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Laura Lopez


As a highly successful, former Marketing VP with The Coca-Cola Company, Laura Lopez knows how to get results. Laura works with companies and business associations to develop leaders throughout all levels within their organization.

“Leadership is not just for the top dogs”, says Laura Lopez. Laura has developed seven effective leadership insights based on more than 20 years in corporate leadership roles coupled with her parenting experience.

Is leadership a lot like parenting? Laura Lopez says, “yes”. As an author of her soon-to-be-released book, “The Connected and Committed Leader” Laura connects the skills needed for leadership to those of effective parenting.

“Leadership takes heart. A lot of it”, says Lopez. Learning how to balance our heads and hearts in business is key to Laura’s core message. “The Connected and Committed Leader” is the basis of her speeches and workshops.

Laura provides a unique perspective on leadership for business in the 21st century. She knows that businesses cannot fully thrive over the long run without their people being motivated, inspired and fulfilled.

Laura’s insights on leadership help her clients embrace leadership in a whole new way that is both informative and entertaining. For more information on Laura and her programs please go to


– The Connected and Committed Leader–Achieving sustainable results requires more than just timelines, numbers, and business management skills. This program will help managers understand what it really takes to become a leader.

– Changing Vantage Points to Create Advantage–Change is inevitable in business and in life. Have it work to your advantage and watch you and your business grow!

– Harnessing the Power of Your Brand–Brands are magical. They stand for something clear. They harness the collective energy of those believing in them. Apply the principles of brand building to your organization and harness the power of your brand to help build employee engagement and morale.


• She inspires people to see how they are an essential part of the solution. Laura isn’t afraid to communicate her messages by sharing her mistakes. By doing so, the audience relates emotionally to her insights.
• Laura knows how to generate results. She increased the size of a mature business three-fold at The Coca-Cola Company generating over $120 MM in bottom line profit. Her real-world examples and stories help generate results for her clients.
• Her stories are relevant because they capture the challenges we face in any industry. Her honesty, clarity and lighthearted manner make people smile while they are relating to and learning about difficult issues.
• Her knowledge on branding is second to none. Laura repositioned established, household name brands to achieve unprecedented favorite brand scores. She communicates the concepts of branding in a simple way that everyone understands and can apply.
• She is so enthusiastic, passionate and optimistic; it’s infectious!

Rave Reviews

“Laura’s speaking style captivates and entertains an audience. Her diversity of experience allows her to give real world examples that make her advice much more meaningful, interesting and often hilarious.”
-Allison Barrett, Senior Brand Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

“Your stories helped me understand your points. I had never thought about Leadership quite that way before. You helped me make some important connections that have application to my work and my life”
-Michele Kimbrough, President Kimbrough Designs and
Co-founder of Entrepreneurial Woman Network

Great—such an eye opener!
-Phyllis Martin, Financial Advisor, Strategic Financial Resources

“You have such passion and smarts. You care about people and that’s what leadership is all about. Everyone has something to learn from your experience as a leader”
-Carl Carlson, Manager Strategic Initiatives, The Coca-Cola Company

“This was great! Great presentation! Very practical, it is something that I can use immediately!”
-Stephanie Sawyer, Chief Financial Officer APGLP

“I thought your speech on leadership was great! High energy and very insightful. I loved the blending of personal with work experiences that all of us can relate to!”
-Valerie McMullian, Director Finance, The Coca-Cola Company

“Excellent Program! Very worthwhile training that I can use both professionally and personally.”
-Patricia A. Hunt, CPA EOG Resources, Inc.

Partial Client List
– The Coca-Cola Company
– Keller Williams International
– Miller Brewing Company
– Network of Executive Women (NEW)
– National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)
– American Women Society of CPAs (AWSCPA)