sentence. I’m looking forward to the next few scheduled calls to help me with this.

  46. PAL

    I help your employees use technology at their desks for the benefit of your business.

  47. ST

    I’m stuck on this assignment I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in one industry (specialty pharmacies) but I am trying to move into another industry (healthcare). Although the two can possibly relate they are so different.

    I’m a go to get the job done in a specific time frame type person. I work well under pressure and provide excellent results.

  48. SB

    I am the calm during the storm.

  49. MJD

    I am the go to person in ministry. I have a lot of experience in this area and I love it. When I was in the military it was the same-I was the person to go to for answers.

  50. TJC

    I am the little miss know-it-all of independent film-making with an absolute passion for connecting people with resources.

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