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Virtual Job Club Day 13: Brand Yourself for Unadvertised Openings

Editorial Team

Great feedback from the calls this week — Emily Bennington on Tuesday on social media, and Dani Ticktin Koplik on Wednesday about the new realities in the business world that will impact your search. Click to listen to each of them if you missed the live call.

Today we’re tackling BRAND YOU. Earlier in this club, many of you participated in an exercise to nail your brand in a sentence. More of you, however, said it was a difficult thing to do. If you’ve been working on it, share it here today.

If you’re struggling, you’ll appreciate today’s call with Deborah Shane who’ll address branding yourself — not just for the sake of branding, but for the purposes of finding a great job and advancing your career. Click play below to listen to this 20 minute call any time.



  1. Community leader ready to put to work experienced communication, social media administration, technical support, advocacy, and customer service skills in your organization.

  2. I.M.

    Dedicated Executive Assistant

  3. I.S.

    I need this. Thanks!!!

  4. Gwen

    Skilled writer with 10+ years of experience writing different kinds of materials including reports, grants, handbooks, manuals, letters, proposals and exhibit text.

  5. je

    Experienced accounting problem solver who is a quick learning, adaptable, flexible individual able to make immediate contribution to firm’s success.

  6. Susan

    Planner and communications professional with over 10 years of experience in collaborative approach community outreach and project management with an emphasis on scope, schedule and budget.

  7. Lois

    Experienced fundraiser with strong administrative and event marketing background. Cold calls are my specialty!

  8. CR

    Healthcare advocate, motivator for cahnge.
    Driven, problem-solver = results.

  9. Bernadette Taylor

    Technical Business Analyst and Educator offering unique blend of business acumen, analysis and communication skills.

  10. Linda

    Brand LB: Innovative, brainstorming, out of the box thinker and Organizer Extraordinaire

  11. Mary

    Mary questions, Mary listens, and Mary questions again: Investigating what’s going on, Envisioning what’s best for all concerned, Negotiating buy-ins and compromises, and if all else fails fight to win!

  12. JF

    I have the innate ability to get to yes by explaining the facts, examining the roadblocks presented and coming up with mutually agreeable solutions.

  13. Alison

    This was my original statement: I am an amazing creative planner who uses my analytical skills to come up with various plans and solutions to your promotional needs.

    I would like to at least tweak this branding message, but need more time to think about it. I have lots of thoughts and ideas going on right now and I need to narrow them down.

  14. Lois

    OMG: Each day the classes are better than the day before!! I never knew the secret capabilities hidden within Linked-in and I’ve attended seminars about it before!! I especially like the follow a company search. During the talk, I plugged in a company that I would really like to work and found a connection. I plan on contacting that person! Tory: you rock and roll! I can’t sing your praises enough!! Oprah has nothing on you!!!!! Your biggest fan, Lois

  15. Hmmmmmm — been tossing this one around in my mind and actually used it as my Twitter descriptor:

    A writer with an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative communicator who likes to approach problems from outside the box.

  16. mj

    Now,I am learning on how to network. I’ll go to a class sometime this week.

  17. Debbie G.

    I am an entrepreneur’s best partner – an experienced SMB leader who can help you fine tune your vision and strategy and build the organization that can deliver on your business goals.

  18. BJ

    I am a motivated, energetic, team player willing to work. I am conscientious, supportive and a candid worker. I enjoy applying myself and having positive results.

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