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What’s Your TOP Career Goal for 2014?


If your New Year’s resolution is to break into a new field or expand your role in your current position — what’s stopping you from making it happen?

Whether you need to build your network or find more time for your job search, we’d like to hear from you.

Tell us below how you promised to change your career in 2014 and what steps you’re taking to make your dream a reality.

What have you learned through the process and what advice would you give anyone looking to make a similar change?

Our experts will review your responses and you may receive a personalized reply.


  1. Susan

    After witnessing and then becoming a target of workplace bullying, and run out of a job I held for 11 years in 2009, I have suffered from PTSD, agoraphobia, depression, and anxiety. I continue to strive to heal and find my way back.

    Unfortunately the USA is way behind other countries in dealing with this issue, which has become an epidemic, and ruins lives- literally and figuratively.

    I fear every day of becoming homeless. My fear of leaving my home is overwhelming.

  2. Benetta Rodgers

    I have recently taken a position as a Corporate Coach. I will have intense training however I want to know how I can continue to enhance this skill set. Is there a type of certification to obtain?

  3. Andrea Esposito

    To secure a position that is challenging and engaging, makes use of my unique skill set in a respectful positive corporate culture.

  4. I didnt promise that I would, I just said that I ” would” I desire to be a motivational speaker and tell my story of one out of one million who has Cerebral Palsy to show people unlike myself and like myself that there is still hope and time to do what your heart desires ( wiťh God) I am an author, poet, visionary, internet radio personality, and a three time Editor’s Choice Award winner. I am half way there~ the things that are halting me is funds and transportation because I don’t drive. I am doing my best to be heard and brand myself but, I live in a small town where there is not much activity for what I do. The advice I would give for those who are just looking to succeed is to keep God first, network wiťh people in your field of expertise and never give up.

  5. Marcia

    My name is Marcia Benfica.
    I am a graduate from University of Maryland University College, in 2012. Since then, I have been looking for job, but unfortunately I didn’t find any job. I know this is hard time to get a job, but sometimes I feel so frustrated, however I do not give up.
    I would like to have an advise regarding job search strategy.

    Marcia Benfica

  6. Robine Lunkwitz

    I am gearing my sites on a position as a Corporate Trainer. I have been working with a Career Coach, revamping my resume as well building my connections on LinkedIn and within my community in organization’s like the ASTD and ACSD.

    I also work on honing my own skills as an instructor. I spend time researching training techniques as well as speaking with others in this area.

  7. Donna Stanton

    My career goal for 2014 is modest. TO GET A JOB!

    And not in retail services. I have an MBA in business Administration with work experience in information system – programming for the B1B project in aerospace industry; office management – I ran the business portion of a commercial plumbing company, construction industry; and I have worked in retail services – outdoors in a plant nursery and indoors in a women’s clothing store.
    I have been unemployed for over a year and I need to work.

  8. Corinne E

    My top goal for 2014 is to get a full-time job. I am unemployed due to a lay-off since April 2013. I would like to work as a Training Coordinator or E-Learning Specialist for a not-for-profit organization. What is stopping me? I really don’t know, since I have the education credentials and job experience.

  9. Irma

    I am currently working on a second Masters degree in psychology so I can pursue a state license. I am focusing on working at my internship for the summer and fall 2014. After that, I will only have one more course to complete (spring 2015) and plan on graduating May 2015. While internships are important, my prior internships did not place me in a position . . . . or give me enough quality experience that put me in a position to obtain a job. My goal is go obtain the necessary supervised experience in counseling so that I will be placed in a position to be hired after graduation. In the State of New York, it is very difficult to obtain a job without a state license. The competition is great and jobs are few. I am worried about student loans, so this goal is crucial.

  10. Mary Singleton

    Looking for sales postions, Loan Officer, Mortgage Consultant, located in the
    Chicago Downtown location only.

  11. Wendy DeVine

    My career goals is to get up-to-date training in the graphic software, so I will be able to produce in the printing, silk screening, and web designing industry.

    Do you know where I can get this help for a single mom, and the only means of income?

  12. Erica Reynoso

    My name is Erica, and my 2014 career goal is to complete my graduate degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, and teach English for Academic Purposes at a local college.steps Steps to make this a reality include reapplying to the graduate program. Financing my education is a challenge, and I will probably need to apply for a loan. Another

  13. Mary Dancy

    My goal for 2014 is to train African-American on the importance of Etiquette in their day life.

    I need help in getting my message to the public, I could use some help.

    I am a Certified Business Etiquette Trainer.

  14. Eva Rosrnfeld

    It has been 6 months and no calls , 130 resumes sent out on linkedin, job fox , two recruiting companies and networking. What am I to do?

  15. Eva Rosenfeld

    I am a real estate property manager for 18 years. I was let go being the oldest of all the agents.
    The agents ranged from 28-37 years old.
    I look young and I am in shape both physically and mentally.
    I have sent at least 140 resumes,various companies, two recruiting companies, job fox, linked in and other websites.

  16. Jackie

    My current employment hours have been reduced drastically, so I have been eagerly looking or a new position. I had a linked in account, and found that it produced no contacts. I visited my local college for guidance on the format of my resume. I have applied for several positions; have had a few interviews, even a second interview, yet have yet to secure a new position. I recently enlisted the assistance of two temporary agencies. I have yet to be informed of any viable options. I continue to search the internet for positions, and to submit cover letters and resumes.

  17. Kelly

    My initial goal was to become a Fairy Godmother In Training at The BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOUTIQUE at Disney World. Not a lofty goal, yet one that would not only utilize my schooling and license,.my exceptional talent in Cosmetology, but also would have given me great personal satisfaction. However, because of mistakes I made many years ago, and despite having turned my life around and receiviing a Woman of the Year Award, I was not extended an offer of employment based on my background. According to the dates on the letters from Disney, their mind was made up prior to my having been given, according to the FCRA, a chance to dispute, explain, or correct the report they based their decision on. My goal now, because of this, is to apply for and receive a Pardon from the State in which my alcohol and addiction based crimes were committed. I have paid for my mistakes, accepted full responsibilty, and should not have to pay for the rest of my life. Celebrities commit crimes often, then go on to make millions. I am the sole breadwinner in my household, am raising two stepchildren and have a disabled husband. We receive no assistance or Child Support from the children’s biological mother nor do we receive any financial assistance in the form of welfare/food stamps, etc. Yet in spite of my successes in overcoming a personal crisis, which many do not recover from, I am restricted from normal employment. I am looking for any support, suggestions, or guidance. If I could afford an Attorney for an Expungement, I would have already taken that step, however, according to Disney, even having something expunged, you are still required to disclose? It is disheartening for me after going through what I did only to have this happen after so many years of exemplary behavior. Yes, I made bad choices, and I have paid for them dearly. I only want to be given a chance.

  18. Kristin

    I am currently employed, but unhappy in my job. I’ve been looking to take a step up in my career since graduating with my MBA in June 2013. I had been in school for seven years straight while working; went back to complete my bachelors and then my MBA. Some serious family health issues stalled the start of my search, but by late August I began looking. I’ve had 2 interviews, one internal and one external. In both cases I was a finalist but was not chosen for the role, as another candidate had more direct experience. I’ve been in project management for 10+ years, and my MBA specialization is in Organizational Behavior. That is where my passion is, but it seems years of experience in HR are required. It is very difficult to make a career switch. I know, having done it once before. (I was blessed that a female colleague helped by bringing me into project management.)

    I think I have been slowed down by the harsh winter weather and by the fact that working while searching for a job is very time consuming. I am trying to utilize LinkedIn and leverage my network as much as possible. My husband was laid off in October 2013, which increases the pressure to find a better job. I would love to have a career coach, but cannot afford one. I welcome any advice you may have for my situation.

  19. Jean Proctor

    My career goal is to secure full-time employment in the nonprofit industry or other open field. A position that will have full benefits, opportunities for growth and development, and embrace my passion and skills.

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