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When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

How One Business Owner’s Risk-Taking Led Her to Find Her Calling

Pat Marshall Header Image “Working from home in my slippers, can’t find anything better than that!” This is how Patricia Marshall, the President and Owner of Parmars Inc., sums up working for her own company, a mini- call center that has partnered with Arise for over 15 years.

Taking a Chance on a New Opportunity

Patricia Marshall is what the technology industry would refer to as an early adopter. Her call center company is one of the first businesses that partnered with Arise. In the late ‘90s, Patricia found herself yearning for a way to earn extra money. As she was standing in the copy room at her full-time job, one of her co-workers mentioned this new opportunity to operate a small call center business from home by utilizing technology and other infrastructure offered by a company called Arise.

In the late 90s, starting your own company and working from home was not as common as it is today due in part to societal pressures to work in a traditional work environment and a lack of technology. Also, during Patricia’s research on work-from-home opportunities, she ran across a lot of scams, so naturally she was hesitant to pursue her co-worker’s suggestion. However, after conducting research on Arise, and learning that they were partnered with the local public school system, she decided to open her own mini-call center, and she hasn’t looked back since.

How a Job Loss Changed Her Life for the Better

The opportunity came in 2003 when Patricia was laid off from her job. A seemingly stressful event turned into a life changing chance for her to open her own business.

Over the years, running her own company has provided Patricia with the flexibility to care for her sick mother, spend more time with her friends, and go to the gym more often. As an added perk, she can schedule most of her hours in the early morning since she is a self-proclaimed morning person.

Patricia enjoys running her own company and providing great customer support, servicing a variety of clients, and loves the fact that her commute has been reduced from 40 miles, round trip, to the time it takes her to walk from her bedroom to her home office.

However, running your own company and working from home is not for everyone. Those who work from home successfully are self-disciplined, have a designated office space, and even if they are working in their pajamas are able to convey a “professional face” to the customers on the other end of the phone.

Unbeknownst to her, Patricia was a trailblazer, and now 1 in 5 Americans work from home. After 17 years of running her own company, Patricia cannot see herself working in a traditional office environment. These days, she is the co-worker in the copy room encouraging her friends and family to open their own mini call centers that allow them the freedom and flexibility they deserve.

Becoming an Independent Business in the Arise Network

Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc. provides infrastructure and services to a network of tens of thousands independent, work-at-home businesses that provide customer service, sales and technical call center support to top Fortune 500 companies. Independent Business Owners, like Patricia, enjoy the flexibility of earning a living while working from home, scheduling when they want to work, and being their own boss. Get Started on Your Home-Based Business Today by Registering in the Arise Network.

About Arise

Arise Virtual Solutions is changing the way companies think about call center services. Arise provides a virtual platform to connect primarily work-at-home service professionals running small call center businesses to Fortune 500 and other large companies. For over a decade, Arise’s platform has enabled superior and extremely flexible customer contact, business processing and consulting solutions for numerous companies around the globe, uniquely blending crowdsourcing innovation, virtual technology and operational efficiencies to deliver an enhanced customer experience for a company’s customers.

Arise Virtual Solutions is an industry leader and has been featured on many national news segments, such as: Good Morning America, Bloomberg Television, Fox News, CNN, and the TODAY Show. Learn More About Arise.


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