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Sheryl Brown: A Beacon of Inspiration

Sheryl Brown: A Beacon of Inspiration

Sheryl Brown’s professional acumen becomes apparent in her significant role at Role Model Professional Development. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sheryl leads with conviction, while also spearheading the research and development for their training offerings. This position allows her to blend her administrative prowess with her innate capacity to inspire.

Sheryl Brown’s CLASS Certification: A Testament to her Credibility

Sheryl’s role is not limited to the administrative realm. She also bears the CLASS certification, making her a reliable and proficient figure in her field. Her belief that “You shouldn’t be nervous if an observer is in your room unless, of course, you don’t know what they are looking for,” serves as a testament to her encouraging nature.

Further, she incorporates CLASS Trainings in her repertoire, presenting workshops that are both engaging and easy-to-follow, ensuring maximum impact during Head Start Federal Reviews.

California: The Catalyst for Sheryl Brown’s Career Success

Sheryl’s journey took a significant turn in California. Here, she capitalized on every opportunity for professional growth. Her varied roles as a motivational speaker, public administrator, and therapist showcase her versatility. Additionally, her impressive academic credentials, including a Bachelors in Biology and Masters in Public Administration and Marriage Family Therapy, serve as the foundation of her successful career trajectory.

The Vocalist within Sheryl Brown

In addition to her professional pursuits, Sheryl is an exceptionally talented vocalist. Her skill is beautifully captured in many Super Fun Show CD projects, especially “Born to Win,” which showcases her emotional depth, songwriting, and performance talents.

Sheryl Brown: Author, Publisher, and Innovator

Sheryl’s accomplishments are not restricted to her corporate and musical pursuits. She is also a prolific author and publisher, with a wide range of successful projects to her name. Notably, she created the research-backed parenting curriculum, “Structure for Generation Y&Z,” widely adopted by Head Start programs nationwide.

Her own published works, such as “Push: How to Birth Your Dreams into Reality” and “What all Children Want! (Structure)”, are testaments to her profound understanding of life’s many challenges.

Sheryl Brown’s contributions extend to aiding the publication of her husband’s children’s book, “Born To Win,” a work aimed at fostering social-emotional development in children.

Her third novel, “Many Hats: Creating a New Version Of You,” released in 2022, received wide acclaim from readers across various markets worldwide.

Sheryl Brown’s life and work are characterized by a continual pursuit of knowledge, a deep commitment to service, and an inspiring ability to overcome adversity. Her multifaceted career and her broad range of talents make her a role model for those seeking to create their own paths to success.

Sheryl Brown – Assets

Sheryl possesses a unique ability to connect with her audience by imparting words of wisdom that penetrate deep into their hearts.

She compels them to rise above life challenges,past failures and/or disappointments which often detour people from fulfilling their purpose in life. Her optimistic disposition challenges the audience to look beyond the “what is” and focus on the “what is to come” which is their rightful possession.

Sheryl Brown – Rave Reviews

“A couple of years ago we at CSU Bakersfield had the pleasure of having one of our Alumni Sheryl Brown, come back to campus and speak at our Black History kick-off event “Food For The Soul.” Sheryl was indeed a compliment to our program. She is a confident, energetic speaker with a passion for the topics she presents.

Her presentation on “The Seven Responsibilities of the Descendants of the Dream” was outstanding and really spoke to the hearts of the audience. Our group which consisted of students, faculty and staff, including the University’s President and wife enjoyed her sincere, honorable presence and very well prepared presentation.

Sheryl has an amazing talent with a beautiful speaking voice that exudes a warm caring and energetic personality. The audience really connected with her and left with the inner knowing that we were not only the descendants of the dream, but we were also destined to accomplish the legacy that Dr. King had set forth.

Sheryl is not only a dynamic speaker but a person who truly believes that everyone can make a difference, just like she did by coming back to the university and giving something back.”

Keith F. Powell
California State University Bakersfield
Director ESS/EOP/AAC

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