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The Door Closes on Mad Men

Sunday’s finale of Mad Men drew over 3 million viewers and critics are still weighing in.

The episode tied up many loose ends and closed the stories of four female characters. From Betty’s diagnosis, Joan’s new venture, Peggy’s relationship and Sally’s new responsibilities —  the women of Mad Men saw many changes in the workplace and at home.

How would you have ended their stories? And do you think Don wrote the Coca-Cola ad? Share with us below.


  1. YES! I’m positive, couldn’t live otherwise, Don went back to New York, helped Joan gain the Coca Cola account wrote the “We Are The World” ad… best ad in history. How could it be otherewise?

  2. Jessica Moulton

    I do think that Don draper ended up writing the ad for the Coco Cola spot because of the sentimentality that he displayed when meeting with the Hershey’s people. After his company got bought out and all of the changes that were happening in the lives of the women he was closest to at home and at work. I think he realized he could have been that man crying at the Hippie retreat
    He admired the man’s desire to be seen and his innate need to be happy which we all share as human beings.
    That Coco Cola ad was a happy, healthy temporary escape for a nation that was grieving because of the Vietnam War and for the changes in our society.

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