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Virtual Job Club Day 14: LinkedIn Love!

Today’s the day so many of you have been waiting for: A tutorial on how exactly to use LinkedIn to find a job and advance your career. We have the perfect person to tell all — Krista Canfield, LinkedIn’s PR director.

Press play to listen to this 20-minute call any time.

In the meantime, tell us here about your LinkedIn experiences, and include your questions for Krista. Also, post a link to your LinkedIn profile so others can see it too. And, most importantly, share something about how you’re using LinkedIn to build your brand and network with key contacts in your industry.



  1. Terri Tatman

    I know I am missing out. The problem is I am not using Linkedin to build my brand so I am looking forward to Krista’s call today. I have used Linkedin to look for jobs. I am trying to network. I have joined some groups that are in my industry. I just found out on Linkedin you can add your volunteer work. I do not know how to post a link to my linkedin profile.

  2. Maureen Reintjes

    My LinkedIn profile can be viewed here:

    I love LinkedIn. It has been a great way to “follow” companies not only for my search but to help the over 2,200 members of the site I founded, Kansas City Metro Networking Job Club, find avenues for networking and uncovering jobs they would not find using traditional methods. I’ve reconnected with people from my past who can help further my career and found new people to network with via LinkedIn. I also used their “Group” function to create a group for the Kansas City Metro Networking Job Club so besides having a large Ning presence we now have over 1,000 members on the LinkedIn group.

    I’ve also used LinkedIn to begin blending all of my life, my career and my passions so now the whole package is looking for work instead of fragmenting myself.

    With any networking opportunity I use it as a way to not only further myself but as a way to reach out and help others and educate many. LinkedIn has been a great tool to use to accomplish just that, helping and educating many.

  3. Ruth Kupiec

    I have had a LinkedIn profile since 2008, but I don’t think I have ever used it effectively. (This is true of social media in general. I have been building my online presence, but it is definitely a work in progress.) Most of my contacts are former work associates. I think that’s fine as far as it goes, but I know there can be a lot more to LinkedIn’s networking power. I am looking forward to today’s call to learn how best to make this networking tool work for me. My profile is

  4. JF
    Here is my linked in site…and because I have listened, I “own” my site so now you all know me. I have been told that it isn’t bad but perhaps my branding message isn’t as clear. I have tried to comment and stay current in my groups that are active, I was even the top influencer a few times! By commenting and providing some interesting articles, I was noticed by someone in my field who offered to introduce me to others and so it goes….I have had some terrific informational interviews though as yet, they have not led to a job offer but I am working it!

  5. Jennifer

    I have had some limited success with my LinkedIn profile. Both recruiters and HR reps have mentioned that my profile looked good and gave them much needed information as to my background. Nothing that has let to successfully landing a new opportunity yet.

  6. Lois

    Here is my profile:

    Zero success using linked-in to help me find employment.

  7. Susan Kaye

    I have had not too much luck with LinkedIn with jobs, but with connecting with people very good success. I have many people look at my profile most of the jobs are in sales out it state such as TX, or out of the country.

  8. EW

    I have experience with Linked In and have had a profile with Linked In for a couple of years. I enjoy networking within the site and have done so. I have also looked for jobs from the Linked In site. If the site did not have what I was looking for it referred me to Simply Hired jobs that were available. Those of us who worked in my last company became associated with Linked In when we found that we were going to be losing our jobs. It has been a great way to familarize employers on what I have done and also show them some references about my skills, and teamwork abilities. I started putting my profile link into my cover letters. This was very well received.

  9. EW

    So sorry – I left out my link:

  10. I.S.

    I recently joined LinkedIn after the career counselor at my school told me it would be a good idea. My profile is at 80%. I thought my profile was okay, unitl I saw that a job I had applied for looked at it and never called me for an interview. I have also reached out to some peolple who work for companies I’m interested in for advice, but no one has been willing to help me. My question is: how should I brand myself on LinkedIn when I’m attempting a career change? What is a 100% profile and how can I make myself stand out?

  11. Valerie Brown

    Here’s the link to my site I’ve been using Linkedin since 2008 but just recently really updated it and have been getting more views of my profile. I could definitely use some more pointers on how to really get the most from this great networking tool.

  12. CR

    I’m just going to tell the truth: This whole social media is really getting on my nerves. Yep, I said it even if others are thinking it, but not willing to confess! I’m not technically challenged, unwilling to learn, or ‘scared’ of it. I’m tired of it and it hasn’t even reached its peak. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll wait to hear the teleconference and do what I need to do. Because if I HAVE to deal with Linkedin, then I am definitely going to use it so it benefits me.

  13. je

    I have absolutely no idea where the link to my profile is. I am hoping that this call can help me learn to use LinkedIn; I’d like to put the link to my site on my business card before I have it printed. I have joined a few discussions, but do not have the presence I would like to have. Maybe by Monday I will!

  14. KE

    I had my linkedin account for a couple of years. (sorry, can’t post the link. I want to be private. 🙂 ) It’s not 100% complete but probably next week I will try to upload a new professional picture, elaborate on my skills, interests, education, goals, etc. I think by doing this you don’t have to worry about writing everything about yourself in your cover letters.

    I’ve recently looked at a linkedin account of a woman who has similar education and experience as me but the main difference was how she elaborated on everything she ever did. It made her profile seem amazing and made mine look like crap. Plus, I see she is working in a field that I want to be in right now so that tells me that I really need to up my game.

    I have mostly networked with people from my previous position but I find it hard to get to know people in industries that you are trying to get in to.

    Also, it is true that employers are hiring through linkedin a lot! There are some interesting job offers and I recently received a part-time position with an organization that I really like!

  15. I.M.

    I have been using LinkedIn for several years. Until recently I had not updated it. Since I did I’ve signed up for LinkUp and have been contacted several times for jobs and have gotten job leads. My LinkedIn supposedly is 100% … now I need to use it more effectively …

  16. JF

    I thought the conference was good though she came is sometimes garbled. I was impressed with the info she put out in such a short period of time. I thought was nearing zen masterhood of linkedin but she taught me a bunch of new stuff. Thank you!

  17. ED

    Linkedin’s process to post has been a LEARNING experience. I’m finally 100% complete on my profile. The bonus to Linkedin is the option to ask for recommendations. The 3 recommendations I received are personally uplifting during the job search time. I was unable to make the call today but look forward to listening to the recording.

  18. Mary

    I haven’t set up a profile on LinkedIn yet, nor was I able to do the conference call today. However, I am planning to set one up by the end of the month as part of my “do something different” objective.

    Is there going to be a link to the call like there was for the other ones? By the way, Tory, I really enjoy this virtual job club and also have listened to several of your older recordings. It hit me yesterday after listening to the “blank slate” talk you gave, and also Deborah Shane’s story that what you say is absolutely true: all of us can start completely over on any given day if we choose.

    This thought has given me the motivation to restructute my use of time, and also to tackle a couple of the more popular social media sites which have previously not interested me either. Thanks again!!

  19. Barbara Cann

    Slowly all the pieces are coming together, linking linking linking LOL I can’t wait for when all my setup/revamping is done so I can actually just use everything — and start writing my new blog!

    Here’s my LinkedIn link —

    Have to get working on those recommendations and 50 links!

  20. I should have added a comment about today’s call as well.

    She DID indeed cover a lot of info in that short period of time. I think however, that this call would have benefited from a web conference because so much of it was visual — having the page before us being ‘driven’ by her cursor would have been a great help. Perhaps this is something Tori and her team would consider for similar endeavors in the future?

  21. MR is my profile. Have not had any success using LinkedIn for my job search. Most contacts are folks I have worked with in my current or past positions. I belong to lots of groups, and use it to follow lots of potential clients, but I know I’m not using LinkedIn wisely

  22. Victoria


    Ready for a great B2B Sales position in NYC

  23. Alison

    I would love to listen to call today, but was unable to call in and I see it is not posted. I need to get my Linked In to 100%. I believe it’s at 85%. I do need to change my picture on there (planning on that tomorrow) and complete what’s missing. I haven’t made too many contacts on there. I did talk and interview with a recruiter who is friends of a friend’s friend. Otherwise I added some companies to follow and added my alumni groups. I did add HR recruiters from one company that I was in talks with per their suggestion. I’m unsure if this did any good or any bad – wish I caught a spelling error before… Overall, I really need to network on there better and allow more visibility to my site. Right now I have it private – I don’t like everything out there in cyberspace.

  24. sm

    The call today was great. So much information packed into 20 minutes. I have an account on LI I’ve used it to research companies before an interview or before I send in job application. As we heard today, there are so many ways to use LI and harvest the information.

    I am not sure about rules of contact (example, someone is 2d contact, how do you approach without offending and ask questions). Although that part feels very uncomfortable I’ve received great feedback and insight. I would say it is probably the one great social medium for networking, job hunting and connecting with other professionals. It is a site all about business and the point of it is to network and connect.

  25. Victoria

    I wasn’t able to get on the call. Why wasn’t it recorded so that you can listen to it anytime? Thanks.

  26. JW

    I missed the call because I was returning from an interview with someone who reached out to me on LinkedIn. My profile is 75% complete and I will work on it this week.

    Here is my LinkedIn profile:

  27. Linda

    I was unfortunately out during the time of the call. Is it recorded so we can access it? I was looking forward to listening as I just got on linked in recently.

  28. Debbie G.

    I have been on LinkedIn almost since it started. I have a completed profile, lots of recommendations, a network of over 300, and am a member of several groups in my field. I have to admit that I go through phases of being proactive on it, but the majority of the time I am pretty reactive only. I do “link up” with people I meet at in-person networking events and that has grown and diversified my network quite a bit. I also search for jobs and try to comment on group discussions (when I am in a proactive phase.) I have not been as good with answering questions and I am interested to look at the Linked in Skills and Signal features that were mentioned in the call. I plan to do a lot more with Linkedin as I am ramping up my job search, it’s a matter of scheduling my time to cover all the social networking sites that I need to participate in. Connecting with heavy hitters in my industry through Linkedin (either directly or through comments/groups) is also a great suggestion I am going to look for ways to do.

    My Linkedin profile is

    Thanks for another great call. – Debbie

  29. mj

    I will take a class on how to use linkedin effectivelly this week since new user.

  30. DWS

    This was an excellent call. I have been guilty of not being proactive enough with this job search tool. I was very interested in the skills and signal features that were pointed out in the call, and will work hard to do more with Linkedin. I also liked the suggestion about getting recommmendations from professionals that know your capabilities.

  31. PAL

    I have a LinkedIn account, but have not been as active as i need to be. With the information from this series I can now do more things. Plus have the steps to take advantage of all the features.

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