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Day 15: What Are You Acting On?

So we’re 15 days into this and many of you have been very active — others did some catching up over the weekend.

Before we continue for the final two weeks, which are jammed with a slew of calls, lessons and exercises — we’d like to hear from you on changes you’ve made or things you’ve tried.

Based on all of the work since Day One, share something specific that you’ve done based on what you’ve learned from this program. Or tell us a change or tweak you’ve made in your strategy. Knowledge isn’t worth much if you’re not applying it — so what we’re after is HOW you’ve taken a fresh action or two.

Reflecting on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it is always worthwhile — and can keep you on track.

Tell us below — and gear up for a busy week.

(If you missed last week’s lessons, click each day and listen to the recorded advice and participate in the posted lessons.)



  1. sm

    Today I will finalize my business name, buy a domain and create a website. I need to consolidate two blogs and portfolio posted on hosted sites firstly and secondly, my own domain will provide professional polish. By end of day I should have a basic site up and running.

  2. Linda

    First thank you Tory. Every days lesson has been a revelation and a frustration that the job market has changed so much in so short a time.

    I am now in the process of redrafting my resume, which was a general resume, to now target each employer/company and am changing that resume to showcase my experience and what I bring to the table.

    I am slowly convincing myself to get that dream job I have to put in the extra effort now to achieve that goal. Never give up as success is usually only hiding around the corner.

  3. I.M.

    I went to an interview and they were impressed at the results I got from their testing. I took the advice of letting them know how much their company meant to the community and that I was willing and ready to become part of that community. The recruiter was willing to submit me to several positions in the company – I am now waiting to see where she has submitted me to and where I will fit in.

  4. Susan Kaye

    I went on an interview did not really want to go things that I read about the company were not too nice. But a friend that I have known for 27 years said to just go on it for practice and keep going on the interviews that you do not really want to go on. Just for that reason.

    I went on the interview the place was like a factory of interviews must have about 10 people in the room. The interviews were very fast I had a feeling looking for something, but did not see it in any one they saw.

    When it was my turn the person was talking about an office supply company. I said I have heard of that company, and it is a division of large company. Person said that is right and was taken over 10 years ago by that company. Asked me what days I would be available for a second interview. I still have not heard back from the place.

    The next day had the ad back on the job board. I get the feeling this place is not finding what they are looking for. I think this place just likes to interview and collect resumes.

    This is one reason why we have a high rate of unemployment.

  5. REK

    I took Robin Schlinger’s advice (Sept 2) and picked up a copy of the 2010 version of Resume Magic. I have been reworking my resume according to what I am learning there. In addition, I have been increasing my professional online presence. My plan for today is to spend time on LinkedIn and try some of the things Krista Canfield talked about in Friday’s call. Last (but certainly not least!) I continue to put a lot of effort into my retraining classes. I am about half way through the 8-month curriculum and really love the work. With all the new information being shared here, I will definitely be ready to dive into my chosen specialty when I get a few more classes under my belt.

    Additional benefit: Throughout each day’s exercises, I have been taking notes to share with my daughter. She will be finishing college soon, and I think a lot of what is discussed here will be useful in her upcoming job search.

  6. Clair

    I revised my LI profile, and included a summary that was developed from my branding statement. I also added “Specialties” with my skills. I deleted some connections (gulp) that I were not mutually beneficial.

    Like a few others have stated, I don’t like having too much personal information on any social media venue. I know it sounds over-the-top, but I also get a little creepped out and depressed when I see that previous employers and colleagues (not to mention nosey neighbors and old boyfriends) keep viewing my profile and see I am still unemployed .

  7. I.S.

    I’ve contacted Violet for assistance with my resume. Hopefully she can help me with a branding statement as well as I am changing careers. I’m considering attending Tori’s job fair in Atlanta on Oct 4th and want to be prepared.

    Otherwsie, I’ve taken a lot of notes here and am preparing for my dream job in education or healthcare reform policy.

  8. MJD

    I have learned what I was doing wrong-blaming others for what I needed to do. I have also learned what I was doing well-networking, making a resume for each position I was applying instead of one single resume. I learned to make my resume more inviting.

  9. Victoria

    I’ve done a lot of introspection in the past couple of weeks. What I am learning about myself is that I am hard-wired to be a trailblazing entrepreneur. I’m a great sales consultant and that is a huge asset.

    Thing is, I don’t have a dream product or service yet.

    I have completed the 2011 Edition of What Color is My Parachute? And I have my very own flower (those who’ve read this will know what I mean.)

    And I’m at 100% on LinkedIn and have gotten my resume professionally revised.

    I am embracing all the interests that I am passionate about and I’m learning to speak, read, write French.

    And I’ve gone on a few interviews. But I am not excited about getting back into the corporate world necessarily and haven’t found the dream small company yet.

    I really need to see how I can do some consultanting/freelancing and come up with my own small company.

    Right now my reading list includes Napolean Hill’s Keys to Success; The 17 Principles of Personal Achievment (I’m on #8), Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth (just completed), Fragile Glory; A Portrait of France and the French.

    What would be the best way for me to plunge into this world of being my own boss?

    Thank you Tory.

  10. Maureen Reintjes

    I thought I had posted a comment but it is not showing up so I’m reposting.

    Since my biggest problem has been finding time to focus on my search I think this has forced me to look at ways to streamline the process so I have time to focus. If nothing else I now set aside sometime every day to search. I can’t set an exact time or say everyday how much time I can allocate to the search, I just do something every day.

  11. Let’s see…..I’ve reworked my resume and transformed my entire first page (which was full of narrative about my skills and accomplishments) into a graphic format that breaks into 5 ‘boxed’ pieces — 1 central (general) with 4 specific areas surrounding it. I’ve dispersed it to all the recruiters I’ve been working with and so far have had a couple respond very positively to the new look.

    OH — I learned something valuable for anyone here who uses Monster. If your resume has anything other than simple text — if you include any charts or graphs — make sure to upload it in a .pdf format. If you use any normal word processing (.doc) format, Monster cannot read it and you’ll end up — as I did at first! — with an annoying blank page with “broken” image icon. And make sure it is a PDF specifically as Monster doesn’t recognize other software’s alternatives such as Open Office’s “odf” format.

    If, like me, you have only the free “reader” portion of Adobe and don’t have funds to invest in purchasing the other program parts you need to create a .pdf there are freebies you can download. Just Google “free download…” filling in the blank with whichever program type you’re looking for. I’ve gotten a lot of free software that way. Helpful hint — if you’re not able to download directly from the manufacturer’s site and have to go through an intermediary of some sort — look for ones that have a CNET logo somewhere as they’re a great reviewer and safeguard against viral programs — if the program has the CNET logo, it’s safe to download.

    While we’re on the subject of free software, for anyone who needs the power of the Microsoft Office Suite but doesn’t have the funds to buy it or update an antiquated version, try this — Open Office by Sun Microsystems at It’s slightly different than MS, but has all the same capabilities, and all you’ll have to do is add 1 additional step when saving your files — rather than a simple “Save” you do a “Save As” and then choose from the drop-down menu the appropriate MS equivalent. Then your WP files will all have the .doc file type, etc., etc. through the other modules. The only other thing to remember is when you revise a file — OO will ask you if you want to keep the “current” (meaning MS format) or revert back to the OO format — all you have to do is click the “keep current” link.

    Hopefully these tips may help some of you who need to save every penny possible while you’re out of work.

    I’ve completed everything for my LinkedIn presence, the only missing pieces are the minimum 3 recommendations which I’m working on getting.

    I’ve created my new blog and it’s ready for me to post.

    OH! Another site I found and have at least established an account though it’s not completely fleshed out yet is About Me — Some of you probably know this site already. I found it through someone’s LinkedIn profile, and with its stunningly simple home page visibility I thought it would be a great way to drive more traffic to my meatier sites.

    Except for the About Me, so far all these sites are linked to each other. And since at this time I can’t buy a domain for myself, I’m using the free Yahoo Mail which I am trying to convince they need to step up their program and allow inclusion for ‘badge’ links of all these sites on email signatures. It will be great if I can win this battle for free email users!

    Probably most of all I am remembering that not one of these pieces is something set in stone and never to be revised or updated. Information sharing has an ebb and flow and staying flexible about the approach is the most important mindset to maintain.

  12. KE

    In my cover letters I am trying to include a short story that either introduces myself or illustrates a skill or compentency that I have. I don’t know if it’s working but I do feel that my cover letters sound more interesting and stand out more than before. I have made some minor changes and I’m revamping my media social networks to show a more professional edge. I’m actively seeking volunteer work, internships and I learned that it’s important for me to focus my time on applying to jobs that I’m highly qualified for first and then apply to jobs that are a reach or a job that I’m not too interested in. Hopefully good things will come soon~!

  13. One other thought —

    After reading so many others’ comments these last weeks, I’d like to say that we have many smart, savvy women in this group. I thank you all for your candidness — it’s helped me hold a mirror to myself and what I want.

    And to Victoris (who posted at 12:35pm today) I agree with you — this past two weeks has confirmed my suspicion that my entrepreneurial spirit is hardwired, and if I must get a “job” to build up resources before I can branch out on my own then I need to find something that will best foster that spirit in me.

    Hmmmmmmm — maybe some of us should band together and start out OWN business.

  14. LCann

    During the last 2 weeks I performed informal needs assessment with 6 individuals whether my concept would be supported. The responses were positive…yes, there is a need for building awareness about stress in the workplace, home and community. Because of need to learn another language (scientific vocabulary) I turned down an offer to work as a health educator focusing on policy. I have been offered partnership in business startup; however, I prefer have a job and slowly startup the business component since earnings from business would not be consistent. I need to be as stress free as possible to continue experiencing positive flow and being able to cope with intermittent setbacks when they arise. Today I completed a chronological asset-based personal development and hierarchical needs framework. (Quite liberating experience.) The purpose was to assess my destination while enjoying the journey. So far that answer is still blurry. Of three options, I still can’t decide between two. I’m sure I will decipher before tomorrow (Tuesday). Quality of life; cost of living; God’s leading; and Power of Now are deciding factors. If you have any recommendations for other factors to consider…I’ll be happy to hear. Definitely looking for work while I develop the program and live independently.

  15. je

    I am working on making the “Professional Profile” that is at the top of my resume become more of my brand statement.Right now, it’s a relatively bland retelling of my skills and software packages.
    I am working on revising my story so that my cover letters (which I usually avoid sending) become more compelling. I want to feel comfortable writing cover letters, which I certainly don’t right now. I haven’t yet figured out how to make accounting sound interesting to a non-accountant.
    I’m also working on revamping my LinkedIn profile but am extremely hesitant about putting a picture on my profile. I do not want my age to deselect me before I even get to talk with someone and feel that a picture would reveal that I’m no longer really middle-aged.

  16. Mary

    Thank you so much for doing this program Tory! It is very refreshing to have access to all of the wonderful information you put together.

    I have compiled a list of agencies that I might want to work for, and am in the process of researching each one. Using the 5 by 5 formula, each day I build a dossier and compile names, phone numbers and email contact of employees at my target agencies, trying to complete my file on one agency per day. My goal is to identify people I actually know that now are working there, projects on which I might have something relevant to contribute, and to design an appropriate introduction mechanism to get business intelligence if not an actual job.

    My plan is to either apply or otherwise attempt to interview some one live at the agency, and I’m hoping to launch this entire process by the end of the job club. I’ve also approached an ethnic media outlet and discussed the possibility of “reporting” for them, in order to get access to some of the folks at these agencies!

    Secondly, and most importantly, I have revised my back-up plan. Originally I was attempting to find a job at a non-profit social service type agency as a back-up, but after working this program I’ve decided to really apply myself to learning the social media instead. If none of the jobs pan out, I will launch another business using some of the research I’ve gained on my target employers.

    Happy Birthday, and a really big blessing for all that you’ve done for us!

  17. sad

    i have taken the steps to change my life. i get very excited and encouraged when i hear about someone else success story because that gives me hope. i just registered for the career expo in atlanta on october 4 and i’m revamping my resume.

  18. Debbie G.

    Hi Tory, Happy Birthday!

    I just finished catching up from Day 9 – I was away on a planned vacation and unhooked from the Internet, but I am caught up now! I have found that just doing the assignments has given me more clarity on what I want to do with my career and the type of position I want to be targeting. The calls and the daily messages have also pumped me up and I feel much more positive about my opportunities to get back into full time work. I have clear steps to improve my search (especially from the branding and social media calls) and I am excited to beef up my online presence and be braver in putting myself and my ideas out there. The call with Dani Ticktin Koplik really got me excited because my strengths are exactly what employers are/will be looking for and now I have a clearer perspective on how to package myself to better showcase these traits. I have already tweaked my elevator speech that I give at every networking event I attend based on the branding ideas from the earlier calls. A friend and associate told me I was really “on” at the last networking event I attended before vacation. Now that I am back and I have a more consistent job hunt schedule, I am super excited to start implementing the list of ideas this program has already given me. I am also looking forward to the new ideas that I know will be coming.
    I think the bottom line for me is that you have gotten me excited about finding a new opportunity to add value, have helped me better define the value I offer, and have lit a stronger fire under me by giving me concrete steps to take to pump up my search. Oh, and I am starting a small business leadership blog, which I have been talking about doing for months, and I will post the link in one of my comments once I set it up.
    Thanks. – Deb

  19. PL

    Oddly enough, what I learned was that I have absolutely no desire to go back into the work force as a 9-5er and I don’t want to have a boss – I want to be the boss. I had been tossing around an idea for a long while to start my own home cooking and delivery service using all of my Mom’s original recipes (food and cooking and feeding people was her art form). It’s my passion and the longer it took me to deny it, the unhappier I got. So NOW, I’m going back and am finally going to finish the Business Plan that I started with your help and I stopped at Day One because I didn’t know what I wanted. All it took was a girlfriend listening to my unemployment woes over the weekend and then telling her what I’d like to do and she looked at me and said, “just START” — something that you have said a zillion times but I wasn’t gettin’ it! So – in just one day – I have all the form for my EIN, my business license, DBA, I have a domain name and a blog sit and am starting a website and I have ordered Business Cards and car magnets! Phew – and I’m SO happy! Now I have a REASON to come to your siminars – woopee!! Thanks so much Tory – it might’ve taken a while (like 2 years of unemployment) but I GOT it. Wish me luck, girls! xoxo

  20. PL

    PS – Happy Happy Birthday….mine is coming up to and now I have something to celebrate! 🙂

  21. PL

    PPS – excuse the typos — my hands don’t follow my brain when I’m excited!

  22. SB

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    I tweaked my Linkedin Profile and finally reached 500+ connections. I networked with a former co-worker who passed my resume to a regional hiring manager and I am looking forward to a telephone interview this week. Another former co-worker has passed along my resume and I am being considered for an on-call position (in my specialty).

    In the meantime, my temp job was extended by two more weeks.
    Still working the job boards though.

  23. AW

    So the most important action that I have taken is to gain a fresh perspective on my job search. I haven’t been able to do some of the assignments because I was traveling for a week with disrupted access to a computer and then this weekend (which was going to be my catch up weekend)I was dealing with the unexpected loss of a close family friend. While the unexpectedness of life cannot be avoided, I now am fully getting the idea of No Excuses, just results. When I was without the computer, I kept trying to make it happen because I have been so excited about this program. Never before have I been that determined to get something done. I am vowing that this week, I am going to get back on track. The biggest thing that I learned so far is how to gain some consistency in the way that I brand myself. My goal this week is to make sure that my Linkedin profile, the resume and my soon to be website all flow together in a consistent way, so that no matter which one my potential employer views first, that it does feel disconnected from the rest. Thank you for breaking down the branding for me as I kept reading and hearing that I should be doing this, but I had no idea exactly what that meant.

    I know that I have said it before and so have many others, but again, thank you, Tory, Thank you Women for Hire, thank you to all of the people who have participated in the job club because the advice you have given has been so awesome.

  24. Alison

    I am still a work in progress. A seemingly slow work in progress if you ask me. I have started on several things that I need to change such as my LinkedIn and updating and tweaking my resume, however I have yet to have finished them. I can make excuses, such as not having internet for several days now, but mostly it’s still fear that’s driving me. I’m trying to let it go, but yet I have been in tears for the past few days now.

    I do need to set a brand for myself and really list out my options. It’s still difficult to just focu

  25. Alison

    The rest of what I was typing (I honestly thought it was lost forever, but I see it submitted before I completed it fully – had I looked I could’ve avoided another breakdown.): It’s still difficult to just focus on one job. I do strive for the one I came up with as my ideal job, but I do still have many interests. I found a job description I was actually really excited about last week. If I could have 2 ideal job descriptions, this would have been number 2. I worked really hard, left my application in pending and then couldn’t submit my results due to lack of internet at my house. Then I went to use a friend’s yesterday and here I missed the submission deadline. It didn’t have one on the description, but it must have been for only one week… Just a bad night yesterday. However, it’s a new day today to start fresh.

  26. I have created a new e-mail account that sounds more professional, updated my LinkedIn profile and am looking for a photo to post, if not have my photgrapher niece take one….updating my resume with number results where possible and plan to repost to the gazillion sites I am on. I am putting in more effort, generally, as I knew I have been a slacker. Being out of work for the 2nd time in 5 years, it’s just taken me a long time to remember that no one else can do this but me and this virtual job club has been just the complimentary exercise to that realization I needed!! Thanks Tory! Even when you think you know everything about job searching, there is yet another helpful hint to learn.

  27. DWS

    As a result of these classes, I have re-vamped my resume and am tailering them for each job that I apply for, now. I am also writing cover letters that are more related to each application and emphazing the skills that they are looking for in their search. Both have helped me land more interviews. Thanks, Tory.

  28. ED

    I have been out of pocket so I spent this week catching up. Participation in the Virtual Job Club has given me FOCUS which is so easy to loose.

    Things I have accomplished:
    1. 100% complete on my LinkedIn profile, 3 recommendations, joined groups, changed personal url. Presently incorporating items learned from session with LinkedIn staff.
    2. Began preparation for a Women’s Retreat. This comes as an answer to Are you Relevant and Volunteer.
    3. Revamping resumes. Experiencing an ease in preparing cover letters.
    4. Helping 2 other friends seeking employment.
    5. MORE confidence.

  29. PAL

    I’m working to update my resume and CV. Just the reminder to add accomplishments and not just job duties was great.

    I have been working to complete revisions to my dissertation. I started this program knowing that I need to have interviews lined up once the diss was done.

  30. mj

    changed my resume and got an interview. I made some mistakes during the interview but I will correct them for next time.

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